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Louisville, Kentucky

"Bardstown Road is a large street where you can not only find hippies, but every kind of person there is. The best parts of Bardstown Road stretch for about 3 miles. It's lined with eclectic shops, head and hemp and beads and vintage clothing...as well as vegetarian cuisine. It's a great place to just take a walk. It really does look like it's straight out of 1968. There are great coffee shops with outdoor cafes, "gently used" book stores, instrument and record shops, head shops, vintage clothing stores, specialty stores and everything in between. It's absolutely the best place in Louisville to visit!!!"

"There is a happy thriving hippie community here. Cherokee Park is home to many drummers and smokers. This city also has a solid gay community, and a well-known affinity for birthing original bands--there are very many opportunities for budding musicians to meet like-minded folks...Also many poets and artists claim Louisville for their home. It is groovy."

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Let the lovin take ahold on 2006-10-18 06:52:08
My Score:
I live in Springfield Ky, little under an hour south of Louisville. Ive been to the Highlands a few times and I like the scenery (and who can beat a burrito as big as your head) but haven't ran into any good company. Most of my friends here like to party and thats all good and fun, but the lack of good conversation bores me. I am in need of a gathering place, personal festival if you will, or just a place to mellow out with some cool people and some groovy tunes. The vibes here are harsh, if anyone feels the same way hit me up at ibjammin247@yahoo.com PeAcE

Posted by Ryan on 2006-02-28 17:37:07
My Score:
I just moved to the Louisville area (Bardstown) from the unsettling morose of Johnstown, PA. Since I'm new in town, I'm looking for a good time and for some cool people to hang with, go to shows, drink some brews, and overall point me in the right direction for a social scene. Any help would be appreciated. I like to sit around, listen to music (over 700 cd's and shoot the shit). Please e-mail me with help mmjz4@hotmail.com

Posted by Fast Eddie on 2005-01-23 01:26:02
My Score:
I grew up on Bardstown Rd in Louisville. As a preteen life consisted of breaking bottles at the Beer Garden at Brighton Drive and Bardstown Rd (now Buckhead Mountain Grill). We went swimming at Lighthouse Lake on Gardiner Lane. (now a townhouse community), and taking our girlfriends to movies at the Bard and Uptown Theatres. (Both closed, now) By 14 we were going to the coffee houses to listen to beatnik poetry and drink near beer in coffee cups. NOt really a thrill I'd like to repeat. Then we discovered alcohol and the fact that one could get a cold bottle of Oertel's Real Draft Beer at Jack Fry's cause Jack didn't really card close, and I don't think Iris could read. It was fun and we acted like gentlemen in there because if we messed up, Jack would call his brother, Priest who was a city cop. Then we turned 21 and had miraculously avoided the draft for 'Nam and were able to pursue the draft beer at the Round Table Theatre, and The Some Place Else Club, above The Office Lounge in Mid-City Mall. Each time some craze got going really good it would get too popular and the swells; i.e. Yuppies; would over run the venues and soon it would die out and some other craze would take its' p;ace. Like drugs. Do, don't worry, no matter who ruins it for you, they will move on and something else will be the talk of Bardstown Road. Once it was my friend Alan Rhody; tomorrow you pick it!

Posted by Jenn on 2004-10-04 19:46:18
My Score:
I just thought I'd throw this out there...if anyone is interested in photography, I think it would be awesome if a group of us got together once a month at Heine Bros or something...showed off our projects, discussed editing and shooting techniques, and maybe helped each other get our art out there. Maybe have a photo taking expedition around the Waterfront or Bardstown Rd. every few months - I don't know. I think local art is important, and Louisville has alot to offer. if you're interested, please e-mail me at shutterbuggin@hotmail.com Peace and love

Posted by })i({ JeNNiFeR })i({ on 2004-09-28 00:30:12
My Score:
Helllllloooo all of you beauties....i just got home yesterday from terrapin hill harvest festival and bardstown road just isn't looking so good...sure it is nice, there is definitely a wide variety of people, and a few good shops and furthermore it is home but where is all of the love....where are all of you kids that i meet at shows???? are you hiding in my own hometown from me??? we all need to find a way to get together or just to get out....i haven't even been home twenty-four hours and i'm online seeing if there is anywhere to go..............i love you all and i hope i find you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by HomeSewn on 2004-09-24 00:10:25
My Score:
I am from Louisville (actually right outside) - now live in Dayton. I think Louisville is loaded with really great pubs, live independent music, and friendly hippies. Bardstown Road is where I go when I come back home. Of course it's changed - not as secure for "us" as it used to be but gathering with good friends, good brew, and good music is what it's all about.And check out Natural Mystic - Miah's glass is top notch - and you can purchase some of my "Homesewn" merchandise there - pouches, bags, clothing. Look for me at festivals as well!! Thanx!! Peace!

