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Broad Ripple, Indiana

A suburb of Indianapolis. I almost didn't mention this one, except you've listed Bloomington and that is a MAJOR college-party city, and Broad Ripple is the same way with all of the bars. I can tell you, though, that there are a plethora of vintage stores all in a row and there is also a Magic Bus and a Grateful Threads. There are a lot of ethnic restaurants to fit all budgets, a lot of local bands come play, there is an annual art festival in the warmer months and there is a nice little picnic park an a hill on the river.

The Monon trail- popular walking/riding trail that goes through much of central Indiana, goes right by the Ben and Jerry's, and there is a nice health food store with lots of organic fruits to eat while you're out and about. This place is used to meeting and seeing "hippies" and they are very welcome, along with anyone else who comes along. An ideal place for a sunny day.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Deez on 2007-03-06 22:11:03
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Another hippie-friendly head shop in Broad Ripple : Back on the Bus @ 6358 Guilford Avenue It's located between Good-Earth and Three-Sisters restaurant, downstairs from Grateful Threads clothing. That makes it a good two-fer to visit!

Posted by Aggy on 2007-01-11 05:06:16
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My name is Aggy. Does anybody remember Zaps Joint in Broad Ripple? It was in the early 70's. I used to own the place. I moved to LA and worked in the TV and Movies for a few years. If you remember you can e-mail me at elvis-aggy@hotmail.com

Posted by Chemically Altered on 2006-12-13 07:27:39
My Score:
How could you almost skip this town? Aside from Haight Ashbury, Broadripple is the hippiest town i've ever seen man! From the public grafitti walls to the numerous head shops, and yes the vintage shops etc.. All i'm sayin is this place should not be changed nor forgotten.

Posted by Gregonzo on 2006-07-09 07:00:19
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eat pizza at Luca Puke at CT Peppers mmmmm pizza

Posted by WiSeViBeS:) on 2006-01-28 05:26:20
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I am currently living in Richmond Indiana. I'm trying to pack up and move to Broad Ripple to finish massage school ... does anyone know of a way to find small apartments for rent at a good price (online, phone number or place to call... ?? Peace, Love and all that good stuff !!!:)

Posted by WizrdKing on 2006-01-06 22:13:21
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I'm a young guy (only 21) and I love BR. It's amazing the contrast between the two halves, once you cross that bridge it's a totally different town. I had a great time at the BR Vintage (I had an excellent conversation w/Stephanie Cater on the elequence of Jim Morrison), Back on the Buss is one of my new favorite headshops, and the bars were small, but not so much so that you were ass to elbow. I love this town and I'm sure I'll be bringing a few friends next time we're on the road going to a music festival.

Posted by on 2005-12-21 10:41:13
My Score:
For several years, I lived in Ripple, and loved it...the Stone Mug Tavern, the vintage clothing stores, the rest of the bars, and clubs...as an older, leftover, and now executive hippy, the BR community is ideal, regardless of your age. You can find a $300 dollar a month apartment, or live on the top floor of a highrise for only $800 per month. You can fit right in at the American Legion (the best food, lowest drink prices & cutest bartenders on earth!) Or, you can hit the clubs, and realize just how old you are, while still having a great time. The steak special at the Corner Wine Bar is the best deal in food in the city... Don't miss T at Day Dreams...it's a little off the beaten track, but if you miss her, and the many businesses in the upper village, you're going to loose the whole thing thats cool about the Rip! Enjoy, BR, if you love music, or play well, see Chris at FX, check out Tubby...(well, he ain't in the rip anymore), hate the local Kroger, boycott the starbucks, hit the Monon, say hi to everyone you pass, and be glad you have visited...by the way, there is one or two places to get a hell of a hairdo...LOL!!!! Wishing all my friends in the rip the best! dt

Posted by SilverHaze on 2005-10-02 07:03:48
My Score:
Does any1 know if any of the places are selling blunt rollers yet?

Posted by digglesworth on 2005-07-14 21:22:00
My Score:
I am new to the area. Can anyone help me out with a way to full my bowl?

Posted by Ryan on 2005-06-02 05:28:29
My Score:
Man, I was in 20 past 4 and more today. I bought a real nice spoon for $20 bucks. Prices there kick ass and the lady that works there is cool as hell. They have some crazy shit there that I haven't seen anywhere else. Way better than Magic Bus in my opinion. Also, it's easier to get to than Day Dreams. 20 past 4 is down the street from Day Dreams I believe at the inter section of College. I'm not sure the exact address but its in the corner of the strip mall with the pub thingy.

Posted by Brian on 2005-05-21 22:21:45
My Score:
What is the address for 20 Past 4?

Posted by swayne on 2005-04-29 23:30:21
My Score:
check out 20 past 4 and more...in the ripple. they got some salvia for sale.

Posted by horrorchick on 2005-04-14 04:14:40
My Score:
what the address?

Posted by Village Idiot on 2005-03-16 21:53:17
My Score:
Jennifer, Check out Indy CD & Vinyl on Broad Ripple Avenue. Rick Z. is really cool and loves to pimp anything that anti-big bro.

Posted by Village Idiot on 2005-03-16 21:50:50
My Score:
Broad Ripple rocks!!! Besides all the stuff you mentioned, Broad Ripple puts on some amazing events throughout the year. The Broad Ripple Farmers' Market is the BEST MARKET EVER. It sits right along the Monon Trail by the new ArtsPark at the Indianapolis Art Center. Tons of great home-grown and organic food. The local community association also puts on the Taste of Broad Ripple in June and the Broad Ripple Blues Fest in July. There are a couple of gallery tours and other really cool events scattered around too. You have to check Broad Ripple out!!!

Posted by yayoarmy on 2004-10-22 05:49:05
My Score:
Steve's my boy @ the magic bus...150 ft.from the Broadripple High School. He's all "Hello Friend"...Support this store for all your hippie needs.I've been buying from these mugs since the old store.If there were more people like this in the world...Kick ass glass and always hotties in the place

Posted by Heather on 2004-01-21 20:27:54
My Score:
As an older hippie, I would agree with the reviews here and add that it is a very ecclectic place that is great for all ages. The health food store is one of the best I've seen in the midwest - family owned and operated. Food is great - by far THE best neighborhood in Indianapolis. Check out the ducks beside the canal. Great place to hang out. And, if you are looking for vintage clothing...there are many places.

Posted by Chris on 2003-11-30 19:40:32
My Score:
In Indpls. Broadripple is the place for art, music, people, a lot of bars, diverse places to eat and music from piano, Jazz, punk DJ, and a variety of clubs to crawl from basement to outside patio. I am forty and as soon as I turned 21 I got to know most places. Great Place in the summer as the streets are filled with all types from all ages. What else is there? Nov. 2003 Of course Downtown cannot go without a mention. There is all of that and Historical buildings, Museums. I love Downtown as much, their Just complete different experiences...

Posted by PsilodeliX on 2003-10-09 16:37:06
My Score:
I agree, ive been to broad ripple and GRATEFUL THREADS (bought 2 shirts from them, good store). It is a very welcoming and open minded area. Good Place for hippies.

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