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Eugene, Oregon

Site of the nearby Oregon Country Faire (each July) where each year hippies gather to celebrate their hippiness. Home to the University of Oregon, many co-operatives, communes galore, a real cool Saturday Market, and eco-consciousness.

UPDATE: I wanted to let you know that the Oregon Country Fair WAS a wonderful hippy flavor type hang-out once a year (or often if you know the old owners). Well, the new owners are a little different now. They now let cops in undercover and not, onto private property to gather local revenue of happy-hippy trippers and such. JUST AN FYI....wouldn't want any wonderful people to go with the impression that the old hippy extraordinaire still owned and operated the scene!!!

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Stretch on 2007-03-10 23:26:17
My Score:
Those who are considering moving to Eugene or to those who already call Eugene thier home should consider selling all thier assests and becoming a nomad. I gaurantee you will experience someting like you have never experienced before. There's a group of highly intellegent "people" from another planet dwelling in Eugene, and if your lucky you might get the chance to meet some of them.

Posted by trappedtraveler on 2007-02-14 04:30:18
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its a good hangout. i met a wonderful girl there that changed my life. there is pollution but everyone looks out for each other and whatever you're after is readilly avalble

Posted by onemanparade on 2007-01-23 18:42:15
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You forgot to mention it's in a valley so all the pollutant particles stick around a longer time. The indians didn't call it 'death valley' for nothing... there's definately something chaotic(?) and destructive(?) in the space over there. Or was it just me?

Posted by Ar Iiel on 2007-01-11 02:12:04
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Please wake up, people of Eugene. I was considering moving to town, actually, but after I learned about the environmental situation in Eugene and cancer mortality rate, I'm going to a different state. Eugene has factories that release huge amounts of cancerogens, cardiovascular, immuno-, neuro- and many other toxicants at rates higher than anywhere in Oregon and higher than in most US areas. It is not safe to breathe air in Eugene. You can check the information on SCORECARD website that includes environmental maps, what I was looking at was TRI environmental releases in Lane county (toxic release inventory) monitored by EPA.

Posted by George Bender on 2006-12-23 04:22:26
My Score:
I imagine everyone who lives in Eugene sees it from a different angle. It's a small city, with all the variety of any city of comparable size. There are remnants of the 1960s counterculture here, but I wouldn't say they dominate. Eugene, or the majority of us, value nature, which is the main reason we live in the Northwest, even though the gloomy winters are hard to put up with. Eugene doesn't want too much development. It doesn't want to be a big city, like Portland, and it doesn't want to be a suburb. It doesn't like freeways. It wants livability. It doesn't want to be California. Don't come here during a recession, as the job market will be really bad, and that includes the rest of Oregon. Whether you like living in Eugene or not will probably depend on whether you can make a decent living here. Eugene has long had a reputation for being "laid back." I'm not sure that is true, except for those of us who prefer to move slow. I think people who come here probably prefer a life that's somewhat less pressured than what they would find in a big city, like Portland (where I have also lived), and more stimulating culturally than what they would find in a suburb. Probably a large part of the reason Eugene has culture is that it's a college town. The University of Oregon is a big deal in Eugene, plus we have a community college. There is a good library, lots of bookstores and art galleries, etc. More events than I have time and energy for. Eugene is considered a "progressive" town and I think that's probably true, judging by voting patterns, letters to the editor, etc. At least among the minority of us, as in other places, who give a shit about politics. As far as left-of-center politics goes, my experience is that Eugene is a liberal Democrat town. Since I'm to their left, that makes me feel out of place, but there is no place in America for radicals, and it could be a lot worse. For years Eugene was run by the business community. Last year we were able to elect a progressive mayor and enough progressive city council members that progressives now run the show. So far that has resulted in the cancellation of a highway that would have cut through the west Eugene wetlands, a project Eugenians have been fighting over for years. Every community has a history, which includes issues they fight over again and again. Another one of our issues is redeveloping our downtown area, which is rundown and now has two gaping holes in it. The problem started a long time ago, as it did in many other cities, when a mall was built on the edge of town and customers deserted downtown. On the other hand, that has resulted in cheap downtown rents for art galleries, etc. Controlling the police is also a live local issue, as it is in Portland and, I imagine many other cities. Eugene has very few black residents. Some brown. There have been indications of local racism. On the other hand, I once saw a guy on the bus wearing a big black peaked leather hat styled like those witches wear in movies. So yes, we have "diversity," especially if you ride the bus. That's where you'll meet all the poor people, like me, who can't afford cars. Eugene is nobody's idea of paradise, but I've lived many other places in my life -- I'm 66 -- and this is the best I've found. I'm going to stay here.

