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Ashland, Oregon

20 minutes over the northern Calif. border. Ashland is a college town with lots of shopping, parks, theater, art and of course outdoor activites. Camping, fishing, winter skiing, water skiing. Lots of free places to parking lot camp or in the great outdoors. Tons of Hippies, young and old.

The hill and valley environs of Ashland Oregon speaks to the hippie mind with an eastern slope of lush greens created by flowing water contrast by rolling oak cover hills to the West. Under the cover of a celestial sky. Like a garden in the sun, Ashland has long born the fruit of many artists and seekers. Give time to Ashland and you will experience a living museum of the movement that predates that of the Haight.

Ashland is hands down the most magical, incredible and delicious country in oregon (just my humble opinion of course!). lithia park is a trippers delight, filled with duck ponds, a human sized rat wheels to play on, trees of every family and a gazillion and a half hiking trails for you and your pals to discover! on any given day you will see little billows of smoke arise and big, wandering eyes enthralled in all natures majesty. i cant say enough about this wonderful place filled with beauty, spirit and the best vibe you can possibly imagine! if you do take a road trip on over, you must check out evo's downtown. its hip beyond belief, not that every place in ashland is not, but it is a hippie lovers delight! peace to you all, and i hope your paths will someday lead you to this breath of fresh air!

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Dr Tim on 2007-02-25 17:06:09
My Score:
Coming to Ashland? Bring money, lots and lots and lots of money.... u will need it.

Posted by me on 2006-08-01 04:56:13
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I've been reading the comments about hippies--it all sounds nice and fine, but considering how real estate agents, corporate management and how high rental prices are becoming, including the Ashland market--just hope you guys work to fight the dark forces of corporate assimilation and greed!

Posted by HIPPIES WELCOME on 2006-03-17 07:36:05
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Posted by Renee on 2006-01-09 01:07:09
My Score:
You hippos are the heartbeat of our society and that sound still rings true yesterday as it does today. PS Love your sites skin! Renee legal nurse consulting for mesothelioma & the mesothelioma lawyer Happy New Year to all of you and yours!

Posted by Ken on 2006-01-09 01:04:05
My Score:
Love the tie dye look, this is a kick ass place to be! Keep up the phenominal work. cheers

Posted by Elias DeChristo on 2005-12-30 08:28:14
My Score:
Ashland is also home to Pacific Domes Inc. a family business that has made fabric domes for hippies for 25 years.

Posted by Harleyhippy on 2005-11-30 03:09:02
My Score:
TrueAshlandNative and Ashland Homeowner sound the same person. A hateful, intolerant Republican refugee from 1945 Germany via Argentia. I wonder if that's the attitude of most Ashland residents or just some right-wing reactionary who's answer to everything is violence?

Posted by True Ashland Native on 2005-11-05 19:18:30
My Score:
Some of us true Ashlanders have decided to take thing in to our own hands. If your and vagrant, drug dealer or low lives hassling people in the plaza, you may get your head kicked in. The police have backed off so it's up to us. You'll think the police are girl scouts compared to us. Born and raised in Ashland.

Posted by Chris on 2005-11-02 18:44:59
My Score:
Hey hippies Just wondering how things are in Ashland? Girlfriend and I are getting real sick of yuppie bullshit in Bend, and want to move to a smaller town. Is Ashland worth a look?

Posted by on 2005-10-24 10:31:30
My Score:
I would say it is equally if not more human nature to be at peace, to love one another, and to respect the world we live in. I am glad there are still strong groups of people who promote peace and love for all--That is so much better than shrugging and saying "war is human nature." We have all been told that we are alive due to these wars being fought in the name of freedom. Freedom is never won through violent means....it is a gift inhernet to all of us, and just by being born, we are entitled to it. No one needs to "earn" freedom or love. No war "needs" to be fought for peace. And we are alive because someone loved us enough to bring us into this world and provide for us as we grew! The more we hear about peace and harmony, the more our minds will be nourished with beauty and joy....no seeds of violence will have room to grow in a mind full of love. So by all means.....cherish the hippy movement! Success and worthiness cannot only be measured financially, if at all.....it's what's inside that makes us who we are!

