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St. Augustine, Florida

It is a HUGE hippy hangout town. Rain or shine, you can always go down to St. George Street and find street musicians, vendors, and tons of cool kids just hanging. There are drum circles at the fort every week. Also, tons of hippy stores, like Gyspy's Moonrose (they have the best jewlery!) and Dreamstreet, a book store that has couches and stuff to chill on. And everybody there is friendly, you can just go up and talk to random people... some of them turn out to be really interesting.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by beigekhakis on 2006-05-14 07:19:58
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let me know, good hippy places to live, thanks plslvmn@yahoo.com

Posted by Airyn on 2005-07-10 23:34:19
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This town is changing. Its becoming more and more like the rest of Florida. More and more people are discovering its charm and are ruining the old town. Becoming more yuppie and trendy. Beach area is becoming too pricey. Its still a nice place, but that hippy haven label is probably dying down here.

Posted by Daisy Ramirez on 2002-12-09 23:08:00
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Still have a drum circle every thursday night at the fort on san marco avenue. Beautiful beaches, goregous weather. Lots of heads hidden all over st. aug. reggae sunday is allways phat on the beach durring the summer. rainbow gathering regional is only a one and a half hour drive from st. augustine and takes place in febuary. overall st. aug is a beautiful place to relax and livley up yourself. if any of you kids/amily ever need a place to kick it while in st. augustine, give me a heads up. no need to sleep in the cold and hungry. hugs and nugs -daisy zionschild@meowmail.com

Posted by lori wood on 2002-07-27 13:13:12
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it sounds great how do i reach a commune in that area will someone wriye me at blushlushlife@aol.com ,thanks

Posted by KarmaMama on 2002-05-31 18:44:29
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Hi, if anyone happens to know anyone who was part of any communes in the seventies that goes by the name of Jacqueline Hiebert-Beuregarde-Christensen (perhaps also add Allan) please let me know My friend David is looking for her. She married him in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada and he wishes to annul the marriage so he can marry someone else legally. Thanks

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