Posted by Will on 2006-12-05 05:34:45
My Score:
I like Eugene. I've never actually LIVED there, but been through, but never settled. I used to go to the park where the Food Not Bombs group would serve the free vege food to all. That's a great concept. And Eugene is a very green place, and lots of parks and a river, great for nature lovers like myself. And all the great vegetarian places and health food stores. I plan on finding a place there, and hopefully this story will connect me with some people who might want to help with finding a rental. I'm only looking to share any place with any people that are smoke, drug and alcohol free. I want to live there with my soon to be wife, and am a very clean and drug free person as well as my girlfriend also. Different issue: I am a travelling salesman, and import handmade products from Thailand, and hope to open up a small retail shop there too. I have for sale right now: thai handmade silver jewelry, handmade silk and cotton batik scarves and shawls, batik sarongs from Indonesia, and a few other embroidered and handmade misc. items from Thailand. If you would like anything, just email me and let me know: willmhill@hotmail.com and if you've got any ideas for starting a retail import biz for these kindz of thingz then let me know-------- Sincerly, Will Hill

Posted by moonflower on 2006-10-24 23:44:11
My Score:
Eugene is great ! I got married to a wonderful man here and I am now tring to open a small bussiness here out of my home. Any of you like Handdipped iNcense I have the greatest prices and Quality , I soak mine for over a week ,they burn longer and smell great. I have 86 different smells along with all 12 zodiac signs and your fung shau's give me call if your interested . A bakers dozon for $1.00 on the 11 in sticks 689-4495

Posted by melissa on 2006-10-24 03:47:06
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Im looking for a yoga class that fits in with my work schedule nothing in the middle of the day. People forget theres a working class out there that doesn't work the 9 to 5 job, but would like to be fit and involve in the community missyjomj@msn.com

Posted by Mark on 2006-10-08 20:32:25
My Score:
Okay,here's my take. Eugene is a small, laid-back & mostly crime-free town. Sure there is some drug problems and break ins, but in comparison to San Jose or Modesto CA for that matter, Eugene resembles a rainy, resort, not a hard-core crime ridden town. Some very nice resturants, some others that are obviously influenced by too much pot smoking. I find that Oregonians in general are rather clannish and stick to their clicks. A lot of long term relationship baggage that you won't find in big cities. In other words, well you're new in town-we do business with the guy we've known for 20 years. Best things: clean air-low crime-bike paths & laid back downtown. Worst things: sense of isolation, many people here aren't used to much competition, they work slow and in their terrms. Not the friendliest people, not that they are mean, just not the warmest folks you'll meet. It's a strange mix of empty nesters from out of state, intellectuals, old hippies, Oregonians, artsy-fartsy, and college students.

Posted by moonie on 2006-07-16 11:42:10
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Bob Fennissy(red haired bob) are you still around?

Posted by OCFjunkie on 2006-04-20 19:08:21
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The Oregon Country Fair is a fantastic festival, full of wonderful art, music, food, and people. As for the problem with the heat, there is so many people at the fair that it would be hard for them to bust you, and if you are still worried wander across the street to the Darling Family Reunion, where is a little more laid back.

Posted by the guy on 2006-03-21 21:36:53
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i'm coming to eugen and need a place to stay

Posted by seeyasoon on 2006-03-15 21:39:19
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i'm coming to eugene on the 22nd and need help finding a place to stay or camp. i plan on working and have several job leads already. i'm a 24 year old male who's just lookin' for a fresh start. any help would be great.j peace to all

Posted by on 2006-01-20 10:14:28
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Do some thing good for the Area you live in, Plant a tree or do some hippy work that help people ect. there are many things u can do you can do to help you comunity, keep it hippie,stay away from corporations if you dont like them, hang around hippie style coffee house, Arts and crafts, Eny body in here like Arts and Crafts, what kinda arts and crafts do u Guys like ?