Posted by Rain on 2005-10-07 04:34:12
My Score:
Sorry talking again. This is for all the hippy haters but lesson here hippys rule it's normal people like you that are turning this world into a dark blob of nothing were all the people are wearing the same thaing and doing the same thaing day after day. HIPPYS RULE! PEACE

Posted by Rain on 2005-10-07 04:24:33
My Score:
I think that most people think that all hippys are the storners.They aren't! I mean to tell you the truth hippys are free spearted people that are into some thaings that most people aren't.they are librels.HIPPYS RULE.PEACE

Posted by on 2005-09-28 02:17:30
My Score:
I have nothing against any hippies in general but I would just like to put my two cents in. Hippies are constantly about being against wars and encourage everyone to live peacefully and in nature, which is great but no where close to the ugly truth. There will always be people in this world who will want to dominate over others, and has been like that since the beggining of time, and it still is like that in animals, to include humans; therefore its human nature. Let's just say that we never had wars in the beginning and everyone lived happily... there will always be those who are willing to step on other peoples feet so they can survive... and that's no different today, but its just in a modern way which we know as war. If there weren't army's out there to defend ourselves from these kind of people who will do anything to dominate, hippies would not have the pleasure of being who they are today. If the Nazi's had their way during WWII, hippies would not exist today, and neither would anyone besides the "superior race". Now how is that for a reality check people? War will always go on, but I'm not saying every war is justified... I'm simply stating the well known fact around the world, "Freedom does not come without a price". And we didn't have the army's we have today you wouldn't be living in Ashland, Oregon and loving it... you probably wouldn't be alive because your parents or grandparents that gave birth to you would never have made it past the 1950's the way the Axis powers were advancing... and neither would you be able to smoke marijuana out in public parks because any sort of a Dictatorship or Totalitarian ruler wouldn't permit that. How is that for another thought? Hope I have opened some eyes to the true world!!!

Posted by ashlandnative on 2005-09-25 06:15:07
My Score:
There are not any true hippies in Ashland anymore. There are a bunch of lazy criminals that hang out in Lithia Park during the day selling and using drugs. Most people think these are hippies. But they are dirtbag homeless punks. At night they sleep illegally in the Ashland Watershed. They plant marijuana and set up shanty tent sites. Their campfires threaten the Ashland Municipal water supply all summer long. They leave tons of garbage and urinate and deficate directly into Ashland Creek. A little ways downstream, in Lithia Park, good people let their children play in the same water.

Posted by ashlandnative on 2005-09-09 08:22:44
My Score:
All hippies should fucking die.

Posted by permafried pat on 2005-07-08 14:07:39
My Score:
i am 24 years old and have been travelling around homeless hitchhiking and riding frieght trains all over the country since the age of 9 and ashland OR. is the only place i have ever even considered setelling down i love ashland too bad im stuck in seattle right now this town is a vile cess pool and it should be burned to the ground

Posted by Ashland Home Owner on 2005-07-04 11:56:29
My Score:
The Huckaberry guitarist someone asked about actually goes by the street name of Huckleberry. His real name (as real as you can get from these lazy street people - selecting that life style by choice not forced on them by society) is John Flynn. He's a lousy guitar player and spends most of his time smoking marijuana, spare changin', smoking more marijuana, and trying to look like Jesus. Then smoking more marijuana. The usual Lithia Park stoner action. Wasted Life.

Posted by Ashland home owner on 2005-06-26 18:13:08
My Score:
All the ugliness on the web site, ugly smack talk about tourists...rich people in Ashland, etc. Where's the love all you unemployed, spare changin' hippy wanna-bees? I remember the real hippies, they were much different then the grunge crowd running the streets today. And what's with the refusal to take a bath thing the hippies of today have? All the hate for tourists in Ashalnd when none of you hippies live here either. You pass through, hit all the locals and tourists up for spare change, deficate and urinate on our buildings and in our streets. You smoke dope in front of our children and make this cute, friendly town a little uglier than it would be without you. Oh, and in regards to dreadlock Johnny and his nasty dog....I'm so glad the 5-0 finally caught up with his drug dealin ass. He belongs in Juvie and and his mother should be in jail, not raising his dog.

