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Newark, Delaware

This place is the home of the University of Delaware. "Tons of hippies here. Most live on Madison which consists of apartment/townhouses and this friendly group is very intelligent and KIND."

I would have to agree with everything that the previous person said. But, the town is very small, and there is not all that much to do in the way of nightlife and entertainment and there are a lot of annoying frat boys who drive around in jeeps and chuck things at people. The drug scene is somewhat unstable here, there is a lot of laced and bad stuff, gotta be careful!

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by P on 2006-02-08 19:47:29
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so whats the word on the grinch shows being released or traded??? Anyone?????

Posted by Dank on 2005-12-01 22:54:09
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And well all float on alright, don't worry well all float on alright!

Posted by 711 on 2005-11-12 11:20:28
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Yes the Lindsy Bonistall thing is truely horrible. If the killer was also the Newark serial robber - well it seems like he probably was. He ripped off skidfest musicians too. He fits the description to a tee. He was bad for Newark. Bad for hippies. Needed to be stopped much earlier if possible. Tragic loss of a decent life.Peace.

Posted by fj on 2005-11-03 12:17:59
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OMG! Lindsay Bonistall! How awful. I used to live in those apts. This brought tears to my eyes!

Posted by papa stitch on 2005-10-19 11:34:27
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whats up dave? i was looking up the nazarites and saw this, must be you...does anyone there like reggae, not the cruise kind, the kind that could shake a wall down and turn lot's wife to a pillar of salt...studio one style... pantheomedia@earthlink.net soundsystem in a King David Style...

Posted by Dan on 2005-10-12 16:07:41
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lol, I'll jam drums to "Lisa" anyday! The Grinch night was the most fun I had in a long time there. Remember to get me my copies. Talk to ya later, m/(-_-)m/

Posted by miscellaneous on 2005-10-07 19:40:43
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Bear, DE isn't exactly the most gracious, conservative town out in New Castle County. It's on the brink of NCCO and sussex county. Bear tries real hard to be part of the northern new castle county scene but unfortunately it's located next to Elkton, MD and St. George's. Bear, DE is a town full of struggling blue collar workers that commute to Wilmington and make a mediocore income. Occassionaly Bear, DE will have a cocaine, or perhaps a heroin bust whether it be in Pigeon Run or Rutledge. The nightlife of Bear , DE consists of Thurstons Pub....and umm I think that is it. It's full of diners (ie. Charcoal Pit), gas stations, and the infamous BECK'S POND. Beck's pond is the most stagnet pond in Delaware ...probably tied with LUMS POND. Every neighborhood ranging from Summerhill, Christiana Green, and Chandeler woods....it's a cesspool of whitetrash....blue collar workers who think living in the "suburbs" would prevent them from traffic jams, drugs, wiggers, etc. Guess again residents of Bear, DE. You represent those social classes and you procreate it.

Posted by Bear a$$ on 2005-10-07 05:25:29
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I live in Bear, DE, never thought Elkton was that bad. Where are all these awful type in Elkton? I want to see for myself lol

Posted by kinda not horny on 2005-10-04 23:30:44
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dude....two words for you..ELKTON, MARYLAND. Plenty of whitetrash poon for you in that crackertrash, drug-infested slum of a city.

Posted by kinda horny on 2005-10-04 04:55:10
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Where are the hookers in this town? I'm not from this area so i don't know my way around much. I have this itch that needs to be scratched and i don't want the headaches involved with long lasting relationships (more than 1 night lol). So where can i find a lady of the night around here? and what is a good time of night to look?

Posted by Mudd Man on 2005-09-30 19:30:15
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Dan tried to smack me the other day, but I reminded him the Nazarites originally seemed to have unlimited potential. Then they stuggled with new vocalists and things went to pieces. Now they're back. But I (and Dan if I can speak for him, perhaps) long for when every show was out of contral and nobody could tell how far the band was going to go from there. That's the kind of show that made the East End famous. Don't make fun of Eric, his wife is on this thread, and she'll kick your drunken ass all around the East End. Alright we're playing Lisa and you're on drums. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=260614

Posted by Mudd Man on 2005-09-30 19:29:30
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Dan tried to smack me the other day, but I reminded him the Nazarites originally seemed to have unlimited potential. Then they stuggled with new vocalists and things went to pieces. Now they're back. But I (and Dan if I can speak for him, perhaps) long for when every show was out of contral and nobody could tell how far the band was going to go from there. That's the kind of show that made the East End famous. Don't make fun of Eric, his wife is on this thread, and she'll kick your drunken ass all around the East End. Alright we're playing Lisa and you're on drums.

Posted by Dan on 2005-09-28 14:48:54
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hey mudd man, if this is you I am going to smack you. "Especially Eric who was the greatest Reggae frontman of the decade" and BTW, they are EXTREMELY overrated.

Posted by Dan on 2005-09-28 14:46:26
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who in the hell are you people? this is Dan. Shelby? ooooohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh, suck me..........whatever...... who is Sue Murphy anyway.

Posted by davemix@lycos.com on 2005-09-27 18:56:20
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Respect to all who love Newark, who are disappointed with Newark, and especially those who feel a bit of both - as I do. But the potential of Newark is awesome.Madison Ave. has many cool people, but we must not forget that Madison Ave. also housed a man who was Newark's "Serial Robber" who stole from the elderly at least 25 times, robbed SkidFest of $8500 Fall 2002, and raped and murdered University student Lindsy Bonistall who lived only a block away from Madison.Yes, the Deer Park and East End are now both under different management. The classic Deer Park room is gone, the East End has a new owner who wants nothing more than to get his money back from his sketchy investmentI remember the Nazarites, Grinch, and many others with complete fondness. These bands made the East End what it is today despite the protests of the management at the time. Grinch's first show would have been shut down for being too loud, except Rich didn't have anyone else to do dishes the next day, so he let Baily's band play dispite the volume complaints from the motel next door. Then he counts the money, and history is made, bands are now allowed at the East End.A month before I had to tell a band Rich wanted them to stop because they were too loud, and their sound was going through the windows to the outside. That band "Black Wax" was the ones who broke every window that night. Then the East End found it was cheaper to leave the windows broken and just board them up. Those boards on the windows are part of how the first Grinch show wasn't shut down by police.Shelby is still the sweet, decent person she always has been. Not enough can be said about her cool.The Nazarites were a very poplular reggae band at the time, and I was honored to know them well - Especially Eric who was the greatest Reggae frontman of the decade (in my opinion, and I don't mean just in Newark either) ANNOUNCING:
Grinch Reunion
Sept 29th 2005 Thursday
The East End Cafe
Every member of Grinch will be there
Making of a new live album (24 track digital HiRes)
I will be providing sound (the East End PA get taken away for this one) - Also I am the new host of open mike at the East End
I was one of the original hosts of this show and I'm bringing the old traditions back. This history is - The East End was changed by the music of Open Mike first, and then the scene developed from the united musicians working together to start concerts. Learn about the new open mike at http://eastend-cafe.com -SkidFest is OCt 15th 2005, raindate Oct 22nd
http://myspace.com/skidfest PEACE to all. Happy trails. Respect. -