Posted by Sang on 2006-01-18 04:11:54
My Score:
For those of you considering moving here: I've lived in Eugene all of my life, and while yes, the ownership of the fair has changed, it's still a wonderful thing. In fact, it's a wonderful town. If you're thinking of raising kids here, be warned, though. The school system is steadily going downwards due to underfunding. The classrooms are crowding and it is growing harder and harder for a child to succeed. The thing that must be noted about Eugene/Springfield schools is that while they recieve little funding, the teachers are dedicated and the school district/ESD does it's best to make due with the small amount of money it is given. For example, South Eugene is a wonderful liberal Highschool with excellent teachers. Thought the classes are crowded, the students are very enthusiastic about fundraisers. If you are not quite reassured with the school system, then give Marist Highschool a try. It is private, Catholic, and (regretfully) highly conservative. However, the school's Human Rights Alliance is amazing, and has attended the Oregon Peacemakers Conferance for the past several years. In my stay at Marist, I was active in it, and it is a great way to get in contact with fellow liberals. Currently, the Human Rights Alliance is working on Gay/Straight relationships at the school, which is, as a whole, very homophobic. Despite those negative things, though, the education is wonderful. The Honors Geometry/Honors Pre-cal/Calculus math teacher is the best I have seen, and the AP History teacher gives wonderful lectures. The Sophomore Lit and movie crit teacher heads the Human Rights alliance, and the new Theater director is fast on the way to putting Marist Theater on the map. The religion classes, though rather close-minded, make excellent study hall periods. XD Next year, a new public liberal arts school will be opening in Springfield, which, contrary to popular belief, is not a slummy as it has been rumored to be (I live on the Eugene/Springfield border, and my family is close with the new Springfield City Manager's.) In fact, the new and aformentioned city manager of Springfield is helping with the economic change, and Springfield, particularly in housing and property, is slowly but surely surpassing Eugene, which has already reached it's borders. Eugene and Springfield are crisscrossed by an intricate and wonderful series of bikepaths, that are contsantly being updated and can get you anywhere in town that is not already being reached by bus. The library is wonderful, and the recently redone Eugene and Springfield bus-stations are amazing. The Eugene one is large and wonderfully designed, and the Springfield one is beautifully landscaped and eco-friendly. The Fifth Street Market and Saturday market are also wonderful aspects of Eugene, and I spend my Saturdays at the Saturday market, eating the marvelous Pad Thai and enjoying fresh raspberrys from the Farmers market. All in all, despite some changes, Eugene is a wonderful place to live, and I highly recommend it.

Posted by capisthenaturallaw on 2006-01-14 10:31:14
My Score:
Capitalism is the dominant and only rational form of economic distribution known to man. Anyone who thinks the CF hasn't been capitalistic is mistaken. Anytime you barter for something, you are practicing capitalistm. Anytime you agree to pay "fiat" money for any product or service, you are practicing capitalism. You have a vote! You may (and will) vote with your hard-earned dollars. If the product or service meets your critieria, you buy it. If it doesn't, you don't buy and send your dollars elsewhere. Get real people. Quit being idealistic and realize that Ayn Rand was right.

Posted by Dain Alferes on 2006-01-13 21:13:39
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The country fair is a good hippyish place but it´s definately falling to capitalism. I saw multiple booth owners driving in with non-functional lexus suv´s, where´d the love go with that shat

Posted by 80srule on 2006-01-11 03:19:27
My Score:
Hippie-dom is so passe. Move on to a larger, more vibrant culture...the 80s! Neon is so hip.

Posted by cherryrose on 2006-01-01 06:43:16
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a counter-country faire sounds awesome claire,where do I sign up Hey has any one out there seen lori ladd lately

Posted by miss d. on 2005-12-12 23:53:35
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Amazing -was'nt anyone as grossed-out by that old lech greg-whatever from canada (the never-married loser who charmingly described himself as a good-looking "owner of middle-aged prick", which is, excuse me, asn oxymoron)as I was?What the hell is it with these dirty old men who are actually proud of the fact, and what sort of bimbo would touch these dirtbags?Just a thought, Eugene-progressives.I hope those 18 to 20 babes kick the ever-loving crap out of your tired old ass, gregster.