Posted by jou on 2005-05-24 17:25:28
My Score:
Ashland is where I spent my early hippy years in the late 60s. And what a magical place it was! Mostly college students and retirees at that time. Anyone could attend the theatre rehearsals for free. Easy and affordable place to live. Then it was DISCOVERED by the Beautiful People with the Big Bucks. Now it is a very exclusive little burg where real estate and everything else is unreachable. Still beautiful, but it now has that underlying putrid stench of M-O-N-E-Y and everything seems a bit artificial and forced. Still, I always enjoy stopping in at Lithia Park when I'm passing through. And wonder where some of the old friends are today.

Posted by Bibble on 2005-05-11 01:25:21
My Score:
I have a suggestion: if you are thinking of being a tourist (shudder) or being a rich bastard in Ashland Oregon please don't. If you want to vandalize starbucks, respect our existing culture, and give money to those who perform their talents on the sidewalk make yourself at home. Tourists are known to mysteriously dissapear here.

Posted by mcdaniel on 2005-05-06 03:49:54
My Score:
i love you all though

Posted by mcdaniel on 2005-05-04 22:08:12
My Score:
hello< i have lived in and out of ashland for about four years< i played guitar on the streets and was very loved by the locals there as they walked by and heard my tune< dont be shy and sing your heart out< it is a very nice place and the poeple there are very loving< there is one thing that sometimes bothers me< it is when i se a homeless person on the side sitting on the bench drunk and yelling out nonsence< i felt like slapping him in the head and telling him to grow up< places like these should be appreciated< and i dont care if a homeless person is burnt out from drinking too much or if they are just tired of living< they dont need to burdain people that value life<< i have no respect for these people< but gladly there isnt allot her in ashland< ive only came accross maybe a couple< but still they should go to another city or town where they can live in slime if they want to act like a fool< the answer lies in love and respect< anyways< the rest of this town is ever so beautiful and the hippies there and the locals are just very beautiful people

Posted by Baruch Gerard on 2005-03-16 13:12:42
My Score:
Hi to all, I am looking to re-locate. Ashland has come up for me in the past and I have been there. I would like to hook up with someone and have dialog. I am 58 years old and a concert level pianist/ composer and vocalist. Also I hold spirituallity very important in my life. I also have a mobile business called 'The Bike Doc' which is a complete professional bike service on wheels. I have been living in Santa Fe, NM for the past 4 years and it seems that I have learned what I have come here for and I desire to me back at the west coast area. I am open to be contacted at Baruch88@yahoo.com thanks and blessings, Baruch Gerard

Posted by soo canadian... eh? on 2005-02-14 22:22:35
My Score:
Ashland is the most magical place in the world. You will be lucky if you get to experience it's awesome drugs, people, and nature. Every town has its faults but, Ashland is right next to perfect. You will have to think very hard to say a bad thing about this town.

Posted by goinghome on 2005-01-28 20:27:28
My Score:
actually, I'm just kidding.

Posted by goinghome on 2005-01-10 20:43:08
My Score:
Calling all my hippie brethren!! Bring your humor, your marihuana, and your pubic crabs! Ashlands is the HIPPIE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!! Bring your friends, your friends friends!! Bring your intestinal bacteria! Bring your dead and dieing! COME ONE, COME ALL!!! ...to the Hippie HEAVEN that is ASHLAND, OR!! Naked virgins run wild and cops don't seem to exsist here!!! You can smoke CRACK on City Hall and show your crack to the public! Drink water out of the rain spouts!!! Take a CRAP on someones lawn!!! IT'S ALL GOOD here in Hashland, OR!!!! WHooooooooooooooooooooooooooo>>hackHACKcoughsputter<<,

Posted by on 2004-11-30 06:32:42
My Score:
johnny with the dreads is in juvie, his mom has maynard. is that all, person who was asking? everyone else, please don't move to ashland. all things should be kept in balance and my town is in danger of losing it. some say too many left wingers, some say too many right, but my point is... quit moving to ashland, which we've already perfected. stay in your own crappy town and fix it so you like living there, assholes.

