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San Francisco, California

The place where it all began in the Summer of Love, 1967. Is it still happening here? Well almost. The Haight-Ashbury area is just a tourist attraction, and not really so cool. While Berkeley still has a lot of the old spirit and feeling. The S.F. area is way too expensive for hippies anymore, unless you own a hi-tech business!

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City: San Francisco
Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Laura on 2007-03-20 21:39:29
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Hey my name is Laura and I am 19 years old. I am from small town Titusville Florida. I went to Haight Ashbury for the first time two years ago to visit my dad he lives three houses down from the Ben & Jerrys that is on the corner of Haight and Ashbury! My dad is a huge Hippie he wears nothing but tye dye, greatful dead shirts he smokes a lot to say the least! Any of you whom have vistited the Haight have probably seen him He will either be standing on the corner in front of Ben & Jerrys smoking or inside the peoples cafe gettin a cup of cofee! Anyways it is a really neat place and there is a ton of diversity throughout the city. I leave this Friday to go back and visit him for a week and I am so excited. He is trying to get me to move out there, but being raised in a small town like Titusville I don't think I would like living in a city that is that big all the time. Although it is always nice to visit! The city is wonderful and full of stuff to do I am sure that me and my best friend are going to have a blast while we are there!!

Posted by A on 2006-12-16 23:43:07
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I was born and raised in SF. It's beutiful in some ways and there is alot of history there. It is a safe city as long as you stay away from certain neighborhoods and have street smarts, but if you think it's all peace and love you will get killed. The drug scene is mostly hard core drug addicts and gang types. Do yourself a favor and try not to associate with the dopers. You can get pretty numb just walking through the fog early in the morning. The weather is crappy most of the time and really depressing. Alot of people commit suicide there. My favorate thing about the west is the independant attitude. People generaly mind their business and nobody cares about your lifestyle. This city is possibly the worst place to raise your children. THe crazy behaivior in the streets is both a source of everlasting entertainment and a disqusting symtom of a local government that is completely insane. What are you going to tell your kids when a woman covered in fecal matter starts screaming and attacking a mailbox? How about telling them about LSD, mental illness, out of control liberalisiam, and oppressive taxes? Or maybe you could teach them to roll joints like my dad did.

Posted by caron on 2006-11-10 03:01:46
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my name is Caron and i frequently visit San Fran and everywhere in between there and northern humbolt. the love of my life got killed in sacramento in july and we had to give our dogs away that i have raised since they were born 6 years ago. I am now looking for them. they are mother and daughter and their names are molly and backer. they are the love of my life and i would do anything to know they are okay and if there is anyway i could get ahold of who has them.I got a message that river and naudis have them and are with them under the bridge in san fran by the golden gate park. please if anyone know anything please e-mail me at shawcaron@yahoo.com or caron@hipplanet.com.i would do anything to find out any info please. the original owners are caron shaw and clay dumas. we are very well know in humbolt county but i cant seem to find my dogs. they were given to Andrew from Colorodo.Thank you.

Posted by Jeremy on 2006-06-29 01:52:35
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I just got done visiting SF about a week ago with my gf. She went to school at SF state, but lived all over the different districts of the city. We stayed right on Haight Street @ a bed/breakfast called the Red room. It contained a cafe downstairs with an eclectic upstairs bedroom. Parking wasn't cool near Haight, but I managed to find parking a few blocks away. She took me to Golden Gate Park (during the day), walked past the imfamous "hippy hill" which contained not only pothead bongo hippies, but a wide variety of transients with dogs. I notice alot of transients in/around Haight have pitbulls? *shakes head*. Anyways I found the city to change dramatically from one block to the next. We walked through the mission district and then stumbled upon the Castro district. I couldn't get over the drastic change of scenery stepping from one street to the next. I guess that is what makes SF very unique. I hit up AMOEBA records right on Haight next to the Mcdonalds. They have a ridiculous amount of cds/vinyls/etc. I could dedicate a whole other post explaining AMOEBA records. Back to my little adventure...We hit up The Castro, The Mission, we ate at some prententious italian restaurant over in North Beach. I walked by BIMBO'S 365 and noticed a huge line of peepz waiting to get in to see a comedy show. My girlfriend basically took me around the city in a local fashion versus the whole touristy telegraph hill, fishermans wharf nonsense. I had a very fun time. I felt a little uncomfortable at night walking on Haight street due to all the crackheads asking for money every other block. I didn't really notice many pigs lurking the streets of SF but I could of just been blinded by the beauty of the city. Of course I went bar hopping, but I couldn't even tell you what the names of these bars were. The food was amazing...I ate lots of thai food when I was there, and in the morning I had a splew of cafes to pick from. It seemed as if there were Crepe cafes on every block off Haight Street. Overall I felt a hippy vibe especially near the entrance of golden gate park where some hippy chick asked me if I wanted to buy "kindbud" I politely declined and advised her I have plenty of it at my hotel. The ambience was very laid back, mellow, chill or whatever you wanna call it. The people seemed either very rich, or very poor. The weather was beautiful during my 5 day hiatus up in SF. It wasn't cloudy,overcast, or rainy. I can tell without a doubt SF certainly had some good history to hit back in the 60's and 70's but somehow lost it due to drugs, poverty, etc. I live down in San Diego, and as soon I got back into this shitty city I realized how conservative it is versus "THE CITY". email me for your feedback or if you want to bullshit about THE CITY. jeremyxtreme@gmail.com