Posted by TheOtherJennyB on 2005-08-18 02:41:47
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I used to live in Madison. Once some frat boys threw a full can of beer at me as I rode my bike down Chapel St. Therefore, I feel especially qualified to comment on this review. I don't know about hippies, but the East End was a great place to get FUCKING WASTED. A+++++++++++++++++++++++ WOULD DRINK THERE AGAIN. Those of you who find it distasteful probably have actual hobbies or interests outside of "getting wasted," or are XstraightedgeX, and that's cute. I live in Chicago now. We eat hippies for breakfast. Do I know you people? Holla at me: rabbitrabbit AT gmail DOT com

Posted by crispy on 2005-08-15 19:35:17
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OH MY GOD FRANK B!!!!! I thought you had disappeared forever!!! YAY, I'm so glad to get to talk to you again. You were more like my brother sleeping on the couch, not just a roommate :) Fred's still in DE, married with kids. I'm in OK, not married, with a 17 month old baby and in nursing school. You should email me, christy_stamper@hotmail.com. I wouldn't call myself a hippie or a drug addict anymore, but I'm still Crispy! Tell your mom I said HI!

Posted by crispy on 2005-08-15 19:31:03
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OH MY GOD FRANK B!!!!! I thought you had disappeared forever!!! YAY, I'm so glad to get to talk to you again. You were more like my brother sleeping on the couch, not just a roommate :) Fred's still in DE, married with kids. I'm in OK, not married, with a 17 month old baby and in nursing school. You should email me, christy_stamper@hotmail.com. I wouldn't call myself a hippie or a drug addict anymore, but I'm still Crispy! Tell your mom I said HI!

Posted by Frank on 2005-06-30 06:28:50
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Hey Crispy !! Are you a masseuse from Oklahoma? If so, I'm your old roommate Frank. From the couch. I should have known I'd find you here. You hippy drug addict :-) How's Fred? :-)

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-06-02 21:12:27
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Aww where are all the artsy cool hippy hookers at? Partied too hard this past memorial day weekend? Smoked too much seedy,dry Delaware herb? hahah. Herb? thats such a Delaware thug terminology. Out here we say Beester. Ahh nevermind loser hippies attention span ranges from Greenpeace, rainforests, and post Grateful dead garbage. I love you all :)

Posted by on 2005-05-27 21:22:16
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src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/wiggers.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">[IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/wiggers.jpg[/IMG]

Posted by on 2005-05-27 21:21:10
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Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-27 21:20:43
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This is how we roll in Delawre http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/wiggers.jpg src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/wiggers.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">[IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/wiggers.jpg[/IMG]

Posted by JEREMY on 2005-05-27 18:56:43
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yeah, everybody know who jeremy is, EXCEPT for jeremy - very sad :)

Posted by the REAL Jeremy on 2005-05-27 16:43:51
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You fools went from Anonymous, to my actual name. I love having a following of copy cats :) I'm so just so fucking content that everyone knows who I am and what my intentions are on this particular website. Just put a smile to my face all you retarded hippy girls.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-27 15:38:02
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Hi, it's me again, Jeremy - I thought I'd write something at my normal 4th grade level of thinking, instilled with stupid comments about how everyone else needs to shut up because I would like all the attention to myself (oh, but wait, I hate getting attention, hmmmm...) Nevermind that last comment. BUT I was thinking this time I wanted to explain about what a miserable shmuck i really am, especially to be bashing the place where I come from. See, I'm still a virgin so I hate women in general. I failed out of school so I resent anybody that tries to correct me, and I have no life, so I have to sit on this forum and be an asshole so somebody will at least acknowledge me. Many apologies for thinking I'm so much smarter and better than anyone else, obviously I'm not but I NEED to post here so people will at least recognize that I exist since everybody around me ignores me. Well, gotta go catch a wave with the rest of the posers- I have my post-Delaware neo-Californian butthead surfer reputation to uphold ya know.

Posted by Bill on 2005-05-27 15:01:15
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I went to Sandy Hollow last year and had a GREAT time! Were you able to go into that area where they hang the glow in the dark stars from the trees all at eye level so when you're walking through the woods it feels like you are in outer space??? It's all 3 dimensional - amazing - they had this day glo fountain with gnomes and mushrooms set up all over the place - I've NEVER seen anything like it, quite a trip. Hey, since I am a web site guru and a hacker, does anyone mind if I track the email address from some unwanted parties on this site? I actually know the people that started this site to begin with and would love to have a good time of this one... Heeheehee

Posted by Jenobee on 2005-05-27 14:31:45
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Anybody in the vicinity of Harrisburg, PA? Don't forget the Sandy Hollow Festival that goes on twice every year. Last weekend was the first one and I think Montana Wildaxe played - not too sure how the weather held up, it was a bit cold and rainy. The next one will be in September and Grinch will be there. I went last year and it was a blast! Although it rained most of the weekend, a ton of people showed up and the bands were INCREDIBLE! Shout out to U. of DE alumni :) PEACE

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-27 06:34:38
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Young whatever you are....learn how to finish your sentences without a prepositional phrase. Oh, wait a minute...it's a Delaware thing. My bad. By all means, you can address me rather than speaking personally to "anonymous"? I'm so hurt I just want to turn RADIOHEAD on now and listen to "lucky" and cry. I'm so emo. My rants overpower your rhetoric. Learn how to rebut in a more intellectual yet benevolent manner and maybe i'll shut up. Until then....shut the fuck up.

Posted by Me :) on 2005-05-27 05:22:46
My Score:
Dear Anonymous - That was very smart to name yourself Anonymous and the whole reason you did that went completely over Jeremy's head. To avoid instant stereotypical gender and discriminatory insults from racist people based solely on your name is a smart idea - Kudos to you. I totally agree with you that perhaps some day he'll tire of ranting and raving constant spews of evil to people he doesn't know - until then, we've all had a good laugh. Some people are just meant to be miserable their entire lives. I'm choosing to respond only to pleasantries from now on :)

Posted by Jeremy@not_telling.com on 2005-05-27 03:35:08
My Score:
Ok Dr. Anonymous, goes to show how outspoken you are, you can't even conjure up a name for those wasteful words you just written. That speaks for itself. Nonetheless your absolutely right in that i'm anticipating for losers such as Paul and Tang to actually waste their time rebutting against my "immature, stereotypical, and racist comments? haha. See what you don't understand is I am fighting against those adjectives you've listed, and for you to think i'm any of those characteristics is absolutely asanine. So what if I rattled some hippies in this retarded forum, if its took hot ..get the fuck out of the sun as I like to say it. Oh wait it snows in Delaware :*( I guess my phrase doesn't jive with you people. I'll tell you what jives...the feeble-minded people on this website that actually take time expressing their feelings to such a loser as myself. So please by all means stooping down to my level of thinking, I mean afterall I'm a fucking retard right? Apparently not, considering the amount of retarded responses I've gotten from the likes of Paul, Tang, and Jenobeee. To make matters worse i'm getting feedback from a person named Anonymous. Unfuckingbelievable. Do me a favor .......go read a book or something.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-27 02:32:57
My Score:
No, actually jeremy, everybody's rebuttal has made YOU look like what you really are, a fool. Tang and Paul were right in that you are a very sad person who has beliefs that are exactly what nobody wants their children to grow up having -- the education system has been working for decades to deter people AWAY from stereotyping and gender and racial discrimination - You are showing signs of missing that notion completely. To everyone else on this site, DO JEREMY A FAVOR (he's literally begging for it) and don't comment back to his ridiculous antics. You are only making him feel like he has some kind of power, which is what he needs and wants in his life, and is pathetically lacking. So, he chooses to steal good energy from the wonderful unique people on this site to gain confidence. Continuing this pointless argument with him is just going to him feel like he is winning a game where there really are no winners. I'm sure Jeremy's next response will be something to the effect of "haha, I was right, you're all losers" - but please expect that from a person like him. The real winners in this situation will refrain from giving him any kind of feedback on his negativity - LOVE AND LIGHT to you all!! Get well Jeremy, get over the denial that you have a problem and good things will come to you.