Posted by oag on 2004-10-21 19:43:51
My Score:
oops. last name of the guitarist was "huckabee" maybe?

Posted by oag on 2004-10-21 19:42:22
My Score:
last name of the huckabee maybe?

Posted by Noah Miller on 2004-09-12 21:08:07
My Score:
Hello, I was just at Burningman and saw a great guitarist. I want to hear more of his music...get a CD etc..... He was playing in the Swingers camp with 3 guys playing drums.. I would love to get his contact information. I heard he was from Ashland, Oregon and his name is Scott....last name is something like Beeman, Beekman, Bingman ..... anyway I was kind of floating and didn't get the spelling.... If you could help me out that would be great! If you know him I would love to extend an invitation to San Francisco to play a show or two. I could set up a cool place to play. I'm sure he's been through here but who knows! Thank you, Noah SF sfnomadic@yahoo.com for a response

Posted by person on 2004-07-31 00:06:32
My Score:
Where did dready jonny & maynard the dog go? If anyone knows post a comment

Posted by Keegs on 2004-07-13 07:42:22
My Score:
I can not believe the crap that is posted on this board (yes ... including my own). What is wrong with you people? The amount of bull shit on this board is amazing. I would try to porosely mispell thangs butt its two herd.

Posted by on 2004-07-09 18:33:40
My Score:
I really do feel for you two ASSHOLES....Talk about upbring and education WOW!!!!! It is without a doubt a pity that you both had idiots for parents....to bring such retards into this world!!! You must really have a sexual hangup sweetheart....whats wrong cant get REAL sex you have to use an innocent girl and your imagination??? By the way my daughter works and most likely is paying to keep you two loosers alive!!! You are very sad individuals.........I really hope someday soon you both get what you REALLY deserve and it is a long,slow torture!!!!! Take care and God Bless!!

Posted by Belial5150 on 2004-07-03 14:58:25
My Score:
Hippys are without a doubt the LOWEST form of scummy lifeform anywhere. How do you know a hippy is living with you? He talks smack about everything you do (environmentally enlightened -they think) and he refuses to pay his way or leave. I was born and raised in southern oregon and the most aggrivating thing that I can think of is an uneducated waste of space whose parents PAY him (or her) to stay away at college taking basket weaving /philosophy or anthropology and fucking up our WORKING logging harvests with their corporate funded green peace bullshit. Go back home and make your parents deal with you -we're tired of you assholes!

Posted by jonny-o on 2004-07-02 02:38:55
My Score:
uh.. lady.. nobody really cares about your fucking daughter. oohhh.... your baby girl can suck my cock.. oh wait she already did. i thought maybe you could have taught the bitch better.whatever man i am just looking for some smack. oh but good news for ya she did have a nice tight pussssy. maybe you wanna get with me to??? notatruesmoker@hotmail.com