Posted by ryvre on 2006-04-21 16:34:35
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how much would a simple bachelor and/or one bedroom apartment be in around the haight/ashbury scene? just curious as to see what some options would be for hopefully moving there in a couple of years. Thinking of going to university in Berkeley and living there. I have loved the 60s ever since I was a small child and would really enjoy to be at the place where one of the most famous hippie scenes once were... ...please write back :) peace

Posted by fairygoddess on 2006-01-07 04:37:43
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I just visted San Francisco and I have to say I truly loved it! The people were so nice and liberal. I loved Haight Ashbury was was very disappointed to see a Gap on the corner, but the locals told me that the window gets broken often. I would love to live by the Bay, I was much more at home there then in stifling Arizona. I can't wait to go back this summer for the Haight Ashbury street fair!

Posted by el_santo on 2005-11-24 05:29:52
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in response to Joey Aquarius' post, it's true SF is not what it was but if you're looking to get away from crack heads and gangs Oakland is about the LAST place you want to go in the entire state of Cal. It's also true that SF is quite expensive nowadays - but compared to LA it's practically cheap. The rents in SF seem quite reasonable compared to the rents in LA. A small apartment in the Haight is cheaper than in LA's Silver Lake, which is more or less the equivalent neighborhood Down South.

Posted by sharla owl windsong on 2005-11-03 04:21:28
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hi,i just wanted to say that back in the very early 80's,i lived there with my girlfriend wendy,who has passed now,back in those days,acid,pot,etc. were very available,but back then i was 23 living on the streets of SF,it was different from where i came from,& i loved my gay friends of the time,now most hv passed on b/c of AIDS or OD's, i guess i am very lucky to be alive,have long since been gone,came up further north to santa rosa. been here almost 20yrs,oh my where hv the yrs gone? if "Reverend luke" is still around,please get in touch with me,it's you know who with "Rubber glove incident" i'm at owlwindsong9@aol.com or owlwindsong@hotmail.com peace to everyone. owl

Posted by Miguel Rodriguez on 2005-09-27 18:00:37
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Dear Folks, Can anyone help me to find the Band menbers of a Band called " JUNGLE". They made a demonstration record back in 1969. The only information on the Labels are: "JUNGLE" Song titles are: HOUSE OF ROOMS SOMEWHERE SWEET MEMORIES GRAY PICNIC CHANGES I'M GOING THROUGH EARLY MORNING RISING SLAVE SHIP Record made by: "JUNGLE MUSIC CORP." 1969 Cat. Nr.: CO 3027 As far as I know, this was a local San Francisco Band! After near 20 years of searching, you all are my last hope to find them. Miguel Rodriguez RD Records Switzerland miguel@tidalwave.de Thank you all in advance! Miguel

Posted by Greenwolf on 2005-08-01 23:13:30
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Just got back from visiting San Francisco; an amazing place with a huge amount of diversity. The impression I got was that San Francisco is very liberal. However, there is an obvious difference from the “haves and have nots” but the funny thing is that they all seem to get along (for the most part). The public transit is awesome but confusing at first and the operators are rude (although the people themselves are very willing to help you out). I found the pan handlers very polite and non-aggressive. Pot was being smoked openly in Golden Gate Park and the Haight (although not what it used to be) certainly has elements of the 60’s still present. San Francisco is a beautiful looking town and very compact so it does not take you long to get from place to place. You do not need to own a car (in fact it is encouraged not to), biking or walking is easier and faster (and a lot less stressful). However, living there is expensive (a real shame, considering how wonderful this city is) and would take a strong and steady income (maybe two) simply to make ends meet and jobs do not seem all that plentiful either. In addition, there are many tourist traps and there are some seemingly unsafe areas after dark so living here would be questionable. So my advice: go visit, enjoy the sites and take it all in because San Francisco has got a lot to see and experience but living here would not be a good hippie haven (a damn shame).