Posted by MovingtoEugene on 2005-12-11 22:02:55
My Score:
From every other site I have read that Eugene is a wonderful place full of diversity. It has been said that Eugene doesn't want any drama, so why all the drama on this site? I mean for real, dope is illegal and if you want to do it, go off to some foreign country where it isn't, or move to Alaska *you aren't real far*. It seems all anyone does these days is put things down. Police are in force to control the law. It shouldn't matter what the color of your skin, or your crime. If you did the crime, expect to do the time. Life is what you make it. If you break the law, you get in trouble, if you get caught. A fair should be for everyone. I won't be taking my seven kids to a fair where there is open drug use, how absurd! Blessings to all.

Posted by ClaraB on 2005-12-06 02:29:11
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One other thing: The County Fair is now run by a bunch of mercenary capitalists who cave to the local police and turn in their own fairgoers. I went for the first 21 years I was in Eugene and won't ever go back...there needs to be a Counter-County Fair.

Posted by ClaraB on 2005-12-06 02:08:43
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Eugene is NOT what it used to be: a fair and open-minded community that allowed people to be themselves, however or whatever flavor(s) that was. I've lived in Eugene since 1976 and am about ready to move on. The police (Eugene, Spfld, Lane County) are racist and violent. The wonderful hippy community that I loved when I moved here has been replaced with consumerism and repressive conformity. There is NO diversity in Eugene, and when an other-color business opens, there is NO support given by the "liberal" white upper class that dominates the area. It still is beautiful country, the mountains, ocean beaches and high desert nearby, but the area is being overrun with industry belching death pollution and no one seems to really care. Clara

Posted by DB on 2005-12-04 05:00:32
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Well I came across this site to get more info about Eugene, OR but I am very unsure now if this county is of positivity or negativity. I have been considering the possibility of relocation in that county, but now i am confused per the different comments read if this is an area to be cosidered especially to raise a family especially if there is racism, drugs etc... JJ I would like to get information if possible pertaining to your comments. Thank you!

Posted by JJ on 2005-12-03 21:51:23
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hi there i am a east indian male raised in eugene all my life i am currently 28 years old , my family and i own a business in eugene for the past 28 years so since i was like 2 weeks old ive lived in eugene born in california , i truely miss the old days in eugene when growing up even thou i am a modernist the days when i was in elementry school etc.. eugene spfd was a good place to live now all i see is alot of messed up druggys, alot of racisim so i dont know where yall get that people here are open minded here,also people here are soo shady, and quite anti social i see that alot between the opposite sexes, also id like to add that eugene is sooo anti-business, now a days you see alot of business's shutting down or new business's not being able to build in eugene , if nothing else eugene does have alot of beautiful scenery if anyone has anything to add then please do so id love to hear feedback thank you JJ

Posted by cherry on 2005-12-02 04:11:34
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I used to go the the rennassance back in the 70s' with my friend Lori. It was the best 3 days of every summer. From the painted faces and midevel costumes to the hippies dancing near naked with flowers in their hair in the circle near the band. marajuana cookies sold from a wheelbarrel and passing a joint around right out in the open to whoever happened to pass by and wanted to take a hit. Pizza freaks, lulus smoothies, the tribes and the buses. WOW what a ride!

Posted by Chromium on 2005-11-18 09:53:18
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I've lived here for 23 years. I'm 48. I raised three kids here. It is a great place for families and outdoor recreation. An hour to the beach. An hour to the mountains...nirvana.

Posted by jdthlearjet on 2005-11-12 23:18:29
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I lived in Eugene .... several times . I thought it was such a people oriented place ... . People were friendly .... and seemed to care .

Posted by on 2005-11-02 03:58:35
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i completely disagree with that statement about the Country fair. I went this year, and believe me, there was no shortage of trip-happy hippies. The country fair may have changed, but it is still an wonderful event held every year. I stayed for five days and didn't once hear about there being police issues

Posted by Kate on 2005-10-24 06:38:44
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Anyone seen Sasquatch (the man) around?