Posted by Caren on 2004-06-23 01:41:40
My Score:
I am from a very small hillbilly town if you will in Pa. I have raised 3 children here and my oldest daughter at about 20 had visited the west coast and came back to tell me she was moving to Oregon to spread her wings.It was the hardest day of my life to let go of my beautiful baby girl but I knew she was a very strong willed and beautiful girl who would be ok!! She traveled across country by car and saw so many new and exciting things and met some very nice and careing people.When she arrived in Bend Oregon she found a job and settled down[some what][she is and always will be a free spirit]!! She spent a couple yrs there and then moved on to Ashland....she would call me and say Mom this town is so awsum.....I am so happy here...the people are so kind and careing...they talk to you...they say HELLO...I am happy here!!! Well I finally got to visit Ashland and was there for the birth of my first grand baby....my visit was for 3 wks and I was so amased at the people there...they were very kind,they did say Hello...it was wonderful.....I missed the birth of my grand baby[due date was WAY off] I came home to Pa and my daghter gave birth about 2 weeks later[with a midwife at that which is more a west coast thing then here ]and I was very very nervous about that] but my daughter was only in labor 3 hrs and gave birth at home to a beautiful beautiful baby angel girl!!! Her midwife was wonderful and of all the horror stories I hear of births here at hospitals my blessings to all those midwifes in the west coast.Ok I guess I have really rattled on here and I guess I just want to say I am a hippie from way back and I am glad I lived the life I have and that my daughter had the guts to go clear across country to find a nice place like Ashland and it doesnt matter what we wear or how we live we are ALL HUMAN and God looks at us all the same.my daughter had a totoly beautiful, beautiful baby girl[my grandbaby] in a tepee and I could not be any more prouder of her...she stands up for what she beleives and she is one of the kindest careing woman I will ever know!!!! She may dress a little differant and you might call her a hippie but she would be the first person there to help if you needed anything....So it just really made me feel sad when I read the comment that said they would slash a hippes tires...WOW you know what that could be my daughters tires you slash and my grandaughter could be in that car......HOW IN GODS WORLD WOULD YOU FEEL THEN.GOD BLESS ALL IN ASHLAND!!!

Posted by bob on 2004-06-11 09:34:23
My Score:
oh, and i almost forgot, when you are on the plaza, remember to drink the lithia water. You cannot come to ashland without trying it!!

Posted by bob on 2004-06-11 09:31:45
My Score:
Ashland is a truly great town!! People here are more openminded than other places around, pluss there is good weed, good food, beautiful parks, and for the most part -nice people. but then, there are the tourists who think that they own the town. Immagine walking down the sidewalk. it is hot, almost 100 degreas. and you are surrounded by people walking every which direction, and dont even bother to move for you when you ask politly. that is downtown ashland in the summer time. Tourists who think they own the place. But then you move up into the park (lithia park), you walk by the duck pond surrounded by tourists. However not as many as the sidwalks. you keep walking into the shade of the trees, there is a family sitting in the grass haveing a picnic. You hear children at the playground. you keep walking, there is a group of teens playing frisbe. and if you keep walking you will go across bridges over lithia creek, maybe even pass through places smelling of weed. if you go far enough you will get up to the resevor, catch people swimming, tanning, jumping off the rope swing (if it hasnt been cut down). Ashland is the funnest town, and if your not an outdoor person (which i hope is not true) then maybe you could catch a play, and bee like the rest of the tourists in the sidewalk trapping you, as you sweat like a mad dog!! well peace...

Posted by Paul on 2004-05-26 16:57:27
My Score:
To the writer Rod Personette, I hope that you are reviewing this post as it is very important. Ashland is still going to happen, the events yesterday just through in a small kink, but have been resolved. I need to know if you want me to goto Ashland via Asheville or just straight to Ashland, the home of the free, let me emphasize free in all aspects, that is why that I cannot wait to get there, either way i will have to wait on you for a seven day period, unless that is that you want to go ahead and justtravel to Asheville first together tomorrow Thursday, as I have arranged for fudning through a very dear friend. I apologize to the reviewing community of hippie.com as I know that this is not a forum to pass personal messages, but this is a very important peice of communication, as smoke signals are frowned upon in the dry season here in the foothills of the great Smokey mountains. Rod meet at the library at 2 p.m. today Wensday the twentysixth. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL PEACE AND LOVE TO ASHLAND AS I AWAIT YOUR SERENITY AND PEACE.

