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Needmore, Indiana

"This is a tiny, tiny place way, way out in the boonies, but an ideal location for a commune, wouldn't you say? Yes, Lothlorien is the name of the place and is just south of Bloomington a ways. Lothlorien is the beautiful location of many festivals throughout the year, and they have an open season during which space can be reserved for celebrations. Lovely, lovely place. Their website is: http://www.kiva.net/~elf "

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Juicy Fruit Jim on 2006-12-05 19:44:41
My Score:
Gloworm Glassmeyer, good to hear from you. Been in Martin Co for years and would love to meet with you and show you around. I think I remember you from your IU days and just found your phone number. Will call you soon to relive some of those great stories we shared when we were together. yous always, Juicy Fruit

Posted by Rob gloworm Glassmeyer on 2006-12-01 16:00:48
My Score:
Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the "commune" in Marten County around the Crane Naval Base. Thank you for any input. Gloworm

Posted by Todd Musser on 2006-11-14 06:13:45
My Score:
I welcome any correspondence from friends from Needmore, musserrt@yahoo.com

Posted by l.a.stoney on 2006-07-11 05:46:38
My Score:
i just want someplace to be naked in the summer when my ole lady is out of town

Posted by Bosco on 2006-02-23 03:36:47
My Score:
Elaine, email me w i l l i a m b o s c o @ m s n . c o m

Posted by Willie Bosco on 2006-02-23 03:29:19
My Score:
Elaine, Yes, I'm Beth's dad. It would be good to connect with you and share the memories. Needmore was a real life experience for me and my family and friends. Some of the originals are still around. I'm in Ca. now. Apple was there last I heard. Williambosco@msn.com Willie Bosco

Posted by elaine Sayre on 2005-11-27 21:25:57
My Score:
Bosco and Mitch if you're out there how can I reach you. I really want to find out what happened. I was Apple's "step-daughter".Bosco, are you Beth Bosco's dad?I'm interested in finding the kids I knew;Avery, Beth, Todd, Lucas,Chandra, Tui, Ko, Xochi,Leila etc.

Posted by Willough on 2005-11-06 04:24:56
My Score:
I dont know why these people are bring there negative attitudes here. Lothlorien is great. Everone is friendly and smoke lots of pot. Acid, shrooms, kind buds everywhere....get f*cked up, get naked, get magical! The dome is so awesome, real trippy. Dont listen to the negative people.

Posted by Pastmember (now I know wh on 2005-09-30 18:51:03
My Score:
First-off, let me just say JANIE, that if you were ever truly a "friend" that you would know me better than to accuse me of being dishonest. Given the fact that you work so close to me, should I file a restraining order to keep you from coming to my place of business and questioning my integrity? Secondly, photography: What's the difference between Moonzie posting pictures to the internet and me, taking a company camera and training myself on it by playing with it during the dome raising? Coincidentally, the footage was recorded over after I returned the camera to my boss, at my request. During your interrogation in front of my office, I stated NOTHING that wasn't true. My intentions were, in fact, to figure out for myself if I wanted to rejoin the family and NOTHING MORE! Your accusations of my supposed, alleged "spying" does nothing to help me feel welcome as a member of the family. "Everybody Welcome, except pastmember, cause he's a spy for someone 'we' don't like". it's a crock!!!!!!! GUILT BY ASSOCIATION????? I thought elves were ABOVE that kind of thing, but I guess not. You might as well go join the Republican Party while you're at it Janie!

Posted by Janie on 2005-09-27 19:31:06
My Score:
This is in response to pastmember. I am a 12 year member and am not on the council. My role is far more important as a member. When the membership does not speak, it is not heard. Then council makes personal decisions. I have known you for 15 years. My personal agenda is why you, friend of "Elfsucks", came with camera and video to the land, after a couple of years of not being in contact so you could check into re-upping, especially knowing most elves don't care to be photographed. You did not just photograph nature. You work right behind me--much more convenient. Intrusion of the family into your personal life??? Had you been true, it would have been a reunion. Farewell Gondobar.

Posted by Lady Mandrake on 2005-09-20 16:10:04
My Score:
Just when You think you have seen everything, there rising from the deep fertile land and the minds of many, a huge DOME appears just on the edge of Fairie... THe Drums sound wildly tribal, and those that dance revel in the fire light and the moonlight as they mix to form a surreal plane of existence. Wild Magick Gathering has passed us now and the dreamtime looms on the horizon, WHat will the time of quiet bring to Lothlorien when the ground once again becomes fruitful in the Spring and Blossoms.