Posted by Bodhi on 2005-10-19 20:06:48
My Score:
There's something wrong with this forum...someone asked for advice and there is "no information" who it is?.....How can I send an answer this fine person??...Thank you juicemaster@racssa.co.cr Thank you

Posted by Bodhi on 2005-10-19 19:43:13
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Hey Dawn Dancing Feather & Jimmyinspace please e mail me if you see this (juicemaster@racsa.co.cr), I have some questions that I'd like to ask you. Many thanks. Bodhi

Posted by Bodhi hippy in exile on 2005-10-19 19:35:06
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Damn..the minimum wage in Blue jean is $7+??? I guess there is no inflation LOL!! Or maybe I'm just a really old young man who rememebrs when $4.25 was what it was.........BTW If you could edit your posts that would be great I'm not trying to dominate the thread at all, but man, I have been rich and I've been poor, and neither one really felt right, but where I live hard labor pays $2.50 and hour and the cost of living is comparable, but what price freedom, here it's like wherever you go is the top of Spencers Butte, and we don't war over money, but it's just not Eugene,,

Posted by Bodhi again on 2005-10-19 19:26:34
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I couldn't resist, but I must know is downtown Deb still on the air?? my e mail is juicemaster@racsa.co.cr Gotta dub the Led, er..luv the Dead....... Also will buy any and all new or used Graffix bongs, as long as you can ship to C.R . please pack in indica to avoid breakage.....lol! Go Big Green, gosta love them Ducks..thems the pure Organic Goodsness.....or Godesslessdesness, or you know how it is ;)))

Posted by Bodhi hippy in exile on 2005-10-19 19:20:54
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This is the goods...this site is beyond hip, it's well........any other site on the planet would be deleting all the posts that aren't "P.C." for the site, but the "flames" in the thread just serve as big fat exclamation points saying something very, very right about this place and these people IMHO. I really, really miss Eugene, and Eugenians, and I live in a very wonderous magical place, but it's just not home.... OK I'll leave you alone for a while.....gonna go smoke a bowl and imagine some whirrled peas.

Posted by Bodhi hippy in exile on 2005-10-19 18:44:53
My Score:
I posted before I read the thread.....and so I'm reading it and I notice a lot of people are making some points that I'd like to address...#1 Eugene is not racially diverse, this is true if you want racial diversity you should look elsewhere, what Eugene is is open minded and very CULTURALLY diverse....if you want racial diversity then you will not fins that in Eugene, but it's an open minded community in that there isn't the discrimination you see a lot of places either. Also yes Eugene is surounded by slums on all sides, the largest slum is Springfield the inspiration for the longrunning show the Simpsons....yes there are some people out there I would rather avoid, but where is that not true, and where else are there a lot of really good people in the eye of the storm...Yes Eugene has cops, politically correct professors at the U of O, the whittaeker neighborhood etc etc, but hey there's a New Frontier market a 6th and Blair (or at least there was several years ago before I was exiled from my homeland)..US out of North America!!! Oh and hipness aint about the length of your eair or the color of your skin it's about the kind in your bong, the getdown in yo' boogie woogie and the friends in your heart........Peace out, Go Axemen!..Scrodhi says!

Posted by Bodhi hippy in exile on 2005-10-19 17:50:35
My Score:
Wow this is all good. I grew up in Eugene, I did a google search Spencers Butte LSD and lo and behold here I am.... I'm in exile in Central America now (I decided I should have kids in Costa Rica so they nver get drafted or imprisoned for some stupid victimless crime like possession of marijuana or acid or whatever they come up with next).....but man I miss Eugene, lots of good people, tons.......maybe soon they'll get wise and legalize life and all the green plants that grow on the earth and what not....well we can always hope that good will prevail over evil I suppose (but I won't be holding my breath, unless I'm smoking a big bong hit), in the meantime I hope that one day in the not too distant future I will again be able to drop a hit or two of good acid, or some liberty caps, hike the butte, and smoke a sweet bowl on the summit with some good friends, after all that's waht it's all about IMHO!! Cya, liv'n let liv..n' just B'Kind Scrodhi Bodhi the terahdron guy Peace, luv, big buds, and microbrews 4ever..oh yeah and go Ducks

Posted by Mrs.D on 2005-10-02 17:43:11
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I am just about 26, born and raised Eugene Oregon. Love this valley, I have lived in several other states and always find myself back home in Oregon. The greenery is just to sweet and abundant to stay anywhere else. People here are mainly open minded. It may be a culture shock to some. But I fit right in with my native hippy freaks. Peace to all & One Love

Posted by on 2005-10-01 02:20:49
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Hi, I visited my mate in Eugene in 2001 and had a fine time, just about everybody I met were really nice people and I also met some some wicked weed. Hope to get back there someday. Phil from England (just a little to the right of Ireland) Ta ta.