Posted by tang on 2005-05-27 01:54:22
My Score:
whatever dude - it's obvious to us all that you are a racist, homophobic, stereotypical, insecure person who needs to bash everyone around you to make yourself feel better - so blabber on if you like, everyone that reads this forum knows of your kind and WE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU sweetie-pie... by the way, I'm a girl you loser -BAHAHAHAHAHAHA - so far, you've been pretty much wrong about everyone you've attempted to judge - WAY TO GO - we love you.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-27 01:16:00
My Score:
Tang. You're rebuttal actually makes Paul look cool. Come on bro, your adding fuel to the fire just by initiating another lame ass attempt to criticize me. You're one of the many harsh opponents of my beliefs, and your only making yourself looking like a fool. No. I don't seek attention, I actually hate attention. Better yet, i'm laughing at everyone that makes an attempt to put me in my place, but then again who the fuck are you to put me in my place. Rather than go by the name "Tang", please replace the name with "Paul the Second". For all I know your his HI I'M COOL BISEXUAL lover.

Posted by Tang on 2005-05-27 01:02:40
My Score:
If anyone doesn't comprehend the English language it's YOU Jeremy - YADAYADAYADA, BLAHFUCKINBLAHFUCKINBLAH - You just never shut the fuck up. All you seem to do is criticize, insult, and gab on and on about how fucking cool you are and all you sound like is some idiot cocksucker. If you have such a GREAT life and so many punk rock friends, then WHY are you hanging out on this site???????? Paul, Jenobee, and the many others who have responded to your holier than thou attitude are the ones that make any sense - your reputation is NOT of some "dude that is standing up for what he believes in against harsh atrocities" - your reputation is now of some asshole whose opinion is not wanted and who can't seem to deal with not getting the last word. And DON'T PRETEND that you are content with everyone hating you - you know deep down that the only reason you're still posting anything on this message board is your insatiable need for attention - you're a very sad person. And by the way, It's "and if I'm RIGHT", not "write" - I know how much you LOVE to have your grammar corrected.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-27 00:34:08
My Score:
Paul, you obviously can't comprehend the english language, nor follow directions. With that being said you're very negligent to direction. No wonder you waste your precious time investing criticism at me. I told you I was right...regarding a waste of time and energy, so if i'm write why continue your weak attempt of mockery? I'm content in knowing I provide comedy to the table. It would be very unfortunate if i'm the only release of comic relief in your lifetime. That is certainly a tell-all sign that you don't get laid. I've said what I had to say about you so I will forfeit my harsh criticism toward you. I no longer need to reiteriate myself as you do in every single posts you rebut. Paul....you're an average joe....ubiquitous in this country we called the United States. Face it, i'm cooler than you. So please by all means.....don't respond...it only makes you look worse. Fortunately I have a reputation to uphold on this message board, because afterall everyone hates me. When your hated you need to stand up for yourself and fight back from the harsh atrocities of people like you Paul. Aren't you happy I give you special attention Paul, you east coast schmuck.

Posted by paul on 2005-05-26 20:28:43
My Score:
You know, you're right Jeremy, you ARE a COMPLETE waste of time and you make absolutely no sense to anyone - Why are YOU wasting your time when you have so many waves to catch and 100s of places to go? Thanks for the laughs... I've SO enjoyed listening to you try to make up for all your stupid ass comments which only make you look like MORE of a moron. Of course you most likely are going to respond AGAIN with something even dumber than your last comments, and I'm just waiting... You're comic relief. It's just unbelievable how hilarious it is to read your idiotic rants about how you know so much -- THANKS AGAIN :)

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-26 20:12:15
My Score:
Paul why are you wasting your precious time,breath, and energy on a punk 25 year old kid. You obviously have a hidden anger towards me if you constantly keep rebutting everything I say, furthemore stop attempting to correct me on my grammatical mistakes, because last time I checked I'm not trying to impress you or anyone with my writing skills. Being an editing guru, i'm surprised you didn't read my prior statement regarding grammar. Nonetheless I should make it super difficult for you to read my paragraphs, that way you'll get tired and bored of trying to piece together my verbage. Spare me your DE friends restaurant story. Go tell that to some other hippy on this website that is actually curious of your revelations of this website. I am asking you nicely to go fuck yourself and I hope you never find your DE friends or restaurant or whatever the fuck you were trying to find on the web. Good riddance Ralph Macchio.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-26 20:01:52
My Score:
Please don't characterize the word emo for me. I actually enjoy listening to emo, but when people take it a step further and become a scenester that is when it gets a bit out of hand. You can look up scenester at www.urbandictionary.com. See what I can't stand is people that need to maintain an image representative of perhaps their musical tastes, or wealth. For example. Hi I'm emo. Therefore I wear really tight shirts with really tight 150.00 diesel jeans not to mention my really cool artsy glasses. The wealth example is pretty self explanatory. Hi i'm rich. I walk around with a 190.00 pocketbook complimented by my 200.00 sunglasses, oh wait and I drink martinis at a bar because its a status symbol. Hippies fall into that same damn category and it drives me up the wall. Why can't people be themselves anymore, why do people persistently need attention. Sadly enough, I firmly believe these individuals don't mind being stereotyped by society. Don't get me wrong I love attention whether it be love,notoriety, etc, but I'm not going to make an effort to gain attention from society by acting or wearing things. Thats fucking sad human beings make such an effort for other people to look at them in a certain way. Don't get me wrong i'm not the most humble guy in the world, but I certainly know how to maintain my own image. One more quick thing about that emo example. Don't you notice all the emo kids are growing out their hair and parting it to the side? I went to a Bright Eyes concert a few weeks ago and as i'm staring around at the scene I was immersed with a 10 if not 20 kids who maintained that image. Maybe i'm getting older and wiser when it comes to what is cool and what is uncool, or perhaps maybe i'm just a stubborn 25 year old guy that doesn't give a fuck about being cool anymore? Whatever the case maybe I find it unnecessary for human beings to display themselves in a way for other human beings to stereotype them into a particular category. It's wrong, it's unfortunate, but I guess pop culture is indicative to human progression.

