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St. Louis, Missouri

"There is a substantial hippie community that exists on St. Louis' South Side around the area of South Grand Avenue. There is also another older, but growing hippie enclave in a close-in suburb of St. Louis. Known as the University City Loop along 10 blocks of Delmar Boulevard, the area is hopping with hippie-run shops and vendor stands."

Another Opinion: Bullshit.I lived there for 10 yrs on and off and ya I meet some cool people (every place has em) but The Dirty BASTARDS tryed to give me 30 yrs for cultivation. 14 little plants, less than 5 grams. I'm a 3 time loser, but I hadn't been locked up in 17 yrs. I just thought since You people were trying to guide people to where the Kynd Folks are St.Louis and or Missouri ain't it. The Law there are about the Money and Crooked, definitly stay out of Jefferson County south of St.Louis

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by MurderByDreads on 2005-12-30 02:46:43
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Punk/Hippie friendly places to check out in StL: Bolozone, south city house Slaughterhaus, south city house Lemp Arts Center, south city Delmar Loop, watch for cops South Grand - great food, check out the Lemongrass or Pho Grand Ramp Riders, skate park south city Central West End - traditionally an old hippie part of town, really ritzed up in the past couple decades though (nothin's cheap in the CWE) Forest Park ... parks in St. Louis are generally great, and some of them afford really nice spots to smoke .. just keep your eyes open Overall, StL is an alright place to be - just watch out for whitey, and there's lots of pigs

Posted by Coolfriend on 2005-10-15 04:45:20
My Score:
I lived in St. Louis for a few years and really loved it there. It's beautiful and there is a lot to do. Jefferson County is pretty far removed, though. Living in the City or close-in is best. A population of almost 3 million means there's room for everybody. You just have to find your spot. Lots of great people. U-City Loop and Grand-South Grand are cool places, and not the only ones, either. Central West End is really nice, especially during warmer weather, and there are lots of eclectic neighborhoods. City life is definitely coming back. For sure a place to check-out.

Posted by somekindofaddict on 2005-09-11 19:33:27
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I grew up in Jeff. County, or as we called it, Metherson County, and I hated it- I've never met so many facist fucking pigs in my life. I'm so glad to be the hell out of there, and I'm with ya, I would never have let my son grow up in a place like that. I live over in Alton in Illinois now and I'm lovin' the differences, that and the benefits of what nearly seems to be a copless town with the exception of the main roads. Good luck gettin' out of dodge. SomekindofAddict

Posted by Flame and Flicker on 2005-09-04 07:16:21
My Score:
I currently reside in Jefferson County just south of STL. IT FUCKING SUCKS. THis is coming from a single hippy mom that lives in a state where some asshole can knock you up and never have to take responsiblity but the second I decide to smoke a joint after a hard day they want to take my precious child from me. FUCK THAT! My dad just got back from Iraq and before and now he was a Jeffco Deputy. He agrees with me that this is one of the shittiest places in North America. I live in the Meth capital of the WORLD, yes the world. Stats that came out three months ago have it down to Jefferson county as the most labs per milage(meaning for every one mile we have three or four meth labs) I am an all natural hippy and I really don't care what others do with thier bodies in that respect, but I refuse to live scared in an apartment that some asshole above me may blow the whole building up with me in it. One more thing is all the fucking petafiles. Every other man has either molested or raped some child of his family. God what is the world coming to. I am getting the hell out of MO and to the west coast where my son and I have a fighting chance of leading a better life. So in conclusion, any hippies looking to make MO thier home, think hard, then think harder, and keep thinking until you don't want to even drive through. And the band shwag fucking sucks when it comes to fair dealings with independant businesses(drug dealers) pot, meth, cocaine, shrooms, and acid are all fine, but heaven forbid you bring a tank of nitrous. Love'n and warn'n you.

Posted by K to the L ok? on 2005-08-13 22:50:08
My Score:
i agree with the 2nd post i read. growing and smoking in U city and south stl isnt a very wise idea these days. but buying in U city is a good idea. they have some good buds. i could prolly grow mounds of pot if i wanted too. i live in a little suburban area in st charles county, where ive smoked for 7 years and never been caught with anything besides alcohol.

