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Madrid, New Mexico

Madrid is way laid back and nothin but hippies live there its budifull there.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by ZRTrooper420 on 2007-06-20 21:17:58
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Have been in love with Madrid for years but recently have been feeling a little nervous about the direction Madrid could be taking. Anyone with local insight that could comment on Madrids growth and new influx of people would be great. Ever since the soda shop closed Madrid just hasin't been the same.

Posted by Joseph on 2006-11-16 05:15:58
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Anyone out there in Madrid now? Is there anywhere in the surrounding areas one could pitch a tent for free?

Posted by Timothy Hurley on 2006-01-11 22:49:41
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Hello yall, Back in 1971 I had moved in Madrid,New Mexico second house on the left, going south going down hill. My sister her boy friend I move in that house without water and electricity and no window glass. we made a garden and we fixed the house very small home made wood fire place. We pay rent for 10.00 a month rent . That was cheap. Mine Tarven? Very nice, good to place smoking, drinking and wild no trouble HA HA HA ! Back to house. Later we moved next door very last house up hill. That house has electric and water awful tasty water. We rent that house for 25.00 a month. Then we move. Now I miss all my friend who used to live in that town. Maybe some of them still there. Very beatiful friendly people,I,ll never forget them. I,m am thinking my wife and I going to see yall IF SOME OF YOU STILL LIVING TODAY. I did not know know about Madrid is still hippy,s place,I love that place Thanks yall Be peace with love. Tim Hurley PS I had a long hair back old days. Email -hurleyt@bellsouth.net

Posted by Ruth on 2005-12-11 19:43:51
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I bought a parcel of land in Madrid about two years ago and would like to connect with others who have land without water. Heck --would like to know others in Madrid as well. I'm at ruth702@aol.com At the Christmas events on the weekend and I hope to meet some Madrid residents. Glad to find this site and hope it becomes a little more active. ~Ruth

Posted by Nef on 2005-08-04 04:00:59
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My fiance and love of fourteen years are finally tying the knot (yay!) We live in Albuquerque and love it. We frequently travel up to Madrid and the surrounding areas to hike and enjoy the views since it's so gorgeous. Our wedding ceremony will be held in Cerrillos. However, we were wondering if it would be possible and/or a horrible idea if we had a small private gathering in the evening after the ceremony at the Madrid cemetery up on Miller's Gulch Road. If any local residents can let us know if this is a bad idea, if that area is patrolled by the police, if there is someone we can contact to ask for permission etc, we would greatly appreciate it. I can be reached at webmaster@verysari.com Thanks and blessings to everyone!

Posted by Iris on 2005-06-18 22:44:54
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I lived around Madrid for eight years and loved it. I go back every year and spend a day walking around reconnecting with my friends there and they're truly beautiful people. Remember the centennial celebration? With the buttons we made saying "Madrid, NM. It's not LA"? My house off Haozous Road a few miles from Madrid is for rent (if anyone wants to email me about it! terramaid@yahoo.com).

Posted by painterjayne on 2005-05-22 21:23:21
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I'm very interested in the towns south of Sante Fe, especially Madrid, Golden & Los Cerrillos because they're "Hippie" artist towns. I'm older though, & it will be a while for me if I can come at all. I've got a serious form of lupus that acts up periodically--like now--so I'm asking how the medical care is down there? Jaynee

Posted by Linda on 2005-04-09 22:46:59
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Aunty: Gave up e-mail when we got here. TV goes next. The phone is pissing me off lately, too. The locals are wonderful, caring REAL people. Get your little booty up here; I have an old Audi and the road into Santa Fe is a breeze. As for the water, I'd still give up the Florida beaches for hard smelly water any day. Get on the internet and have a local real estate agent find you a rental. If this is the place for you, it'll all happen smoothly... trust your intincts. -Linda

Posted by Linda on 2005-04-09 22:38:13
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Hey Maggie? Still there? I was in Florida; we actually bought a place and thought we were planted - then after the hurricanes, culture shock, daily road rage salutes, and my eventual lapse of reality displayed via thoughts of becoming one of the surgically altered, we took out a map and ended up in Madrid, NM. Best thing we've ever done... but, Maggie, maybe we shouldn't tell anyone else? If I can be of any assistance, let me know! -Linda

Posted by Denise on 2005-04-06 01:19:01
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The summer concerts this year are being hosted by locals so they will be better than ever. Same basic dates as usual (all Sundays from 1-6pm): May 29 (Memorial weekend), June 19 (Father's Day), Aug 14, Sept 4 (Labor Day weekend). Also check out the Gyspy Festival on May 15th and Jazz for Peace on July 10th also at the historic ballpark.