Posted by Paul aka lopice on 2004-05-24 23:44:23
My Score:
Excuse the type errors, as I have a left ulnar nerve injury that prevents clean swipes of the keys, I hope that the climate in Ashland along with some natural springs, hot and cold with an undetrmined amount of mother earth's natural medicine (marijuana) will resolve this annoying physical issue. Oh and by the way hippies are great people, did I mention that they are great loving people, who after all are only the making of good speed bumps in the minds of the, well you know. Peace and love Paul

Posted by paul aka lopice on 2004-05-24 23:38:42
My Score:
I have often linged for a place to relocate and actually begin to enjoy life. It is my utmost and sincere intention along with a fellow traveler to be in Ashland in a hop, skip and a jump, and for Rod I know he will wnjoy the humor. North Topsail Beach is a small community on the eastern shore of the Carolina North, that i had intended on perching, however, after reading reviews posted by my fellow hippies, I have decided to follow my bretheren to your local. Spirituality and serenity is something that I have longed for wuite some time and now is the time. I look forward to participating in physical and intellectual events with people like myself, you know after and extended period of years I may even try to force my hand into the local political circle to continue in help broadening the minds of the narrow minded selfish right wing population that makes life somewaht intolerable for people like to me. Ashland calls with all the cools, people, places things and the climate. As my friend so penned, the Oregon trail beckons. See ya soon. Love and peace to all Paul

Posted by P. Rodney Personette on 2004-05-22 15:31:11
My Score:
Gosha'mighty dang, I and mine'll be drifting to Ashland, soon. Thanks for so fine and dandy a synopsis of the site we westering dreamers have targeted. A 21st century Oregon Trail is beckoning those of who take pictures and leave footprints. I only leave one footprint, actually, what with bein' an amputee... We will be doing a bit of "guerrilla journalism" and a lot of thinking & dreaming and driving on... Thanks for the excellent review. If you could use an editing bored (and you could), please do not be too timoid to contact me, Rod at :prp30@hotmail.com Hoping to see you, soon. Peace to you, Rod

Posted by rob on 2004-05-19 16:55:21
My Score:
hippies suck they make good speed bumps for tanks and large army vehicles they smell too

Posted by wannabfree on 2003-11-15 12:59:20
My Score:
I live in Ashland. There's alot of good weed and free food. Alot of campers and friendly welcoming people. Come visit us! You will fall in love with our enchanted city! Just watch out for pork!

Posted by DaisyM. on 2003-10-03 23:59:03
My Score:
This is to all of you negative, uptight, so-called "hippies": Listen to yourselves passing judgements on everyone calling them wannabe hippies because they weren't alive during the late 60's. What right do you have to judge? My idea of a hippy is someone who is a pacifist, respects nature, unconditionally gives love to ALL humans and only detests one thing: war. You call yourselves hippies or peace lovers... you're hypocrites! You should all try to be a bit more mellow and judge yourselves before others- you sound like a bunch of grumpy, close minded old folks. You give the word "hippy" a bad name! Lighten up, enjoy life and "Live and let live!"

Posted by Gratefully Dead Hippies on 2003-07-14 00:54:00
My Score:
Die hippies, die! God hippies suck! Did I mention that hippies suck? If I catch you parking lot camping I'll flatten your tires! Sincerely, A Rich Old Retired Bastard and Typical Ashlander

Posted by Ben Miler on 2003-05-14 13:55:10
My Score:
Ashland just really blew me away. I just went there again and the town really far exceeded my expectations! I finally got to really explore Ashland, especially the shops. I was amazed just how friendly and open everyone is. I was able to speak my mind, which you can't do in my home town (Lakeview, Oregon). I previous criticized Ashland for having its pretentious and snotty element, but this time around, I was completely shocked just how down-to-earth and unpretentious everyone was, even in the ethnic shops! I guess I had the wrong impression when I attended World Peace & Prayer Day (which did seem to attract the more undesirable trust-fund hippies, and way too narrow age-demographics - that is, the 16-25 age range, for the most part). I was really pleased with the age demographics of Ashland itself, ranging from high schoolers to Baby Boomer-types who were around in the 1960s, with no age range particularly dominant (where in Lakeview, my town, it seems like the teenagers - under the age of 18 - and the old people - over the age of 60 - are the most dominant). Living in Ashland is quite expensive, and I'm sure living in the city limits on a fixed income might be next-to-impossible, but even if you can't live there, the town will amaze you. I really did for me (and it's too bad most of the surrounding areas is conservative - if you travel a few miles out of town on Hwy. 66 or Dead Indian Memorial Road, you'll find bullet holes on road signs which means that you've entered redneck territory - although I'm sure a few hippie types are living in those hills, but you wouldn't know if you don't live in the area). If your local redneck town is getting you down (because it has too many churches, a Jesus Fish on every other car, and speaking your mind seems to be sinful), or you live in a large, liberal city, but finding friendly people is next to impossible (because of the usually drawbacks of crime and traffic), you need to visit Ashland!

