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Lawrence, Kansas

The place is very chill and down to earth. As much as marijuana seems to be a symbol of hippydom, i would have to say that Lawrence grows some of the finer buds in the states, of course next to Oregon and Boulder.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by WeedSmoknHillBilly on 2007-02-16 06:15:36
My Score:
any buddy got a Zong Bong For sale i lived in this fuked up town for 4 years an robotripping is the best

Posted by Darrowin on 2005-11-30 06:58:08
My Score:
I came to Lawrence from a different part of the state because it is sort of an oasis--so to speak--in the middle of one of the reddest states there is, and I must say that it pretty much is that way. However, during the past five years that I have lived here, I have seen the place becoming less of a hippie haven and more of a hipster haven. You know, the kids who wear various shades of black with farmer hats that say John Deere and whatnot. Most of them are nice people, but they're incredibly clique-ish. Yeah, the town was once an overt hippie haven, but those people all grew up and either moved away or started various businesses or were elected to the city government. Hey, at least we can claim our own strain of pot--Trinity. All I have to say if you're coming to Lawrence looking for the hippie scene is that you're going to have to look pretty hard for it. It's there, but it takes some searching. And if you plan to stay for a while, then I definitely urge you to go explore Kansas a little. Take your enjoyment-enhancing gear and go for a drive through the Flint Hills or a little further west to the Smoky Hills. Most of you driving through on I-70 with a lackluster opinion of the state are really missing out. Actually, that highway is unfortunately one of the most boring roads in the state. Hey, and in 2000, the DEA busted one of the country's largest LSD labs that was operating out of an abandoned intercontinental ballistic missile silo in the Flint Hills. That was followed by what was probably the most drastic cultural shift that I've yet witnessed in Lawrence. Anyway, check out the Wakarusa Festival in June.

Posted by newbie on 2005-11-28 09:53:59
My Score:
Hello peeps! Can someone tell me how to get in the game? I have lots of Bros Grimm product, and I want to unload it. Anyone interested please drop me a line and we will talk. Thanks Newbie

Posted by the dude abides on 2005-09-20 15:50:37
My Score:
I LOVE the love garden. and jack the cat.

Posted by Jessika on 2005-09-09 23:12:05
My Score:
I am a local Lawrencian, born and raised. If you want to find good buds (I mean that in two ways), then you need to talk to people. Now that you can't smoke anywhere everyone stays at home...so they can smoke. People are pretty nice here, if you ask, you'll find what you're looking for.

Posted by goinghome on 2005-08-14 07:03:20
My Score:
what else is good about lawrence? besides the "kb"?

Posted by Mike on 2005-05-06 02:52:25
My Score:
Lawrence is a great place to hang out...local hippies can be found at the Bottleneck, Rudys Pizza, the Gaslight Tavern, third planet, creation station, or love garden...where theres a hippie, theres kb. But Lawrence is a great place to live, not just because of the marijuana...and if you do live in Lawrence and have some, contact me...IM IN NEED.

Posted by kylw on 2005-03-07 00:45:52
My Score:
i live 45min. from lawrence, i'll be going to KU when i get outta high school problably.

Posted by jessie on 2005-02-26 17:45:41
My Score:
well im movin to lawrence next year for college, glad to hear theres some people of my own kind

Posted by anonomous on 2005-01-31 21:15:03
My Score:
im just a college kid new to lawrence where can i find some quality bud?

Posted by mystic_1117 on 2005-01-21 08:57:55
My Score:
I am have moved to Lawrence recently and have not found the hippies or the kb. Where do they hang out and how do i meet them? I have come from colorado, I miss it lots. All the bars I have been to are yuppies and YOUNGINS.

Posted by Larryville on 2004-11-03 14:39:30
My Score:
Lawrence has many chill places, Free State Brewery 7th & Mass, Yellow Sub (Planet Sub elsewhere) 23rd & Iowa, 12 & Oread, Love Garden Records n' stuff, between 9th & 10th on mass Also Liberty Hall's old oprea theatre is worth checking out for a show or movie 7th & mass Plus glass shops that blow their shit right behind the counter and of course many shades of green goodness

Posted by goon on 2002-05-24 12:33:55
My Score:
the only thing in Lawrence is bud! we need OPIUM here bad ! PLEASE BRING OPIUM TO LAWRENCE !

Posted by oaffie on 2002-02-10 22:21:51
My Score:
there is more to lawrence than bud!

Posted by anonymous on 2002-02-10 22:20:45
My Score:
There is more to lawrence than marijuana, afraid to say. There are some happenin places like the Jazz House, Grenada, and the Bottleneck. Some kick ass concerts and shows!

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