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Prescott, Arizona

The home of Prescott, University. You will find a large number of artists, mountain bikers, hikers, and outdoorsmen in this town, along with communes galore. Dancing circles of hippies beating drums and enjoying life in the middle of the wilderness are seen on mountain tops near here. People tell me that the university here is one of the most open-minded in the world, and it offers a variety of alternative majors (mountain climbing, kayaking, etc.) and the majority of students are studying from abroad.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by domingo on 2005-12-06 22:26:39
My Score:
Prescott is for the most part lame. There is a big fake young hippie culture here (trustafarians, prescott college kids) that make real deal hippies and just cool laid back people look bad. Pot here is pretty good not that I am in my mid 20's and can find it. Very boring town for people my age, it has grown way to much. I want somewhere new to move, with nice pot heads my age,, where where where!!

Posted by shelly on 2005-05-30 02:31:17
My Score:
I've lived here for many years, it's gotten SO BIG now....actually, it makes me miss Humboldt County, where people are friendlier. People here are just out for themselves and don't really care about anything else.

Posted by henry otool on 2005-04-12 01:19:19
My Score:
i visit your prescott once and you people smoke my pot!

Posted by S. edwards on 2004-09-29 22:10:01
My Score:
the people that i have met from this school have been for the most part, nice and caring individuals, however, there is a subculture, the"sensitive ponytail type" who is always trying to seem sooo smart, sooo liberal, sooo" i feel you pain", for one reason TO PICK UP GIRLS....amazingly most women, particulary trust fund suburbanite types from atlanta, ga, can not resist the types.........these are a splinter group from the black turtleneck, french film watching, "i am a lesbian in a mans body" types....they make me SICK!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jimmy Hoffa on 2004-07-15 20:15:29
My Score:
Prescott was a nice place to live until it became a part of california. You Earth-biscuits aren't helping much. Take a shower, your hair is greasy.

Posted by vthick on 2003-07-15 20:23:30
My Score:
I lived in Prescott for 15 years. Too many urban cowboys and Californians. Didn't see alot of hippies downtown, ever, mostly over on Grove Ave where Prescott College is. Jerome is close by, which is ok, but very touristy. If you are in that area and have a chance to see Maryanne & Chris, do so. A very talented duo. Maryanne is one of the best musicians I've ever heard!

Posted by angie on 2002-05-23 23:54:54
My Score:
This is the home of Prescott College, not university. There is a growing number of hippies in his beautiful town but not as many as I would like to see!

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