Posted by jenobee on 2005-05-26 06:12:27
My Score:
Since you live in S. Cali Jeremy, then how do you stay away from all those "Emo Fake Me Out Losers"?? You do know that Emo is a VERY broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock?? right?? And didn't you say that S. Cali is maintained to a rock n roll, punk rock sorta culture? Hmmm... who exactly are your friends then? No emo people at the 100s of places that you hang out now truly is surprising... or are you posing as a Surf boy FROM WILMINGTON, DELAWARE now? I guess you can be whoever you want to be at this point-- who are YOU? Please let us know (if you actually have a clue)

Posted by paul on 2005-05-26 02:13:25
My Score:
oh yeah, never claimed to be a hippy, just a good person. Maybe you can learn something from the people on this site. And it's "What year did you "graduate"?, not "graduated".

Posted by paul on 2005-05-26 02:11:41
My Score:
Geez jeremy, you're really scaring me here -- resorting to violence?? Can't you come up with anything better to defend yourself?? Are you that much of an dumbass that you can't use your wit and brainpower to dig yourself out of this hole you've put yourself in? You were definitely right in the first place, you should've shut your mouth a while ago... Since you REALLY wanna know (and I'm super happy to tell you) you're about 10-15 years off with the age estimation, about 1,500 miles off of the state where I'm from and I pretty much get laid every night :) Never smoked anything in my life, and I'm also a double black belt in Karate so I seriously doubt you would have much luck hitting me over the head with anything, hahaha... I didn't even go to University of Delaware, just landed on this site when I was trying to look up some friends from DE that own a restaurant when I lived there. It's so sad and pathetic how you think you know so much about everybody... But thanks for providing me with so many good hearty belly laughs - I don't get the opportunity to meet many stereotypical, narrow-minded kids that know so much about how the world is to judge people they don't even know. So thanks for that. And you SURF??? What a scream? I guess you moved out to Cali for the women and the wild surf, right? You're the best.

Posted by jer on 2005-05-26 01:10:00
My Score:
paul your probably some disgruntled 24 year old new jersey jackoff that hasn't gotten laid in a very long time. Oh your so hippy..what year did you graduated ? 2000? hahaha..give me a fucking break bro. I'd rip your little dreadlocks out of your hair and hit you over the head with my surfboard..maybe it'll knock out all that god awful newark marijuana you smoked in the dorm rooms poser.

Posted by paul on 2005-05-25 15:59:59
My Score:
please jeremy, you're not witty, you're not cooler than anyone else, and you really need to find some new descriptive adjectives for the people you are trying to bash... emo, fakemeout, and artsy are getting a little old... Aside from that, most of the people that tend to be on this forum are out of the university now, have gone on with their lives and are just reminiscing about past times. Just so you know, hippies don't tend to hang out at "wigger infested" hangouts -- you really need to get your facts straight if you want to sound like you know what you're talking about and not just blurting out stupid comments as you've been doing. GET A LIFE.

Posted by huh? on 2005-05-25 15:00:22
My Score:
whoever wrote that last comment- what the f*ck are you talking about?? it's obviously none of US who are the miserable ones -- you're sooooo sad - I feel very bad for you in your life. I'm so completely happy in my life right now and have NO regrets about my past or where I come from. I have total pride in the experiences that I've had that made me a well-rounded person. It must be very depressing to be you and to be angry at everybody all the time for having a life. PLEASE, forfeit your valuable time on this forum and SEEK HELP!! The world will brighten up for you, I promise.

Posted by on 2005-05-24 18:35:22
My Score:
All of you fakeme out hippies...go drink your little artsy herbal tea....buy panini at Brewed awakenings....read THE REVIEW.....check out the COOL HIP LOCAL bands at the wigger infested main street bars and zip it. Enjoy your miserable small wonder lives.

Posted by Jenobee on 2005-05-24 05:17:00
My Score:
Good luck in your life Jeremy - Hope California provides you with the "emo, hippy, pseudo-punkrock, fakemeout artsy, loser free" environment that you sooo richly deserve. After some carefully thought out, deeply enriching discussions with myself, I think I may need to break free of my everyday jazzy neo-soul breakbeat freestyle school of thinking and get me some Jack Johnson MP3s to groove out to so I don't fall within that "emo fakemeout bullshit artsy ex-hippy loser" category you've frightened me into stearing clear of - Thank you for that. You're a champ of all champs and Bec would certainly have her mouth full of you. LOTS OF LOVE and may some eyeshadowless girl who is a REAL artist with no musical interests or loves whatsoever in her dinky, boring, bland, inexperienced world come into your life so that she may never know who you really are and you'll finallyl GET SOME, cuz you need it brother-- GOOD LUCK!!!

Posted by Paul on 2005-05-24 05:03:38
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Dear Jeremy, Basically you're bitter and hate Newark because you didn't have any friends - you didn't feel welcome. Maybe if you weren't so hateful and judgmental towards people you didn't even know, you might have made a friend or two, but I guess not since you had to move to California to get a life - my poor friend, YOU are the loser, not the rest of us. I guess you think that lumping all these phrases that describe so-called stereotypes of these people you "can't stand" makes you sound like you know what you're talking about... frankly, it makes you sound like an idiot - "punkrock/emo/post hippy/bicurious"? Please, who the hell does that describe? I thought it was hippies you hated but sounds like it's pretty much everybody that follows ANY types of music that is a "fakemeout loser". Why don't you get a REAL grip on what you're problem with people in general is and then we'll talk so you can begin the healing process. And you're frustrated with people who don't recognize bands like Jack Johnson??? or Beck??? So because I don't listen to or never was exposed to Jack Johnson, NOW I'm a loser?? You talk like people with their OWN way of life and musical interests are the only people that are cool in you're book, but then weren't you just berating Jenobee because you thought she was a Jack Johnson FAN?? And a hippy?? I just don't get your argument I guess - you completely contradict yourself. And nobody at any of the 100's of places you go out to in Cali wears dark eyeshadow??? You don't want anyone comparing California with Delaware but I used to live in Southern California and there are PLENTY of people there that fit your description of the people at East End in Newark TO A "T". So I feel very sad at this point that you had to go somewhere where NOBODY knew you at all to get any sort of life... P.S. It was ONE single girl that agreed with your view that you are BETTER than anybody else in Newark Jeremy, not "girls" plural. She said she'd "LICK" you. Guess you gotta get it while you can huh? Just make sure she removes her dark eyeshadow before she does...