Posted by John Six - Asheville, NC on 2005-09-10 05:33:03
My Score:
I lived in Needmore (Brown County) in the 80's. I remember it mostly for the bullets flying overhead. It really made me nervous at times. Not the sound of the gunshots themselves but the silent bullets just a yard or two over head. They made an interesting spitting noise as they tore their way through the leaves. The Needmore Community Life Church really went through several awkward phases. I stayed in whats know as Hell's Half Acre a quaint cabin on the edge of a senic pond. Directly opposite The Pole Barn so we wern't far from water, that helped alot. Brotherly love was I don't think the best description for the sentiments of all parties shooters or other. I enjoyed the cabin. There was always plenty of wood and food. The neighbors, what did get along, would often taking turns hosting a music night now and then. There were several musicians in the community and this was our entertainment. Things there seemed to eventualy mellow out and I guess there is a lot of power and water there now. I lived at Lothlorien (Needmore, Lawrence County) in the 90's. I remember it mostly for the drums and beautiful ladies. There are plenty of both to this day. I lived in a variety of makeshift encampents and inevitably a yurt which was the best low power off the grid setup I've tried to date. The community there has undergone a variety of changes as well. Through out them all I've always felt welcomed and never heard gunfire on the santuary. Hunting is permited on most of the neighboring property but not within the sanctuary itself. The sanctuary is, well, just that, a sanctuary. My earlist memories of it were very formitive for me. Around 87 or 88 I met a fellow near Peoples Park, in Bloomington Indiana. He told me about Lothlorien and some spin on the elf dream. He gave me the only promo he had. A map to the land on one side and an old festival flyer the other. I was off as quick as I had it but when I got there I had the place to myself it seemed. There was a tool shed, three out houses, a tepee and a path to the stream. Ah! the stream. Now I'm afraid of how cold it is, but then I was a kid and I loved it. Soon I was bringing my girlfriend. We loved to go skinny dipping, and thought we were being naughty making love in the woods. Then one weekend there was suddenly a small crowd of people pouring in from all over. I was certainly surprised how many people seemed to know about my swimming hole overnight. I got my first taste of earth mother energy at that festival. They were super hippie earth moms, with one arm around a baby and their opposite wrist held high, fingers down, waving off in some direction they wanted men to work. And in whatever direction that was, men went working together, grinning about it. Each way I turned there was always some smiling face to greet me and I slowly discovered my own peace, my own smile and It soon felt like home instead if a swimming hole. "The Kitchen" which was kind of a pole-barn-style tarp affair right where Radiance Hall is now. It was, I should tell you, one of those things waived at. Thunder Circle was not really like it is now either. It was a slick slope in the traditional rain of festival season. We stayed up all night but there were few drummers. A couple of dumbeck players struggled loosely with a latin beat for a quasi african/native american dance. No one knew what they were doing but everyone seemed in high spirits. I had stayed up more than 48 hours I remember and like Rumpelstiltskin everyone was gone when I awoke. My first festival made me dozens of contacts and left me with a very healing and needed sense of community. Check it out some time. I'm sure if you enjoy being outdoors with friendly people you'll like it.

Posted by pastmember on 2005-09-07 20:53:15
My Score:
I decided to re-visit Lothlorien recently with an intent of deciding if I was going to renew my membership. I had let my membership expire for several reasons, but mainly due to the personal politics of those high and mighty ones in "control" of the organization and the land (wasn't it supposed to be the membership in control?). Apparently, I was not very welcome on the land (as opposed to the apparent "everyone's welcome" statement i read previously) and 2 days after my return to Indianapolis, was even approached by a member, who if I am not mistaken is either on the council, or thinks they are on the council. This member approached me at my place of employment in Indianapolis questioning the "intentions" of my recent visit to the land. I was even accused of being a "spy" for other past members of the Elf Lore Family. This kind of intrusion by a representative of the family is totally unwelcome and unwarranted! So basically, my decision as to whether to renew my membership has certainly taken a turn for the worse. I would like to say that I was impressed with the coordination and organization that has finally hapened concerning the dome, and i'm happy for you all, but the intrusion of the family on my personal life has ruined my experence.

Posted by wever on 2005-09-01 06:16:02
My Score:
niehbor to these people, very nice friendly

Posted by Glorfindel (a.k.a. Stew) on 2005-08-30 21:43:31
My Score:
I'm a member of Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary and I am one of her caretakers. I love Lothlorien and her members. This Needmore (one of several in Indiana) is in Lawrence County. We have a different web site now which is http://www.elflore.org and it's a good virtual space to visit to find out more about us and where we are. Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary is a cooperatively owned and operated haven where participation is welcomed and encouraged. Check us out and see for yourself. All are welcome.