Posted by Emberle Dawne on 2005-04-04 20:44:39
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I am trying to find out on which sundays during the summer the jazz/blues concerts are scheduled for, so that I may plan my summer trip.

Posted by Maggie on 2005-03-09 19:05:57
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Message in a virtual bottle from hurricane ravaged Florida... Since the storms have ruined many of our dwellings and workplaces, I find myself wishing to relocate. Madrid is on my list along w/the many beautiful places in our country. Of course I am one of the few Hippies that has never sold out and paid a few trips to Madrid in 1976 and have not forgotten how cool it is. My line of work is television and have many other talents as well. Thanks, Maggie

Posted by Keith on 2005-03-06 11:02:27
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For aunty, i recently moved away from the area, not madrid but in the hills up above.Rentals are hard to get, very high priced, and folks don't do much advertising. mostly just on the bulletin board on the town's general store. the water is unfilterable sulphur water that smells like old eggs. there's lotsa places out on the land outside of madrid, but you gotta really be there to hunt them out or know someone there. they range from rustic shacks to modest little homes with private, and friendly, wells. good luck and get a four wheel drive vehicle

Posted by aunty on 2005-02-25 08:16:05
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sorry for earlier screw up. have been having trouble getting info re: madrid. am a female, disabled vet lookin to relocate. am trying to find out about any rental properties in the madrid area, while i look for place to buy or build. NOT santa fe. looking for a place that has few people and madrid was recommended to me. source said i would feel at home there. any info would be appreciated. can email me at: auntypsychotic@aol.com. please include subject as i do not normally open email from people i do not know. thank you.

Posted by B on 2004-12-08 19:39:56
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Its true Barb what you stated about the women of Madrid. I am curently in Santa Fe and would like to escape for a bit. Any ideas on housing out there? I need a hippie haven for a bit. Where I feel comfortable, heal, smoke, eat drink and be merry. Any ideas on a housing situation? Even primitive, I can live. I just need some space for me and one other travel mate. Wage peace. IN love and light.................................... ~~ B worldofbluesforever@yahoo.com

Posted by BarbB on 2004-11-13 18:44:40
My Score:
I am one of the orirignal people to move into Madrid 30 years ago. This is for "Dave", the women of Madrid will chew you up and spit you out! That is one town of strong women! You should just enjoy life and not think so much about "free love" and you will find real true love. You are the kind of man that "hippie" women love to toy with.

Posted by atomicapril on 2004-09-07 00:46:28
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I am really looking forward to checking this out, I loved Cheles posting, can someone tell me and mine where we could stay? I am looking for a very lovely place where we could go to make a short visit worth it. I wish I could leave where i am but i cannot and want to go somewhere where the weather suits my clothes. Please any info anyone can provide would be wonderful. april atomicapril@aol.com

Posted by 'Chelle on 2004-08-28 06:45:44
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To Dave, I just moved to Madrid in Jan and love it. I left a very materialistic husband in Dallas to be somewhere that is peaceful. The people in Madrid are great. Its a very special place. You can be from any walk of life and the people there will welcome you and they dont judge. I will never leave the town. I left a $50k a year job, to work at a place making $6.50 an hour and love it. So my advise to you is to come and see, you will love it. Go to the mine shaft tavern, have a beer and a burger. Later, 'Chelle

Posted by Dave on 2004-01-28 21:15:06
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I have been in Santa Fe, Taos, Las Cruces last winter. Didn't work out, I am SICK of "Trustafarians", a local term given to me in Taos by the REAL hippies. Most kids are trust fund bitches you cannot DATE and forget about getting laid! Tell me about Madrid, please? I am really single and seriously seeking another half. Always wanted a non-material hippy girl since I trade stocks and am loaded! I do not want another female in my life staring at my account statements! Most of what I have is for children's charities and I drive an '87 Honda. How does one find the REAL "free love" sweetheart in the 21st century? Thanx!

Posted by Kaitlyn Stephens on 2003-11-11 13:14:13
My Score:
Madrid should be called the hippie capital of the world, ive lived there for 10 years and most the people there would rather toke a bowl than fight or start shit like that, the jazz festivals are awsome and it is definately my favorite place to be.

Posted by Travis Radler on 2003-07-04 13:22:24
My Score:
i love madrid i go there every summer for the crazy jazz concerts every ones getting high and making food on the bbq yone should go to the madrid jazz festivals its a trip

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