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-05-24 02:00:07
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I'm glad at least ONE person agrees with my views regarding Newark, Delaware. Hence I moved to california to get away from the pretentiousness...eastcoast....fakemeout hippy bullshit that tries to stay constant in the city of Newark. What makes me sick is walking into a bar and everyone knows each other. Hell...if I went to the local grocery store I would bump into someone I know. Newark is an uncool town....a town full of retarded clicky punkrock/emo/post hippy/bicurious losers that spend there time going to the east end to hit on the same people they hit on the previous weekend? What fun is that? To make matters worse...the bands that come in and out of East End Cafe aren't exactly the most talented group of individuals on the block..they're not exactly going to make page 95 of Spin magazine to say the least. Look i'm just frustrated with people that are so into music they don't even recognize bands such as Jack Johnson or perhaps Beck. If your so into music shouldn't you be educated enough to come to the realization that other artists exists in the music community. Furthermore I bet most bands hippies enjoy listening to in there pimped out 1967 VW BUG colloborated with bands such as Beck and Jack Johnson. It's just lame....and it needs to stop. Quite frankly I got tired of going into East End cafe...for three reasons. Reason 1. Everyone knew each other and if you weren't known in there ...than you weren't welcomed. Reason 2. The music was absolutely horrible. It's so funny that bar even attempted to charge a cover for the opportunity to listen to that hardcore/emo/reggae nonsense. Reason three. The girls weren't the greatest quality of girls in the town...granted I wasn't a big fan of The Stone Balloon but the quality was absolutely better than the hippy folky ....fake me out artsy hookers that rolled into the East End. Which leads to my next point...The artsy factor. It seemed to me every person in the east end attempted to be artsy in some way or another....it was such a typical thing to see girls wearing dark eye shadow or dark pieces of clothing....and the dorky guys wearing thick dark glasses or maybe a very tight emo shirt. It was such a bullshit fashion fest there ..but I enjoyed laughing at them. As for California..I do 100 x more things out here than Delaware....so please lets not even do that whole state to state comparison. OK i promise i'm done posting on this board...for the girls who agree with my views or just think i'm cool...don't hesitate to hit me up. haha...

Posted by d-nice on 2005-05-23 04:28:54
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Hey Jeremy-if this is such a lame ass message board why are you bothering to read it and post so often? Shouldn't you be spending quality time doing something you enjoy out there in California?

Posted by Crispy on 2005-05-23 03:52:44
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I LOVE Newark, Delaware!!! I met my best friends there, partied like a rockstar, and saw some great music, too. I love the East End and go there every time I visit Newark. I don't care that it changes--it'd be weird if it didn't. I have too many great memories from that place to ever diss it now. After graduating from Glasgow in 94, I lived in Newark til 99, and it was the best freakin time of my life. I've lived in Cali, Atlanta, and other places and never met the kind of people like my Newark crew. I love them all--they are the best bunch of unique, creative, smart, beautiful, AWESOME people that became my family through those years and still remain my good friends today, and I have the East End to thank for that. And the bartenders, I love them too, Shelby Rocks!! and Dave, Rich, Gary, Chris Shugrue, Kimmie, Zue...Speaking of Chris Shurgrue to whoever asked about him, last I heard he was in VA with the same hippy chick he's been with for years. I miss him. Jeremy needs to get on a Jack Johnson forum and stop talkin' shit about Newark, Grinch, and Jenobee. Jenobee Rules!!!

Posted by Paul on 2005-05-23 02:00:37
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Hey Bec, you and Jeremy sound like you're meant for each other - you both have bad grammar and talk like stuck up a**holes - why don't you exchange emails?

Posted by Janai on 2005-05-22 20:59:14
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Newark rocks! I will always represent and be proud of where I am from because it has helped make me who I am today...I am a kind person living a good life. I don't live in Newark anymore, but I will never diss where I come from and my awesome friends I've met along the way. Be proud of who you are and where you come from - really! I worry about people who trash their past - were you not in control of your life experience? What kind of person are you now? Are you STILL miserable with yourself and your surroundings Jeramie? That kind of self-worth comes from within - no matter where you live.

Posted by Bec on 2005-05-22 18:00:53
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Jerimy seams to be the onlee one who makes any sence on this website. I no IM' better than everyone hear two! It was a rilly mean comment made about Jerimy wishing his dad pulled owt sooner. It's peeple like us who keep this sosity REEL!!! Il'l lick you Jerimy.

Posted by Charlie on 2005-05-22 16:09:54
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Newark Delaware taught me a lot of lessons about the quality of people. I watched many bands formulate and play and I give them all credit for making the effort. I think in order to criticize a band, one should have to be in one first.I'd like to give a shout out to all of Newark, Delawares people, previous and current and as a fellow Newarkian & human being let's all try to keep in mind we're all in this together, let's try to treat each other better...life has given everyone enough challenges to deal with, creating more would be a waste of energy.

Posted by on 2005-05-22 04:43:54
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sounds to me like jeremy needs a good whack upside his thick head - get the hell off the site if you have nothing good to say about anyone dude - looks like you're the one who has the issue with being a sell-out. Why is it so hard to believe that some people don't know who Jack Johnson is - perhaps there is another world of music some of us are turned onto out there - being close-minded only makes you look like an idiot.

Posted by jenobee on 2005-05-21 03:54:37
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W*H*A*T*E*V*E*R jeremy - you're STILL a loser - go F*ck yourself and find someone who cares.

Posted by jEREMY on 2005-05-20 20:46:25
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First and foremost I don't need you to correct my punctuation, secondly last time I checked this is some lame-ass message board that isn't meant for critique purposes. I need not to explain my grammatical errors to a BLACK (no less) hippy, but I would only explain them to perhaps a professor or a maestro of some sort assuming I was working on a term paper. With that being said, your comments don't irritate,annoy,or frustrated me, they actually make me laugh. It's so funny you waste your precious time and energy conveying your point in three long drawn out paragraphs. It just proves to me that you're a very weak-minded individual that has nothing to do better than rebuttal against a loser like me? Jack Johnson? Who is that? Spare me your clueless bullshit. I hate scenesters like you that act so ignorant when it comes to trendy music, as if you never heard it before. Reality check...as much as you don't want to listen to a trendy artist, there is no escaping it Jenobee. Unless you live in a hut in the middle of a deserted island. I think you're a very bitter person that hippy is out and normaility is in style. There is no longer a distinction between a person with dread locks and a person with a mohawk. My point is people put so much effort into looking a certain way so other people can judge them. We no longer live in a free-spirited society where people don't give a fu*k what other people think about them. We are so fixated on dressing or even acting a certain way to impress individuals in society. It's called being a sellout, and unfortunately everyone on this website in particular jenobee is a sellout to the masses of society.