Posted by Ben on 2002-08-29 14:05:34
My Score:
A correction needs to be posted: the event I went to in Ashland was actually called World Peace & Prayer Day, not Walk For Peace. My only complant of World Peace & Prayer Day was the rather narrow age demographics of the people attending, most of them were around the 16-25 age range (where are all the old-timers?). I found that slightly irritating, because even if they were in tye-dyes, and they actually had a rather mellow attitude, and you can actually talk to them, their knowledge of the 1960s seems rather limited (and many act as if they never heard of the Beatles, and only know of the music being performed on stage, mainly local acts I didn't find particularly good). I did meet this one girl there from Utah at the event, used to be a Mormon and once attended Brigham Young University (a place, as everyone knows, that is hardly a liberal bastion), changed her ways and started wearing the flowers and beads (how about that? Someone from a conservative upbringing becomes a hippie). One booth was selling stickers, and my favorite was "Smokey the Bear". Basically, it's Smokey the Bear smoking on a joint. Anyway, after returning to Eugene to visited, noticing how corporatized and strip-malled that town has became, I have to say, Ashland is actually even nicer than Eugene. If only the snobs in Ashland (who act like high society from Victorian-era England) would just go away, Ashland would be perfect. Someone has told me Ashland is being taken over by yuppies, but when I was there, I really didn't notice, this isn't Boulder, Colorado, after all. But sadly, most of the rest of Jackson County (the county Ashland is in) is conservative, as is most of Southern Oregon (lots of logging towns, right wing militia activity, and even rumors of Klan activity). But Ashland is so unlike the most of the rest of Southern Oregon you might as well be in the Bay Area, but on a much smaller scale, to call it the San Francisco of Southern Oregon would probably be quite accurate. I've been to many of these "hippie havens" in Oregon and Northern California, and so far Ashland is the best.

Posted by sassafras on 2002-07-19 00:05:22
My Score:
Another perk around Ashland is the Pacific Crest Trail which runs a few miles south of town. If you're looking for real freedom, jump on that trail and if you're heading south, you'll hit Mexico in a few months or if you're moving north, you'll hit Canada sooner than that. I walked the whole trail in 2001 and I must say it was freedom in the finest sense - 6 months of rising to the sun (but sometimes later depending on what I wanted to do) and sleeping by dusk. You can rest on the path or find a nice river to relax near and there are no police or even park rangers to harass you. Just you and nature. Now is that a haven or what?

Posted by Ben on 2002-06-24 13:33:00
My Score:
Incredible is this place! I was at the Walk For Peace event that was being held at the Wellsprings (aka Jackson Hot Springs) and all the people were simply kind. I was in utter shock when I was able to be friendly with people I hardly knew (try doing that in some conservative town in this state of Oregon). Unfortunately, thanks to the Shakespearian Festival, Ashland has attracted a rather annoying, elitist, pretentious, and snobbish "more-intellectual-than-thou" types amongst some college students. I find that very annoying because they really believe that the worlds revolves around them. It's nice to be fascinated with Renaissance art, scupturing, acting, painting, or whatever, I have no problem with that. It's only when they start believing that they are superior beings because they're in to this stuff is what really annoys me. Aside from that, this is perhaps the best town I have ever been in, as far as the counterculture scene is concerned, with the possible exception of Eugene.

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