Posted by Ubi on 2005-07-17 05:13:57
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Are there any of our folks around Sunnyvale,CA ?

Posted by David on 2005-06-05 21:43:28
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I lived in SF during most of the 90s. It has a lot of weird trips so watch yourself till you get the hang of it, but it's also the most incredible place to live...IF you have the megabuck$, or you can share a shoebox of a room in the slums with four other freaks, or you're cute and in your 20s and don't mind hooking up with a sugar daddy or two. Quite a few gays most who are pretty cool, but the Castro like the Haight is a tourist trap nowadays. Almost everyone smokes pot which is cool, but there's way too many meth heads and the like. Too many yuppies as well, but they haven't succeeded in sucking out all the unique character that is SF. A large diverse music and club scene, something for everyone as long as you're over 21. I don't recommend trying to live on the streets there, it's possible and plenty of free food, but lots of predatory wackos and the cops will hassle you. And don't call it Frisco, you'll look like an idiot if you do. The locals just call it The City.

Posted by Shawn on 2005-05-25 19:19:50
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I currently live outside Baltimore, MD and am looking to move to the outer San Fran area (Berekely, or near Santa Cruz maybe) at the end of this summer but can't find the right area for the right price on the internet. Studio or 1 bedroom apartment for under $625/mn. I'm the hippie/New Age/Energy Worker sort. Please email me if you know of any sources or good areas to check out! I want to visit CA for a few days in mid-June! Thanks! ShawnMRill@yahoo.com Shawn.

Posted by haight the bars on 2005-04-22 03:28:21
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A must see if you haven't but it's not the 60's so don't expect. You can still find herb or shrooms in golden gate, but its dangerous and there's plenty of pigs. Wild night life and people are generally more tolerant than in other major cities. Also, there's more homeless shelters/free food here than in any other city. Found this abandoned park in the Presidio surrounded by residential and camped there a few days without any problems, fire at night and all. If you're driving around there stop and look at the map/signs on the side of the road, I found this park on one of these road-side maps, but never found it on any other map.

Posted by Aragorn from Spain on 2005-04-05 19:34:10
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Hi people! My name's Seo I'm from Spain and I'd really like emailing to somebody from there! I'm interested in being hippie and I'll live in San Francisco when I'll have 18 years old. So, please email me. I'm 15 years old right now. My email is aragorn_comarca@hotmail.com please email me peace and love!

Posted by Ryk Weston on 2005-02-07 08:36:42
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I was born and raised in the Bay Area. San Francisco is full of excitement and there's always something fun to do. I've been to both New York and San Francisco, and I'll take the Bay anyday! The smell of the water, the drives around town, the music scene...I could go on forever. It is my home and I love it.

Posted by greanbean on 2005-01-09 21:49:39
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My sister lives in SF and shes ultra-conservative. We grew up in NY, NY and we both believe that NY is more diverse and cultured than SF. I do love it though, but I am afraid to say that its becoming more of a yuppie haven than a hippie haven. Haight-Ashbury still has that Hippie scene, and there are cool people. I have also found that a lot of the people there tend to all look the same...but it hast completley died out, thank god for that. Peace~

Posted by grrenbean on 2005-01-09 21:48:39
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My sister lives in SF and shes ultra-conservative. We grew up in NY, NY and we both believe that NY is more diverse and cultured than SF. I do love it though, but I am afraid to say that its becoming more of a yuppie haven than a hippie haven. Haight-Ashbury still has that Hippie scene, and there are cool people. I have also found that a lot of the people there tend to all look the same...but it hast completley died out, thank god for that. Peace~

Posted by mugged on 2004-12-15 21:44:37
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me and a friend went to stay in san fran the other night. found shrooms easily on haight street, then we started shrooming and walking around. we went to the golden gate park and got mugged by five thugs. my hands all fucked up and i cant play guitar anymore. for a few days. ish. i dunno. yeah stay away from the golden gate park at night.

Posted by clare dobson on 2004-11-09 03:58:34
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I love Sanfrancisco!!!! I just want to say hi to all the people on the hill..... I am in my home country of Australia which is very beautiful but a part of my soul has been deeply touched in SanFrancisco.... I feel alive and full of love, people are awake and look deeply into eachothers eyes and there is a lot of intermingling of people of all ages, races, cultures...... An adventure is waiting to be had and a story to be told.... To all you who say that it's died maybe it just died in your mind and it's time to open up and see all the positive people keeping SanFrancisco the positive, open minded place it is. There is sadness and chaos there, there is poverty and wealth....but the spontainaity pours from the soul of those who need to be there and share... The music is so alive and unrestrained.....not the way we've been trained.... Peace to all and a sparkle in my eye when I think of golden gate park and hippy hill and the Panhandle......