Posted by jenobee on 2005-05-20 03:20:00
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forgot to mention to jeremy that when you are writing about people in the plural, it's "they're", not "there" - also, when you want to say to someone that they ARE something, it's "You're", not "your" - little lesson from some white trash, p.s. I'm black

Posted by jenobee on 2005-05-20 00:57:09
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You know Jeremy, it's A**holes like you that make me glad that being Pro-Choice is still legal... I never claimed to be different because I knew Grinch you idiot - Someone ASKED and I contributed, that's usually how forums go... You THINK you know soooo much but in fact you are so utterly disappointed with your own life and the fact that the "cool" people never accepted you as anything more than a tag-along that you feel the need to bash them to make yourself feel better. Newsbreak for ya, you're making yourself look like a bunghole on this forum and your negativity is not welcome as far as I'm concerned. The Britney and J-Lo comment did not "upset" me at all sweetheart... it was your blatant stupidity and ignorance of what the "next" pop culture is that stunned me - I really thought from the way you were talking that you had a clue- HA! Funny that you can't tell when someone is laughing their ass off at you instead and being disgruntled. DUH... Read between the lines MORON. Although you couldn't "give 2 licks" (betcha never got 2 licks either)- I never drove a VW bus, never had a vegan sticker, never was a vegan, never maintained the same image from my college days, never worked at the GAP, nor dressed like I shopped at the Gap BLAH BLAH BLAH-- THEN you say that people being distinguished by their "personality" is a PROBLEM??? my Gawd are you braindead? And you say you can insinuate that I'm "white trash"? And I suspect you probably think that everyone that visits this site and cares to share things from their PAST- yes Jeremy, the PAST, is White Trash?? Oh, Ok, that makes sense... You just pretty much insulted everyone that contributes to this forum. By the way, not only did you get the dates wrong AGAIN, but who the F*ck is Jack Johnson??? YOU ARE SO STUPIDLY STEREOTYPICAL-- DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT EVERYONE THAT OBJECTS TO YOUR NEGATIVITY. Sadly enough dumbass, I agree with you that hippies may be a dying breed, by I, unlike you, aren't hung up on proving that for some unknown reason-- nor could I give a shit since I never was one -- You are obviously one of those stereotypical guys that wishes his father would've pulled out early so you wouldn't have to deal with your self-depraving lonely-ass life... too bad, so sad. You're pathetic. As I said before- find a website where someone gives a Sh*t about your agro Bull. P.S. Your a jerk and I could give a piss about who YOU THINK I am - your making a fool out of youself.

Posted by jeremy on 2005-05-18 19:52:34
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Jenobee...I am taking a notice you seem a bit upset regarding my Britney and J-lo comment. Unfortunately you can't come to grips with the simple fact hippies are a dying breed. Your probably one of those post Delaware hippies that are stuck driving a 1966 VW BUG with a bumper sticker on the back which reads VEGANS RULE. Give me a fu*king break. You were just a scenester during that period at University of Delaware, but the sad part is you maintain that image because it differentiates you from the rest of society. Which leads to my next point....your just as poshy as the chick that works at GAP. See the problem in todays society is.....people are no longer differentiated by the way they dress or perhaps the music they listen to, but they're differentiated by there personality. With that being said ..I don't know you, however the verbage and attitude you displayed in your prior comment leads me to suspect your whitetrash. Your probably a whitetrash stoner that still frequents the scene infested bars such as the EAST END, DEERPARK, etc. Reality check...your a fu*cking blip on the tv screen....a movie of the week at best. Your no different because you had Grinch play at your patchouli infested HI I LOVE JACK JOHNSON hippy shed. Your a 1996 bi-product of pop culture, but wait a minute.....it's 2005.

Posted by jenobee on 2005-05-17 03:06:11
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i remember you danielle... i was one of eric's roommate's before he joined the Nazarites - tell him Jen said Hello!

Posted by Hooded Souljah on 2005-05-14 23:46:22
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Hey yall, in case anyone goes onto this site there is a great reggae band playing tonight at the East End. Come and check them out they played shows with the Wailers and the closest thing we have now to National Acts 'sides Boy sets fire.

Posted by Danielle on 2005-04-26 22:50:44
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I just got a great laugh reading all the comments! I'm sure I know some of you! Some people obviously did not spend enough time here and some spent too much. I met my husband in Newark (He used to sing for the Nazarites!) we had our first kiss behind the East End on my 20th birthday! Now, 12 years and 1 daughter later, we still live on the outskirts of Newark and love it! Yeah....Wilbur Fest!!!! God...we had many a trip there! Woo Hoo! That was a sad thing to see end.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-04-20 01:10:29
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Whats the deal with Grinch? Jenobee we don't give two licks about how Grinch formulated in your musty 1995 Cleveland Avenue House. It's so lame how you even incorporate Grinch with The Grateful Dead. Personally I don't like "hippy poshy bullshit" music, so maybe I should shut my mouth. I hate to run it by all you hippies, but the movement has been so faded out a few million years ago. I don't even have an appreciation for people to maintain a hippy persona. Hippies are no longer ubiquitious in American culture, the truth of the matter is Britney Spears, Christina, and Jennifer Lopez is our next phase of pop culture. Actually after the so-called hippie days of University of Delaware....the Dave Matthews aura filled the house parties, streets, and dorms of everyone on campus, that sooner better than later faded out and hip-hop went noticed in the main street area of Newark......The John Mayer, Phish bullshit attempted at its best to squeeze into the University of Delaware culturalistic agenda but that fizzled out. So yea...Main Street is filled with music ranging from hip-hop to Britney Spears. Blame who? The Highschool situated minutes from Main Street? Blame who? The media? Blame who? Eminem. There is nobody to blame other than the progression of pop culture. It disturbs me to even look 10 years ahead of todays progression of pop culture and what movement will rise in the future of our children. I live in Southern California and fortunately it's maintained to a rock n roll, punk rock sorta culture. Good Riddance to Newark, De and the Main street kids.

Posted by Jenobee on 2005-04-15 15:29:50
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Grinch started as a Dead cover band in my basement and went on to do Phish covers by the end of college. The first time they played as Grinch was in my house on S. College. My roommate Shelly and I made up their name (although I argue with them daily about that - they don't seem to remember that they were so drunk and stoned all the time to come up with a damn name for our X-mas party, so we had to do it) -- I toyed around doing keyboards just for fun with a small group of girls and we ended up opening up for them at the party. We sucked!! When I moved out to Colorado in '94, they toured out there and stayed with me in Nederland. I am currently in touch with each and every one of them and they will all be coming to Wilmington near mid- end September this year to play around Newark and near Harrisburg at the Sandy Hollow Festival - FUN!!!!!! And I'm talking 5 out of 6 of the ORIGINAL members, including Scott Alexander! I have tons of old original studio recordings of them on tape if you are interested and some CDs that I can dig up. THEY F*CKING ROCKED, HUH????

Posted by on 2005-03-28 05:39:36
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and btw, Eric the doorman deserves a mention. Such a great guy. Very quiet and intimidating, but a wonderful soul. (old schoolers will know who I mean).. Rich Katz, father figure. Rich WAS the EastEnd..You'd never be the same after meeting Rich. Such a fun guy. .. Gary, kind, benevolent soul. Marie! Hatian beauty. (What happened to Mrie?!) What happened to Chris Shegrew! (there's a hippy!). Erin, beautful amazon woman. Shelby, the hardest working bartender ever. (Can't forget the produce man in his military garments!!) This was a true hippy bar whether you know it or not. Real personal charater. No Bullshit. The deer park was fun, but it was a college bar. The EE was the townie bar and that much more. I really need to go back and see the changes.

Posted by on 2005-03-28 05:23:48
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(I have posted here more than a couple times), I haven't been in Newark since late '98. I worked at the EE and Deer Park. They were both great. I have a special place in my heart for the EE. Seems to me something has happened in Newark since I left, sadly. I lived in Newark from 93 to 98. Were these the golden years? They sure felt special. Such a vibrancy at that time. There was something in the air, but I was in my prime. So, I'm unsure if it is just my enthusiam. Regardless, it was great.

