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Ocean City, Maryland

You don't need a car. You can ride the bus all day, on & off, for a dollar, and during the summer it runs all nite long. Everything you need is in walkin distance. There is a great boardwalk where you can buy all sorts of things, play games, ride rides, get piercings, hair wraps, & henna tattos. It is very diverse, all sorts of stores, and they have good sales. Lots of hemp & beach bum clothing. It's easy to find a job. You legally have to get a permit now, but there are people playing their guitars at nite along the boardwalk. The cops go in spurts about how they treat people. I've never had a problem, & I've only seen them warn others about the permit. It is definitly somewhere to check out. There is only one campground, but I think that's where I'll be this summer.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by mother_n8r on 2006-07-01 06:13:56
My Score:
hey... I'm going to OC soon (like in a week or so) someone should come and chill with me and my friends. That way... it won't be totally lame. =) Peace

Posted by easywind on 2006-01-12 01:05:31
My Score:
Ocean City is a terrible place for hippies- it is a siren, so to speak.. When Ratdog played there in Auguest the cops arrested people on the lot for having beers in dixie cups -- something like 100 kids got arrested at that show for beer, or smoking a joint or having long hair for that matter. That town scares the hell out of me.

Posted by oneofthosedrunkenfratguys on 2005-11-18 03:25:37
My Score:
anyone who thinks that ocean city sux is a old fart who doesnt know how to have fun or a tight ass mommas boy who thinks there above the "childish behavior" that occurs. I went to ocean city for senior week last year and it was the best time of my life. The herb down there was great and the cops knew everyone was drunk or stoned and unless you acted like an idiot you wouldnt get arrested. No its not a hippy haven, but its a place for kids like me to party for days on end and not worry about any reprocutions and let loose.

Posted by k. micheaux on 2005-10-02 06:37:27
My Score:
ocean city sucks big a**. you get drunken frat boys who prey on the drunken college girls. it's really pathetic. avoid it at all costs, unless you're doing an ethinography.

Posted by Ssaspriina on 2005-05-04 04:39:50
My Score:
Ive lived in oc for a year back in 96. I then visited it in 2004 and boy did it change, for the worse! Even in 96 I would chill in Dewey beach because there are less 'tourons'(a cross between a tourist and a moron)

Posted by TheYoungOne on 2005-03-13 23:20:31
My Score:
I live Ocean City. Only been there twice though....but it's a really great place. One con-too much traffic. other than that i bet this is the hippiest place in Maryland.

Posted by Michael Zimmerer on 2005-02-17 22:35:22
My Score:
I went to OC for senior week,... by the end of the week, i was sick of the crowd, the intoxicated atmosphere, the dirt, and the constant paved roads. I can't handle cities, i'm used to a country atmosphere. I do go to OC over the summer bout once a week though. i leave around 3am and i can catch some sunrise waves anywhere on the beach that i want without lifeguards blowing there wistle.. i just try to get outa there before the hungover slobs wake up. now chincoteague.. i think thats how you spell it. Beutiful!, not to developed or anything, one prob.. them damn mosquitos!

Posted by Alex Gable on 2005-01-28 16:21:42
My Score:
I've been a local of Ocean City, Md. for 7 years now. I am one of the people that you'll see on the boardwalk during the summer. I sit up there for 8 hours at a stretch, and perform 30 minute jam, acoustic reenactments of String Cheese Incident songs. I do a lot of Sublime, and several reggae songs. See, the locals here are pretty righteous, and definitely are good people. It's not so much a hippie culture, but a big surf/alcohol/fishing/ kind of atmosphere. Not many of us dont like to get high, but thats all that is around, is herb. Trying to get ahold of an eighth of some decent shrooms is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So dont get your hopes up of finding hippies, or hippie culture, because it's defintely not around. Although, it's a chill place if you know where to go. West -OC is where it's at.. plenty of good people. But if your looking for a place to enjoy yourself to a jay, take a trip to the National Park at Assateague Island( the most relaxing place around, not to mention the safest for that activity. Do not smoke in Ocean City for any reason...you WILL get caught. There are no head shops, because Mayor Mathias outlawed sale of paraphenalia, spike bracelets, and other rediculous items in order to mainain some sort of purity in this town. I do suggest taking a visit here though. Check out Fishnet Music, 2 dye 4, and the closest thing to a head shop is the middle eastern owned gas stations in Berlin. Ones across the street from Stephan Decatur High School, my ol almamata! But if you consider yourself a nice fellow, then when you come down, look for me on the boardwalk. Ive got curly blonde hair, and Ill probably have a blue sparkle stratacoustic, and at night I will be playing with mandolin, acoustic bass, and Jambe instrumentalists. I hope to see you, because we dont get very many hippies at all, and I would be excited to meet you, especially if youre carrying some fungus w/ you.