Posted by DreadTed on 2004-09-21 17:26:53
My Score:
Let’s have a Hippie up rise. Lets get together at least once a month, hang out, Jam, talk about what we can do to better the community, the world, just have fun. I too have trouble finding a place were I can communicate with people who share my same interest. So I will organize a meeting as long as I have support. I will organize a place and date. I can try to reach out to local business for support, and local Media. If you would like to help please email me DreadTed@hotmail.com

Posted by Emilie on 2004-09-16 06:06:07
My Score:
Louisville is a great place to be, but as time marches on, it is slowly stamping out the fire of the once strong hippie community. Sadly more and more yuppy corporations and buisnesses looking for a buck are buying out our beloved little shops and turning them into godawful commercialized garbage that graffitti's the rest of our once great nation.

Posted by on 2004-09-02 00:32:41
My Score:
bardstown road has hippies, but west-coast type hippies. the highlands has been fully yuppitized and has opened just as many upper-class restaurants in the past years as it has shut down youth oriented hangouts. the music scene is diverse (leaning more to hardcore/punk). However there are plenty of hippy reservoirs (mainly heine bros. the local coffeeshops). it's a nice place to live. the youth here are amazing. there are many health food stores, two locally owned stores are on bardstown road. the guy talking about bardstown road being all alcohol must only go the side north of grinstead drive, it really isnt that bad. there is plenty to do and cherokee park is amazing.

Posted by bob on 2004-08-11 07:59:21
My Score:
I'm down here in Somerset, Ky. Is there anywhere to go around here? Anyone wanna start a commune here? Let me know. Bob

Posted by Starkiller on 2004-06-28 08:43:48
My Score:
This is how it is, everybody around here may look like a hippie but that don't mean shit. Bring alot of condoms. Alot of hippies around here have AIDS or Herpes. I grew up here and have watched many of my friends die from aids. Don't bring your girfriend, women here generaly become strippers or prostitutes or both. Bring a whole lot of money, one night out on the town will cost between $100 to $200. Food does'nt cost too much but good luck finding any place that sells groceries, this place is mostly bars. If you don't like alchohol don't even think about it, there are no places for hippies to hang out exept for bars. The scene here is all alcholics and heroin addicts. So have fun.

Posted by Riff on 2004-06-23 21:17:36
My Score:
I live in the Louisville area and I have trouble finding any hippie related events around here. Someone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!

Posted by lauren on 2004-06-21 00:53:11
My Score:
ok heres the deal...Louisville is actually a really good place to live. I live about five minutes from Bardstown Road. Its not that there are more hippies in other cities its just that we(myself included) as hippies havent gotten together yet. There are so many people in this city, exspecially young ones, that clam the title of :hippie: but havent found anywhere where they can express their ideas or act like true hippies. Some one needs to change this. If you have any idea or know of any local gatherings let me know. kraziekisser05@netscape.net

Posted by mihandle on 2004-05-10 16:17:28
My Score:
I live in Morganfield, KY. ANd I am a student at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps. I hate that there are so many people here but a very little hippy or gay community. I need to meet some kewl people from around here before I go Nuckin Futs. If you think you can helo email me at mihandle@yahoo.com with the subject HIPPY HELP.

Posted by KentuckyMajic on 2004-02-07 00:14:59
My Score:
Gosh, this area of town used to be a great place. I moved into a small efficency in the highlands when I was 21. Twice Told used to be great, and it was so 420 friendly. But not so much now. Harry's house of Brews recently closed (Big bummer), and more yuppy gotta tuck your shirt in places are moving in. This place used to be great, it's OK nowadays. Cumberland Brew is a cool little bar.

Posted by Dan on 2003-03-25 07:50:44
My Score:
Man, I have to say that Louisville is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. I went down there for Krazyfest (an alt-rock festival) for a week last year, and I was pleasently suprised by the town and the wide variety of people in it. The highlight of my trip (aside from the concert of course) was a little head shop on Baxter that was run by two old hippies. We talked about music and the festival for awhile and I ended up getting a discount from them on some really hip hemp wear. I can't wait to go back this year.

Posted by on 2002-12-10 21:23:39
My Score:
If you want to meet hippies in Louisville, go to Harry's House of Brews on Baxter Avenue.

Posted by Layla on 2002-04-20 03:51:21
My Score:
I think Bardstown Road is wonderful, well atleast the section of headshops, music shops, and yummy food to munch on. I have seen numerous free spirits wandering this road. When I go there I just feel happy inside and get good vibes. If anyone ever goes, you have to go to Kente's African shop, it has some really hip stuff. Well, right on. Later taters. :)

Posted by GypsyFaery on 2002-03-21 17:42:59
My Score:
Bardstown Road is a fun place to go to on a Friday or Saturday night. The people are interesting, the stores are lovely, and you can even get vegetarian food at some places. Yet there aren't many hippies there. One might meet a few occasionally, but those are usually the owners of stores. I, personally, have not met any while walking down the road. Most of the people hanging out there are teen-aged "punks" with a desire to be loud and obnoxious. But like I said before, they are interesting in a sense :P

Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-31 01:46:02
My Score:
I live near here and I know how many hippies? ZIPPO! There may haev been many, but I have not met any! There are soem great shops! Also there is a wide variety of people! It's just not as great as a thousand hippies. And the streets are only lined with great unique people on weekend nights mostly. However there are exceptions. So happy hippying to ya and PEACE!

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