Posted by Baccha on 2005-08-30 11:29:33
My Score:
Fuck all of your negative comments. Lothlorien is pure magick & nothing more. Baccha,

Posted by blondemoment on 2005-08-30 04:37:08
My Score:
Had to respond to the recent post by "ElfSucks". I don't know what you are referring to, but it certainly is NOT the Lothlorien in Needmore, Indiana I've seen and know. Lothlorien is a beautiful 109 acres of mature trees and boasts a campground, two privies, one brand new, clean and well equipped. There is a community hall and hot showers - even a sauna that works. And this is desdribed as "primitive" camping by some. I'll take this kind of primitive any day of the year. For those who may remember, the Dome is rising again - the result of many hours of work and cooperation among members - long term and new. Not only is it alive and well, it is blossoming. Stepping on the land is like stepping into another world where time stands still and I can move with the rythm of nature. There is a live and let live attitude and all are welcome. The two main festivals have been well attended the last year or so with music, drumming, and of course dancing around the fire in Thunder. I have met and continue to meet beautiful people and look forward to many more years of improvement and growth. And no, this is not a paid political announcement! Its from the heart. Pure and simple.

Posted by ELF Sucks on 2005-08-09 07:03:37
My Score:
Lothlorien is anything but a soothing place. There used to be cool parties 10 years ago, but Lothlorien now is nothing compared to what it used to be. They are trying to make it a religious cult now. As for faciliies, all you get is an outhouse. Briar lives there, so of course she's gonna say good things about the place, but unless interpersonal politicking is your idea of a good time, you can find better "havens."

Posted by Bing Martin on 2005-07-31 02:28:30
My Score:
There are actually two beautiful places called Needmore in south central Indiana. One is about 15 miles south of Bloomington, and is the location of Lothlorian. I think these folks are into elflore and paganism, and have several cool festivals every year during solstices/equinoxes etc. I know some of them, but have yet to visit this place. I grew up in the Needmore abot 15 miles north east of Bloomington which is home to Otterfest and the Hootenany. I miss Indiana, and I'm trying to find a place like Needmore near where I now live in the northern tip of Virginia.

Posted by Ken on 2005-07-13 22:07:41
My Score:
I was living then in Columbus Ohio but was in a band that played at the Brown County Inn for a few weeks in the early 1970's. I met some delightful people who lived at Needmore and I came back to visit whenever I could. I remember Dick, Helen, Loyce and Jacques, but I don't recall last names. I have some very nice memories of the place.

Posted by Bosco on 2005-06-18 03:17:43
My Score:
I was one of the founders of Needmore when it was back to the land and organic gardening. Had kids there, went down there, it blew up on me and my friends died or moved on. TJ was a curse along with his bros. I know where there are pictures that tell the story. Ah, yes, the good old days before it all corrupted with crazies and outlaws moving in.

Posted by Kenneth Mitchell (Mitch) on 2005-06-06 11:34:14
My Score:
I lived in Needmore Commune in 1971-72. I lived in Erika'a little trailer in the woods below Apple's chicken farm. Jan and Greg Moore lived across Plum Creek road the big house ??Chitwood's??. I painted the hand picking the apple on the window of the trailer. Jesus and Mary lived on down Plum Creek Road. Lee and Loyce Whilhelm had a house on down. Ted Johnson's junk yard was down below in the woods, Ted and Paul would shoot at each other (brotherly love). I had a 1952 Willy's wagon in that junk yard as well as my 1967 Datsun 1600 roadster. In the trunk of the roadster was a small cannon 36" long about 75 lb, that I forgot when I moved on. Ahyone know what happened to it all. Is Lothlorien Needmore Commune?

Posted by Briar on 2005-05-12 17:58:23
My Score:
I'm part of the group that cares for Lothlorien. I just stumbled upon this mention of us (Thanks for the nice comments) and wanted to update the web address given for us. It's now: www.elflore.org. And to mention that the 22nd annual ELFFest-Fertile Earth Gathering is coming up soon May 24-30. all the admission rates are on the website and we're always open to barters to help make things run smoothly.

Posted by Elaine Sayre on 2005-04-07 04:24:08
My Score:
I grew up in Needmore, Indiana. the commune. I'm looking for anyone who would have been there from 1972-1978.Oh, it was and is a beautiful place.

Posted by lsdaytripper on 2003-01-27 14:43:31
My Score:
I'm from Lafayette, IN. I'll definitely have to check the place out, it sounds wonderful. I hope I can find more info about it.+

Posted by greentree210 on 2002-07-28 22:03:47
My Score:
I've been there, it is a very soothing place. There were'nt any festivals the day i went though. Some friends and i went for a picnic and a smoke as we hiked around . There are several shrines throughout the forest to admire and add to. It is a great place.

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