Posted by emily n kayleigh on 2004-11-08 14:44:20
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hi person who said hi emily. Some one write back! yyey!! love.

Posted by on 2004-10-28 02:34:21
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hi emily

Posted by emily on 2004-09-30 14:18:05
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allo! How is everyone today?? Im from England and I just wanna say... HIPPIES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace love and harmony to everyone!!!!! someone write back!

Posted by MIGUEL ASENSIO on 2004-09-30 12:56:35
My Score:

Posted by yankee on 2004-09-15 05:51:20
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this is VERY IMPORTANT!!! if you consider yourself a TRUE HIPPIE you must read. It is a common occurance in the united states that people who are innocent are imprissoned for decades and sometimes put to death. these are not isolated occurances. this happens to thousands of people. it can happen to you or a loved one. I'm sorry this topic is off post, but as many people as possible MUST be informed. Just yesterday, a man who was wrongly held for 22 years was released. if you pay more than just lip service to being a hippie, this will deaply trouble you. in many ways, this is more important than almost all other causes. if you can't expect to remain free, you can't expect to work toward any other social goals. check out WWW.INNOCENCEPROJECT.ORG

Posted by George Spriggs on 2004-09-09 00:53:10
My Score:
I was born and raised in San Francisco. Its nothing... NOTHING close to what it was for me as a child, and teenager. There really was something happening there, but its dead. Get over the illusion, its gone, go make it happen somewhere else. Stop hanging out in the graveyard its time to live now. Lived in the Haight from 68-72. Lived at 2013 Oak Street, 3rd floor flat. Went to Polytechnic High School just across the street from keyzar stadium. I now still visit S.F. as a tourist, my son (12 now), and I still fish for crab right off the pier down on the embarcadarro, like I did when I was a kid. I learned alot growing up in the City, but most of it was just survival skills, not anything pleansant. Being a musician and artist was a good thing at the time. Plenty of talent at that time. I don't know what its like anymore. Kinda sad. What ruined the city is depravity. Pure and simple.

Posted by T on 2004-08-31 22:10:41
My Score:
never been to hippy hill but i am going to go there looking for an old friend from the land of fayette "nam" for those who know where that is and for those who know critter "free the man" anyway im not really looking for anything out west except to kill some time and see some things i havent seen.im hoping my travels go well and to maybe meet someone to travel with on the road hopefully it will be my friend i am searching for small world things can be done even 1,000's of miles away and to the guy with the pit bull may the spirt be with you brother i hope you enjoy burning man if you care to write me you can reach me at NYTRESS@ROCKETMAIL.COM

Posted by SF Pothead on 2004-08-27 23:26:47
My Score:
I don't know if this thread is still dead or not, and this is my first time coming to this web site.. but, "Hippy Hill" on the McDonalds end of Haight St is still alive and full of liberal potheads. Not necessarily hippies though, but in my opinion, hippy became a fashion in the end.. just like punk rock now. There is also a fairly good amount of homeless gutter punks (most friendly) that live in the park. I was homeless living in the park for awhile, with my pitbull (he is VERY friendly, as are most of the dogs you will see at the hill, most being pitbulls.) Roughly once a month, though there was a time when it was every tuesday, the cops will send a sweep and arrest anyone if they have cause to. On a daily basis, a cop will go by on a bike maybe once every 30 minutes, but, that doesn't stop people from smoking bud whenever they wish. Some of the cops are real pricks.. I got a fine for sitting on a log about five feet away from the trail once. The reason? Loitering off the path.. yes, the cop made it up on the spot. Some of the cops are really cool, though, one in particular will just make you throw your weed out if he catches you. Although, if you are a minor, he won't be so nice. San Francisco is my favored place to live, although I am forced to live in hotels most of the time. Having a dog, this can be a pain. I currently distribute marijuana for a profession, like hundreds other at the hill. Being homeless in the park is not so bad, except for the winters, where it rains constantly.. non stop rain! I encourage anyone living in/near the bay area to come stop by the hill one of these weekends, or weekdays, the environment is very friendly and pot-friendly. On weekends you will see people playing bongos and such, sometimes even full drum sets. Right now I am out of town for Burning Man, which means I am in Reno at the present moment, staying with about six others.. one of which having this computer. So, I will try to check in on any replies to my post on this forum, so please feel free to respond to my post. Bring your dog, buy some weed, smoke it, and have a fun time on Hippy Hill :) Mushrooms are also around on occasion, though they are sporadic. I'm not sure if you all have heard about what happened with Acid down there.. so let me continue this overy-long post a bit. The biggest farmer down there, the guy that taught everyone else how to farm, got into a deal with the District Attorneys Sting Guys.. I guess thats what they are called. He sold eight gallons of acid to them, and got charged with Conspiracy to Commit Genocide. So, its a challenge to come across LSD.