Posted by Yonko on 2005-03-22 22:40:09
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I live near by in maryland, but I went to college at U.D. and I lived in Newark. My favorite bar was the Deer Park. And I mean the old Deer Park, not the new one that has taken it's place. That place was awesome. It was my home away from home. The East End was always cool, but I never cared for it as much as the Deer Park. Once the Deer Park closed for renovations, me and all my friends migrated to the East End. It took a while but the East End grew on me. I love the place now. It's been freshened up with a new coat of paint and new chairs, but still the same old crowd and still the same good music!

As far as Madison? I have a lot of friends that lived there. I went to many good parties there. A fun place. Good memories, from what little i remember!

Posted by ShermanRockwell SR. on 2005-03-22 10:38:20
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Two words for the "Least End"- FUCK FRANK!....Hopefully that assclown will someday choke on his glow in the dark dildo. The place has gone down like Pauly Hamburger on a passed out drunk, since Frank took over. See Y'all down the street.

Posted by Andy on 2005-03-21 03:34:20
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I need some help from everyone here. I have an old cassette from my UD days and I believe its a recording of some vintage Grinch, but I can't remember and I have lost touch with so many people. Anyways, I sampled it and have it as an mp3, anyone want to send me their email address to rehowingstogo@msn.com I will send you a copy and I would love to figure out who it is.

Posted by John on 2005-03-13 03:33:21
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Just to give you some perspective. I went to Delaware from 92-96. There was plenty of hippies back then. The East End was a great bar back then because Grinch played frequently and the vibe was very laidback and jamming. This was BEFORE they renovated and added the big room. The food there was pretty good, with killer chilli-dogs. Personally, I spent many more nights at the Deer Park, and it still is one of the coolest bars I've ever been to. I now live in LA and miss the vibe of the old Deer Park. $1.50 Mexican beers on Weds and $1.50 import bottles on Fridays...doesn't get much better than that. Well worth trekking through the snow from the Towers or East Campus. Wilbur was the real hippie scene back then. Wilburfest was one of the best block parties ever. Hippie music (Grinch, Nazarites), hardcore punk (Walleye), metal (Mother Nature's Blacklight Rainbow) and even cheesy emo (Schroeder) all playing on the same stage. There were always plenty of annoying fratboys, jocks and townees, but all-in-all, Newark was a very cool little town and beats the hell out of major cities. Stumbling from a bar on foot is way better than hopping on a freeway. See you at the Deer Park next time I'm back. PS- does anybody know what the guys from Grinch are up to nowadays? I always dug their guitarist.

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-03-07 22:47:03
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I hate to reiterate myself regarding the East End Cafe, but unfortunately people can't grasp how phony and lame it is going to the East End. The East End I admit has remnants of the hippy days at univ of delaware, but that is a dying breed. Things have changed, people change,culture has changed, and it all progressed into a pile of superficiliaty at East End. The East End is comprised of lame hippies,emo-kids,hardcore kids, and the occassional punk rockers. All of these social groups are either bi-sexual,gay, or fucking losers. They have nothing good to say about anyone. Everyone knows everyone there, and if your not part of one of the social "classes" I listed above, then unforutnately your an outsider open up to criticism from these loser East End People. The music is by no means engrossing. The music ranges from post era hippy/folk twangy bullshit to the screamo/hardcore/punk bands that come in there and try to make some noise. These so called musicians have little or no talent and keep throwing the same story to everyone that they "know" Boy Sets Fire. The only bright spot of the East End Cafe is there food. I'm surprised they still serve food with the amount of fake me out artsy vegans frequenting EE on a daily basis. I don't recommend this bar to anyone. I'd rather sit home by myself pop open my OWN beer and listen to MY own music and comfortably enjoy myself without any fake me out social class bullshit. Note to readers: This is the cliche loser guys you have entering the East End. src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/jeremypr/guitar.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">

Posted by Sunroof-cranium on 2005-02-20 19:01:46
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What's all this demented like, uh, stuff about the so called "Least end" cafe in the great cultural metroplolis of hippiedumb called New(really Old)ark Dela-where! ? Yooz space troopers gotz tuh be kiddin bigtime ...that dump died eight solstaces back when the planet shifted toward the nether regions of Lynch-him-burg Virginia and its grand Drag-on Jerry Fall-well. Newark is about as Christian as a zoo of piercings and tattoos can get, and the tunes now are toneless Wonder bread, I mean nonfunkified. Where'd the groove go??? I'll tell yuh, it ran away! These bitchiz iz uugly man, and I mean stupid too. Newark ain't got no granola hippiechicks no more, suckuh! Just diseases ...youch my thing! You know it hasn't been the same since the toilet incident. Friggin East End, and I ain't jokin when I'm smokin. Go back tuh skool allyuhz! I'm out >>>

Posted by Jeremy on 2005-02-01 18:42:17
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I'm from Wilm,Delaware but now I live out in San Diego, CA. I frequented the EE quite a few times and it was a buzzkill. That place is filled with superficial hippies...stoners...and these loser 16-19 year old delaware "punk rockers" as well as some emo kids who I question are bisexual. You walk in there....its as if the whole bar is staring at you. If your not wearing a hoody, emo sweater,or have tats on your arms than your not welcomed. AS for the music there...every stupid 18 year old kid probably bugs management to set up there band to play there on a friday night...and these bands that come in and outta that place are flat out awful. It's anything from hardcore to folky crap. The only good thing I have to say about that place is there delicious food and cheap beer...otherwise the atmosphere is a buzzkill...i had to get outta delaware...thank god i'm out west...good riddance.

Posted by on 2005-01-30 05:27:02
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Shut up you stupid kid. Madison was not a ghetto. Not like a real ghetto. It was a place for cheap rent. An ingredient for a ghetto, but certainly no ghetto. i lived there for years. Around late 90's. Shit hole, sure. Not that dangerous.

Posted by on 2005-01-30 05:24:41
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Is the east end still there? I heard it was bought by new people. (The place won't be the same without Rich and Gary). I hear it's not the same. Shelby still works there?

Posted by chris on 2005-01-07 18:47:21
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Hi, The old deer park was probably the best bar I've ever been to. The crowd was more mixed than the EE, but it was as if there was an unspoken 'leave your judgments at the door' rule. The deer park always felt accepting. The East End has the same atmosphere in that you'll always feel welcome there. The food is good and the waitstaff and bartenders are just plain good people. Recently they've been spiffing the place up, I hope they are careful not to ruin it's personality. See you all at the bar, save me some guiness. Shelby = 2nd greatest bartender ever.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-12-18 05:59:05
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I'm only 17 years old and go to Newark High...lived in Newark all my life..All this talk about Madison being hippie territory baffles me because as long as I could remember Madison was and is the ghetto. I wouldn't dare go into that neighbrohood alone or even with a few people. Robberys,rapes and homocides happen often. As for Newark being a "hippie" town...it's not. The rich stuck up Jersey kids with their BMW's take it over for 9 monthes of the year. East End cafe only really has two GOOD bands that play there which is Apex Watson and the Elktones. Newark is horribley non-environmentally aware. Though, we do have the Co-Op which rocks. I'm just really confused about the whole Madison thing...I live across the street from it in Devon and I've always stayed FAR away.

