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Missoula, Montana

"Missoula is a hip place with many hippies. Its population is small so everything is laid back. It's very similar to Eugene Oregon, but without the rain. There are a lot of hippy stores and vegetarian restaurants. The town lies over a pretty river and is next to a large mountain so many people hike, bike, hunt shrooms and river raft. Missoula is also the home of Plunker, one of the founders of the Rainbow Nation."

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by mick on 2006-04-26 16:14:33
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hey man! me and my hippie family want to move to montana how can we do this? where can we stay where can we find help in living and finding a job

Posted by Sam on 2005-07-13 21:13:47
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I'm coming up to Missoula in September on a band promotional tour with one of my band members and we're looking for Open Mics around town that we could play as we travel through. If you know of any bars or coffee shops that have open mics, please email me at samdewitt79@hotmail.com. Peace, Sam DeWitt LazyFace www.lazyfacemusic.com

Posted by ashlandbus on 2004-10-26 17:49:03
My Score:
Missoula is definitely overrated. I live in Montana (Helena), which is no better than Missoula, by way of Ashland, Oregon. I am doing a VISTA one-year commitment, and am counting down the days when I can move back to the real Pac NW (PDX or Seattle). Missoula has just as many rednecks as the rest of this damn conservative state... they just have dreadlocked kids who care nothing about their surroundings. For all the damn non-profit enviro orgs in Missoula, you think they would be able to make some change. This state is so backwards.

Posted by PBOYNY13 on 2004-10-04 19:00:06
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Hey, does anyone know Marie Johnson of Missoula? I met her last summer on Phish tour, and havent been able to locate her. She told me she is from Mt.

Posted by Chris on 2004-09-30 22:27:28
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Missoula is nice in the Summer great mountians liberal people(for Montana). Beer and food is cheap. Great camping around.It gets really cold in the winter!

Posted by Mouse on 2004-05-14 06:13:02
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I have to put it down for butterfly herbs, one of the tightest coffee shops I have been to.

Posted by Silvergryffin on 2004-02-27 12:07:47
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Hey folks! Thanks for the info on Missoula! I would like to chat with someone who lives there! We are searching for land to buy and possibly start a community.. please email me if your a resident or can help with info! Silvergryffin@yahoo.com

Posted by somegirl on 2004-02-21 00:19:36
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wow wildflower thanks for that great review! =)

Posted by wildflower on 2003-11-30 19:24:46
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if you come to missoula, make sure to hit up the best indian restauraunt called TIPU's. also make sure to get asome dank coffee at butterfly herbs and the raven cafe. Also, go buy some bulk groceries at the GOOD FOOD STORE, and say hi to all my friends who work there. If you come in the winter, bring your snowboard/skiis because snowbowl has great powpow dec-march (check the snow report). If you want to check out some beautiful hikes around the area, go to the store called the trailhead and ask the employees who are eager to help. The good bars include Charlie Browns, the top hat (wednesdays), and monday night open mike nite at the ritz. There are lots of cool talks/discussions on campus at the U of M, so if you want to engage in some intellectual activities, check out campus events. Missoula is an awesome town with friendlly people and lots of fun things to do.

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