Posted by mihandle on 2004-05-10 16:31:43
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FUCK OFF "GOT AIDS". You narrow minded fuck. That is the most prudish comment I have ever heard. But that I guess is what you expect from a self-loathing Homo. AND BTW I AM A FAG AND SO PROUD TO BE ONE AND WE ARE EVERYWHERE SO LIVE WITH IT.

Posted by mihandle on 2004-05-10 16:29:11
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I visited San Fran about 4 years ago...to be exact the Castro District. I absolutley loved it I would love to live there and not as one of the homeless that love to "live" there. But I still think no matter what happens to the city within the next 20years 40years ago it was the place to be. I was not alive back then, unfortunatly, but I love to see pictures and hear stories about a resturant that my family used to frequent back in the 50s-80s. Fanacios, it was said to be the place. But that was then and it has closed and the whole worl will morn the death of such a beloved landmark.

Posted by Ton-Y on 2004-02-09 18:58:42
My Score:
SF is a great place to visit and most of the folks there were really nice. I ventured all around the city looking for famous movie locations--the town is full of them. This was a great way to see the real city while avoiding the traps. Get a multi-day MUNI pass that covers all modes of transit and ride your buns off all over the city--it's a bargain. Yes there are scores of homeless--thanks to that useless Willy Brown--but most won't bother you.

Posted by JOEY AQUARIUS on 2004-01-03 20:56:04
My Score:
San Francisco had it once. Hippy Heaven. It's still a great place to visit, but you're better off living somewhere like Oakland or Berkeley. SF is no fun to live in, even with money. There's NO parking anywhere. Traffic is always a dangerous crowded mess. The streets are deadly after dark, full of vicious crack heads and dirtbags. Downtown crawls with the dregs of the homeless, thieves, gangs, streetwalkers and endless beggars. Not quite paradise. The cops are corrupt and brutal and the yuppie lifestyle will not protect you from them or the criminals. Downtown boasts one of earth's largest collections of bargain pawnshops full of knives, guns, teargas, stunguns, and every possible implement that the criminal class needs for their profession. Cheap fleabag hotels insure a steady flow of mayhem. So go to the Haight, boogie at the Fillmore, have some fun in a pretty city. Just remember that the vibe here is similar to New Orleans in that the whole place is run as a tourist trap. The Dollar Rules. SF has zero family values. Whatever spiritual vibe remained from the 60's has long since succumbed to the greed and ugliness that prevails now. Yeah, they still celebrate a lot of things in SF, I just can't figure out WHY. Looking at SF as a sort of cultural museum rather than a true modern hip entity may give you a truer perspective.

Posted by Richard Balison on 2003-11-25 04:07:55
My Score:
I was in the Haight from 1966 to 1968. Stayed here and there; 256 Central st, 1090 Page, British Embassy, and Greta Garbos (Kirkland Hotel) balisonr@yahoo.com

Posted by Richard Balison on 2003-11-25 04:06:40
My Score:
I was in the Haight from 1966 to 1968. Stayed here and there; 256 Central st, 1090 Page, British Embassy, and Greta Garbos (Kirkland Hotel)

Posted by danathehippie on 2003-08-07 18:14:30
My Score:
though it will never be the same, it was the epicenter of a life altering movement. it deserves accollades

Posted by 420warrior@hipplanet.com on 2003-06-25 12:43:45
My Score:
there are still some kind people up on the hill,,, but why are the drums all messed up , on sunday,, with whistles and horns and ,, and ,, the drums are good , it seems to,,, well,, when there are only drums

Posted by 420warrior@hipplanet.com on 2003-06-25 12:42:46
My Score:
there are still some kind people up on the hill,,, but why are the drums all messed up , on sunday,, with whistles and horns and ,, and ,, the drums are good , it seems to,,, well,, when there are only drums

Posted by Sam on 2003-05-08 18:35:10
My Score:
Still some friendly people left up there on the hill

Posted by katie on 2002-11-21 15:17:31
My Score:
Lived in Haight from 1968 to 1970. Never be anything like it. Of course, the old saying, if you can remember, you weren't there. So many memories - just non-stop flashbacks - whenever anyone mentions the '60's. The best of times and the worst of times - as the saying goes.

Posted by Got Aids? on 2002-11-03 11:54:51
My Score:
Too many fags.

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