Posted by Chill_vibes on 2005-07-27 19:15:16
My Score:
Hey guys, I grew up in Saint Louis & although I'm not a hippy, I now live in extreme Northern California. I can personally testify that St. Louis in general (although the tides of change have arrived) contains one of the most dreadful & downtrodden attitude or vibe known to man. I'm not trying to add to the negativity, just that St. Louis is best viewed from a window speeding fast and far away from Jesus-land. Please- take it from one who knows: it's not worth the heartache & harrassment from the cops to even co-exist there. It's really horrible.

Posted by cracka on 2005-04-06 07:00:17
My Score:
For the last post about shwagstock. Thats a damn good time, they have a band called the SHWAG, and they cover all grateful dead, not the real thing, but they sound really good, the lead singer does a very good Jerry. Did I use to many commas in this review, I don't think so, oh well fuck it. Peace out, live happy!

Posted by Myrtle on 2005-03-12 00:28:50
My Score:

Posted by A local on 2005-02-27 22:15:33
My Score:
As far as I know, The "Loop" in University City, MO. has had an original, open and eclectic scene for as long as I've known it (26 years). If that translates into what is considered "hippy," than that's what the place is. I feel I'm more than lucky to live near it!

Posted by My home on 2004-10-07 08:19:07
My Score:
Sure alot of the people suck but i love this place. For my friends and my community, the people i having been hanging out with my whole life and even the new ones i have. Damn st.louis is cool. cops suck everywhere. I live right between the loop and south city (grand) so i hang out in both places alot and there is alot more hippy stores than people think you jsut gotta knwo where to look their are two head shops in walking distance of my house and i dont live on delmar or grand. Everyoen knows everyone in st.louis how can you nto love drifting from place to place with the peopel you love smoking pot and listenign to music and schawgstock only a couple hour drive away. Peace St.Louis

Posted by hippiehater on 2004-07-25 17:17:16
My Score:
Hippies need to go somewhere else and fester and stink up the place. It will only be a matter of time before the MO cops get rid of the The Schwag and their hippie haven in the ozarks

Posted by bluegrassholes on 2003-10-21 22:31:18
My Score:
SCHWAGSTOCK! a local grateful dead tribute band puts on mini woodstock type fests about 6 times a year, once a month in the spring/summer/fall months and 1 on halloween (spookstock). attended by 4000 to 6000! these are incredible, and theres so much GREEN there, its out in the woods, (private land), and the people are great. vendors, 2 full days of music, bonfires, drum circles, cant be beat! go to www.theschwag.com for more info

Posted by chronichippiechick on 2003-05-17 23:15:10
My Score:
as someone who lives only hours away from st. louis i must say it sucks here. did you know the gov. gives the police here 1,000$ for every marijane seizure they make? guess how much they reward them for taknig down a potentually explosive meth lab?? not a damn thing.... does that show you how our wonderful state really is? dont move to this state to run from them laws.... one roach as big as my pinkey nail and they wanted to pull my dr.'s liscense and possible county jail time. had to hire a lawyer and ended up getting 20 hours community service, big fine, and that was over 7 years ago. imagine how the laws are, worse now!!!!!!!!!! think long and hard about living anywhere in the united states if you are a peace loving hippy.. you aren't safe anywhere here.

Posted by stldeadhead on 2003-04-14 21:03:39
My Score:
st louis is ok but there is only one hippy shop and its run by this death metal dude who always blasts heavy metal in the store, i live off south grand, and thats ok, but its not that great, a record store, coffee shop, book store, pretty decent , but im movin first chance i get

Posted by Sunshine Clever on 2002-11-23 10:15:07
My Score:
That is so true,i know, because i have lived in jefferson county my entire life. being a free spirit is very difficult here. it is the worst county in missouri. we constantly have meth labs blowing up. this is a hick place! why does all of this happen here!? and the cops are horrible. they will bust you for ANYTHING. it sucks, i cant wait until i'm 18.

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