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Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

This wonderful getaway nestled in a very green, very magical forest deep in the Cascade range, is a must for anyone passing thru. A hippie secret for decades, it's a great retreat, where you can treat yourself to the therapuetic springs or signup for one of their special events. You should make reservations if you plan to stay overnight or get into one of their many programs.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by zendude on 2006-03-10 22:02:13
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Right on Teresa!

Posted by Paul Westfall on 2005-04-11 01:31:07
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I am an employee of Breitenbush. This is in response to the comment by joshhannum@hotmail.com regarding sneaking into our facility. First, I should say that it disappoints me that I should even have to write this comment. The community here is one that is based on trust and personal responsibility. We uphold these values in service to our guests, and we expect that those who come here will do the same. Sadly, this is not always the case, as joshhannum's comment clearly isllustrates. To all who read this, I have this request: Please do not sneak into our grounds. Please do not steal our food. Will you get away with it if you try? Possibly, yes -we have no interest in creating a culture of fear and defensiveness here, and thus we are unlikely to put up a barbed wire fence with armed security to pervent you from doing just what you please. We merely ask that you respect the haven that we work so hard to sustain in service to you and thousands of others every year. We do have some very low impact security personnel who, upon finding "ramblers" like joshannum, will kindly and gently request that they leave. We rarely have to contact the Sherriff, but from time to time this too is necessary. The vast majority of our guests are respectful and mindful people who seek out Breitenbush as a source of peace, working harmoniously with the nature that surrounds us. To josharnnum, I request that you return as a paying guest. Stay. Get to know us and what we stand for. Perhaps there is more here for you than you realize. Cheers, paul

Posted by weird beard the annihlato on 2004-12-04 10:48:56
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Actually, Theresa, its probably because of everything you said plus the fact that the term "hippy" can pretty much mean anything in the world depending on who is using the word, where they are from, etc. When I use the word "Hippy" I feel like an idiot afterwords because I might as well just say "person" because both terms are equally as broad. What is your definition of a hippy? Well mine is someone who tries to live naturally and be happy, trying to let love win over greed. Maybe my definition is about as vague as the term itself but some other peoples definition is " a ffuckin stinky son of a bitch with long hair and funny lookin clothes." you know what i mean?? Any way Breitenbush kind of sucks because they claim to be hippies and the only place they let you get naked is the hot tubs. Maybe they had a bad experience with guys walking around with hard-ons? If I were you and I was in the breitenbush area, I would skip the resort itself but use their parking lot and hike down the "emerald forest" trail. Its fucking raw!!! I cant really explain it any better than whoever named the trail. Oh, maybe they could call it "emerald forest where you cant really tell if youve entered another world or maybe you are in heaven?? and theres all kinds of crazy mushrooms and bright green ferns and shit and the river is so beautiful trail." Anyway skip the dumb resort and take your camping shit into the woods.

Posted by Teresa on 2004-08-16 20:55:46
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Although I wouldn't call myself a hippie, I've been to Breitenbush several times and have enjoyed different aspects of the place each time. It's a rustic retreat space with delicious meals and pleasant forest surroundings. I especially enjoyed the hot tubs. I am guessing that the two previous comments ("...hippies stink..." and "eat ass") are from someone who: 1) has never been to Breitenbush; 2) has limited experience with public speaking/writing; 3) has a streak of aggression or hatred that is unhealthy; or 4) any or all of the above.

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