Posted by IRIS on 2004-10-21 21:06:45
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Live your life and don't forget that LOVE IS THE ANSWER(John Lennon) BE friendly and love as mich as you can and you'll see that you'll be loved back. And remember that with WAR nad FIGHT you won't have anything good come out only pain!!! BE YOURSELF,LOVE YOU-PEACE

Posted by iris on 2004-10-21 21:01:42
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That is very nice here in my cuountry,in Romania there are not many hippy people,here is a very bad country-I think that you are very lucky! PEACE LOVE FREEDOM LIGHT

Posted by Rebecca on 2004-09-21 01:56:21
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I lived in Newark for my sophmore year in high school. and i didnt really notice a huge hippie scene, but its not too bad of a place. go to the deer park on main street- its a pretty cool bar. It seemed to me that the area is time consumed and rushed.

Posted by Me on 2004-09-18 06:11:50
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I used to work at the East End. Really, I have never been to a better bar since. There is something about the place. The nachos are infamous. Newark really isn't that bad. The locals are cool. The layout of the town is really perfect if you think about it. You don't really need a car. Hippies? Sure. Plenty. Enough for a school that's mainly business and science. I had a blast in Newark. Madison, when I lived there, was for people on a budget. Wilbur was for kids not on a budget. Sorta.

Posted by becky on 2004-09-09 04:39:36
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i cant believe i came across this webpage..i used to live in newark forever and then decided to make the plunge, get married and have kids and move to the good ol midwest. i'll tell you what...madison is seedy. i dont know if it has changed, but i seriously doubt it. that street was full of shady people. maybe a cool place tucked in here or there, but there was just a paranoid and dark ora about the entire street. wilbur and north street has always been the "sweeter" side. there is where you find the kind people with flowers in a vase on their front porch and a pretty tapestry hanging in the window. where people smile and wave and throw their love your way......isnt that what "hippy" is all about? of course drugs help, but its really all about a certain kind of people. East End is the best place because it has history. It has had many a hippy sit up and the bar and many hearts singing at the microphone. I was there during the "grinch" days, where we used to dance until 1 am...if not beyond that. I used to work there and it truely is a place where you can be u and theres no beefed up, low self esteem "frat boys" to clutter the air. Its a wonderful, open minded place that attracts just those types. I hope that it continues on with every generation. Another good place to hang around is the art department at Univ. of DE. Theres some great people there with some great vision. No offense to the guy that lives on Madison, but it still makes me laugh...you should try to get outta there and move to the other side of Newark. I think you would feel a difference.

Posted by Amanda on 2004-06-19 00:21:55
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Do you guys know of any hangouts down south? Sussex County?

Posted by on 2003-09-01 14:46:34
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I''ve lived in Delaware all my life as well. I've spent lots and lots of time in Newark (live there on and off) and I too will tell you. The East End Cafe is basically like the epicenter of Hippiedom in Newark but there are lots of dumb frat boys, jocks and DARE I say ... YO BOYS. Lots and Lots of YO BOYS. In Conclusion. Newark Delaware has a fair amount of Hippie Types, some of them being crack heads and some of them being more the real deal but just about everywhere that you will find a hippie in Newark you will find 2 retarded (look at my nice shoes) frat boys, 2 Jocks, and 4 YO BOYS so it kind of sucks ass. Oh don't forget half the hippies are crackheads. THE END....Oh best record shop: Berts, of course. There's one off of Concord Pike (not in Newark) too....a better one. Bert hangs out there. He likes wine alot. Go say hi and buy some records. Maybe bring him a bottle of wine to drink. You'll know who he is when you see this hairy 20 year older version of Krist Noveselic come out from behind his little secret entrance, stumbling with a wine glass and bitching about all the slutty mainstream record stores choking the life out of his store.

Posted by Frank on 2003-08-18 16:10:14
My Score:
If your gonna devote a website to this kind of stuff atleast get your facts right. There are not a lot of "hippies" in Newark its dominated by a buch of New York and Jersey kids who suck at life and invade newark like a disease to culture. Most kids who are "hippies" live on Prospect, Wilbur and North Street. The most thing you'll find on Madison is Section 8 housing. The drug scene is not bad either, hard drugs are always dirty! -July 2003

Posted by jen on 2003-07-28 22:55:31
My Score:
Ummm yeah before all the hippies lived on madison, now it is only crack heads, section 8 and dumb people who pay 3 times as much to live next to it. But hey if that is your bag man, then go for it. I chill at East End Cafe, only because I know everyone who works there and it is actually a chill place unlike some of the wannabe hippie joints that have recently cropped up. Plus they have the most amazing food. Trust me I haven't yet tried everything on the menu, but every single thing I have tried is orgasmic. It's right next to the Newark Co-op as well, which is cool if you are into the natural food, co-op type program. You can even work for food there. Those people are very kind. There are many "hippie like" people in Newark that we refer to as locals. They are pretty much fucked in the head from doing too much acid or meth or heroin. They will rob you blind and you will think that they are your best friend. I'd be cautious of these types. They are usually found on North Campus though. The frat boy thing, I haven't had any problems with them or even the sororities. There are quite a few wealthy people here, mostly from New Jersey, but if you are tolerant then they are no biggie. At the most they are annoying, but who isn't sometimes. Anyway, I've been going to main street for quite a while and it is pretty much the most chill spot in delaware unless you count Rehoboth, but there are quite a few homosexuals there and I realize that many people are still homophobic these days. But they have great music down there at the beach. Just don't go to Dewy, its an overpriced tourist crap trap with a bunch of stuck up tourists who cut in line and hate hippies. Trust me on this one. I've lived in DE forever.

Posted by Melisa on 2002-06-04 22:25:26
My Score:
Madison Ave.?!?You gotta be jokin'.There isn't too much in Newark,that i know of,that caters the hippy.Yeah,the East End. There is a new place near the East End called Solstice.It's pretty chillin.No alcohol served though.All herbal drinks and teas.Poetry readings and acoustic jams.It's also a cigarette smoke free environment.There is also Jammin' Java.Coffee(obviously),tea,baked goods.Sometimes they also have poetry readings and acoustic jams.Homegrown Cafe is a fairly new establishment.Vegetarian dishes,herbal drinks and non-vegetarian food.No entertainment though.Let's see...as far as shopping...Homegrown,Outer Limits,Frolick and GrassRoots.Now, everything i've mentioned is located on Main Street in Newark.Home of the University of Delaware.So that is the extent of the hippy scene in Newark,Delaware.I wish there was more to it.If anyone knows more,please post it.Maybe someone can clue me in on the whole tri-state area(Pennsylvania,Maryland,even New Jersey).PEACE,LOVE & HAPPINESS:)

Posted by Mike on 2002-02-26 01:02:50
My Score:
There is a great hippie-friendly bar called the East End Cafe here in Newark where you can meet all kinds of interesting people, drink some fine beer, and listen to great live music.

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