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Cooleemee, North Carolina

Cooleemee is a small town but we have a gathering place called the bull hole which is a dam.. people gather and relax and free their mind ....lots of weed smoking here...lots of hippies here that have grown up here and stay all their life...it is a great town come and visit.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Krookster on 2005-10-24 21:54:09
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I was just reading the comment about the deputy ! It almost made me laugh except for the fact that I live around cooleemee and I would hate to think that the deputy was working in my area ! I would almost bet that he is one of those that just cant do anything else except "HIDE" behind the law> "BUT" just remember deputy ! I also carry a weapon and mine has "16" bullets in it ! SO dont get to anxious to pull your unless you are ready to use it !!!!!!

Posted by Rowan Co. girl on 2005-04-28 04:28:50
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Firstly, the Bull Hole is not in Cooleemee, it's across the Yadkin River Bridge in Rowan county. Yes, there have been some rough folks from Cooleemee, and yes, there isn't much there anymore. Good thing - keeps the Yankees away; hard to do that much anymore. As for the deputy, if he is real - Cooleemee's PD is known for harassing certain folks they deem to be a "problem." Having been formerly involved in law enforcement myself, their behavior sometimes borders on harassment. They do a decent job other than that. Since this is a hippie site, I can just tell you that I've lived in this area for a long time, and I definitely would NOT consider it a hippie haven.

Posted by Mizergeezer on 2004-10-30 20:57:48
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seems yall folks got lost while looking for Belmont NC....its about the dopiest town i can think of with in say 150 miles of Charlotte nc

Posted by Moon Beam on 2004-10-09 18:17:08
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Deputy must really be overflowing with hate and anger. You would have to be completely filled with anger to go so far over the top as to search hippie websites in order to find someone to threaten. Its ok Deputy, with all of them bullets, I reckon ya got to find somethin' to shoot.

Posted by Deputy W. Page (AKA. FISH on 2004-08-29 18:51:22
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Colleemee has always had the reputation of producing some of the roughest indivduals in the local area. My father and uncles came from the a community once known as Piney Ridge now Pine Ridge rd. As children they agressivly protected their "turf" from the boys in cooleemee by beating the snot out of the ones that crossed the creek bridge (which is no longer there). I grew up in Cooleemee, my family tree is deeply rooted there. I am a direct and proud product of this environment. Now that I am Deputy of the Davie Co. Sheriff's office, I agressivly guard my "TURF" from any of the Dope Dealing, Drug using Crack heads that choose to cross the yadkin river bridge. Or try to set up shop in my HOME. This includes POT SMOKING HIPPIES. I'll let cooleemee PD hand out the tickets. I'll work on you! I have watched drugs drag my community down further than the mill closing ever did. I aint no mayberry pacifist cop. I keep 14 bullets in my gun and Ill agressivly put my hands on you. Im gonna do my job, and if you give me or the men on my shift (3rd) a reason, we'll arrest you. On top of that you may develope some nasty bumps and bruises on the way. Their is alot of dope here and I may be fighting a loosing battle. So please feel free to come here and smoke it up. Just remember I have no remorse or pitty and if I catch you...Well, I'm gonna do my job...Good luck, POT HEADS

Posted by Grimace on 2003-09-02 17:20:42
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Cooleemee is nothing but a dead mill town, granted the "Bull Hole" which I seem to remember has been semi operational to the public over the years. I'm sure there is plenty of pot smoking there, the cops are so damn busy handing out traffic violations there's no time left for anything else. Cooleemee is like many southern towns, very little in the way of progression, people just don't give a damn about their condition... which reminds me that it's also fairly trashy i.e. litter. Regardless if visiting Cooleemee make the trip even more excitable by watching the film "Gummo" first. Cooleemee is not all that bad, I mean, the hardware store (there is only one) is pretty good.

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