Posted by mistermoped on 2005-01-27 01:18:31
My Score:
Never ever go to this dump. It is the training ground of rookie cops from all the major east coast cities. What does that mean? You get a ticket for just about anything imaginable. I got a few for sleeping in a vehicle and one for public urination. The surfing sucks because they only give you two city blocks and the breaks are horrible to begin with. The entire place is full of thugs driving their "pimped" civics and trying to get girls to show their "tits." All in all, not a very fun place to visit at all unless you are into the whole consumerist hip hop thug culture.

Posted by on 2005-01-26 18:03:34
My Score:
I grew up about 30min from Ocean City, and I must say it's absolutely not a hippie haven. The whole place is tourist centered, making it full of neon signs and cheap souvenirs. There's some tye-die, some hemp stuff, but it's mainly a bunch of crap. Good luck finding anything vegetarian, have fun fighting beach traffic, and enjoy the 14-17 yr olds tyring to get drunk and have sex. The place is so over developed that there isn't a single green place to be found with the exception of a city park. The whole place is paved and filled with high rises. Check out Assategue or any of the Delaware beaches for a better time.

Posted by Greg on 2004-12-05 16:32:14
My Score:
Last time I was down in Ocean City, there was a kid on the boardwalk who played nothing but Beatles and John Lennon songs. I sat there for a long time listeneing to him. He was good, too. I suppose O.C. is nice for the beach, the boardwalk, the rides, and the innumerable mini golf courses, but I would in no way, shape, or form call it a "hippie haven." It is, in its own way, a little sleazy, and very materialistic.

Posted by Jess on 2004-10-16 21:02:08
My Score:
Ocean City is cool and all but it is by far not what you want if you're looking for an authentic hippie haven. It's got a boardwalk and beach and a couple actually cool shops, but it's really only tolerable for a weekend if you're looking for a hippie-esc place. It's really just a place for us money challeneged high school kids to drive to for a week, and get horribly drunk without getting in as much trouble as you would at home because there's too many people for the cops to catch everyone. If that's whta you're looking for that's cool. Or if you're a marylander that can't drive to far and still wants to go to the beach. but if you're looking for a real peaceful place with that airy feel, this isn't it, too crowded to obnoxious, just not right.

Posted by Tonya on 2004-06-14 17:06:09
My Score:
Ocean City is a tourist trap. It is not a "hippie heaven". More like a bunch of crap. Overpriced hemp, beads, too much drinking. My OC experience was overall disgusting!

Posted by HippieLngstckng on 2004-06-14 14:38:25
My Score:
A bunch of tie-dye, hemp, and head shops does NOT make a place a hippie haven. They are trying to trick you! This is a pseudo-hippie haven, disguised so that you foolishly become comfortable there, then WHAM! cops swarm all over you like flies on you-know-what. They LOOOOVE hippies around there (mostly for breakfast). Do yourself a favor, go up the road to Rehoboth Beach in Deleware, or even camp on Assateague Island just to the south (they have wild horses! It's really neat!), but DO NOT (that's "DO NOT" in big bold capital letters) waste your money on a hotel room here... Well, unless you like being shaken down just because of how you look, but that's all you, my friends.

Posted by Appalachian Rambler on 2003-12-06 02:17:19
My Score:
Okay, look dude...every time i've been to Ocean City i've been shaken down by the cops for nothing more than appearing to be under the age of thirty. This town uses seasonal police whose only goal is to fill a quota they can put on their resumes for further work. During summer it's extremely hot, the town is filled with horny drunk high school kids (which, i suppose, is great if you're into that), and the police are gunning for their three months of arrests. To be honest, the only part of Maryland that's worth visiting is the mountainous western section, and that's only because Allegany and Garrett Counties (the futhermost western counties) are too poor to be concerned with hippies trying to camp, hike, and get baked. There are a number of state forests out here, and the Allegany Mountain region is a high elevation plateau with its own climate and culture. If you're looking for starry night skies and clean air, we've got plenty of it up here.

Posted by Bo on 2003-05-16 16:35:48
My Score:
I wouldn't consider this place a hippy haven, yeah it has head shops, and sells tye-dye products, I never see any hippies. It is mainly a beach resort area for vactioners. Princes are high for everything.

Posted by Hooka on 2002-11-21 13:55:15
My Score:
Ocean City is a totally cool town, exept for that damn Limmerck, he ges by the name Callahan. You'll have a ood time, jst stay away from Limmerick. SMOKE DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by WillowEarth on 2002-03-18 18:09:31
My Score:
I love it at Ocean City. The only big thing it seems to be lacking is some cleanliness, though its not THAT dirty. Here's what I can think of to add from the other review. The beach is nice to relax on and swimming in the ocean is great too. Great head shops surround the boardwalk on surrounding streets. Plenty of people singing and playing guitar and drums on the board walk. My friends and I love to sit on a near by bench and listen. There's plenty of food, fun, and friendly people to meet. Assateauque Island is pretty close to Ocean City. Its a state park with wild horses, birds, butterflys that will actually land on you, and clean sandy beaches. Maybe 10-15 minutes from the city. It has a campground there too. Gotta love it there!

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