Posted by Hppy Killer on 2005-09-18 10:12:30
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Posted by Brookelynd on 2005-09-06 06:53:21
My Score:
After reading many of these reviews of Eugene I felt like I should give other people my opinion of Eugene. I was born and raised here and spent the last 7 years living all over the country. Now instead of focusing on the bad here are some great aspects of Eugene. Eugene has the best city bus system that I have ever seen. Where ever you need to be chances are you get get to it by bus within an hour. It has some of the best schools in the country. There is no better place to raise your kids. The most potent pot is smoked here. So if you like that kind of thing you will not be disappointed. Now as for the people here. YES we are WEIRD. You may run into the snobs but it is also likely that you find your best friend here. I have often called the people in here "Eugene's local wildlife". But that is what makes it so great. People need to stop complaining about the traffic! We should be thankful that we don't have traffic like Seattle or Washington DC. And for anybody who is thinking about moving here give it a chance. The majority of Eugene is filled with hard working decent down to earth people.

Posted by Shamus James on 2005-09-02 09:45:39
My Score:
Eugene, we are all here, 'cause we not all there. saw it on a t-shirt at last year's hoilday market. Last years market was pretty cool. A better offering of vendors. I've lived here for just shy of ten years. I just read over this whole tread. If your thinking of coming here, to live think you will find the comments below mine to be a true testement to the peopling of this town. It's a nice place to retire or raise up some kids. People seem to forget about North Eugene, and Springfield as center of growth for the community. It's the only real center of growth in the area. It's a town just like Springfield, it will only be a city when the two communities, join together. If our tallest buildings are only around twenty stories tall your not really a city. For a start it would be nice if MLK extend to Mohawk instead of stoping at the only discerable land mark seperating two good communities, I-5 North and South. That's some b.s. if you ask me. My only problem being a white guy who grew up on the end of D.C. is there are too many damned white people here, this community needs some color. Big up's to Mos Fade, for giving a brotha a proper fade. There are only two soul food rest. in the whole area. And they both owned by the same man. That an't right. :-)

Posted by Stretch on 2005-08-31 02:40:18
My Score:
Yeah...Like others have said Eugene is just one big neighboorhod. Everyone knows each other, and if some one wants to call you out they will...It was a lot cooler back in the 90's when 13th street was still alive, and before the dowtown was renovated. **FYI** dont get caught trippin on LSD in Eugene...LOL...their drops are for real...and you will feel like a fuckin rat in a maze. Peace to Rick, Larry..and the rest of the wrekin crew.

Posted by eugenian on 2005-08-29 00:32:27
My Score:
Hello, I have lived in Eugene my entire life. I have traveled and moved several times (only for a few months), but I always made it back. I use to hate Eugene, but that was when I was younger and didn't realize what a great place it really was. It's not large enough to call it a city and it's too small to be a town, so I call it a place... A wonderful place where people don't live in fear on a daily basis. We have great rivers, beautiful parks, nice trails, fun family based shops, and excellent concerts. I hope that all you not enjoying eugene will open your eyes and realize that there is no other place like this out there. I am happy that I can say hello and smile and stranger everyday and I know they will smile back, because we live in eugene.

Posted by Gesper on 2005-08-16 00:06:43
My Score:
I find it very amusing reading posts by dipshit 20 year olds who believe they know something of the world. Go out, see a little a of the world, get a standard for comparison, then when your opinion actually means something spill your guts. I have lived in 39 of our 50 states and 9 different countries. Eugene Oregon with all its faults and quirks and annoyances is where I choose to live. I am not a hippy, yuppie, druggy, freak, or white trash. I am a very mild mannered ex - military non commissioned officer. I dont want any trouble with or from anyone and I find that most of this town shares that viewpoint. Eugene does not have the best mall in America this is true, oh god what will we do without a mall? oh! maybe...have a life? People here float the river on the weekends, find a bike trail, go fishing, or play frisbee in the only jesus knows how many miles of parks we have. Climb skinners butte the list goes on boys and girls. If you cant see why people like it here then leave. I beg of you and give the rest of us what we want...a little more space.

Posted by Son of eugene on 2005-08-09 08:33:11
My Score:
Anyone who is dissing my town needs to look on the brighter side and accept the town for what it is. It's true that there are alot of bad things about eugene but I think the good outways the bad. Also the counterculture movment in eugene is making giant changes in this world. So if you have never been to eugene or have been here and don't like it, give it a chance because it will give you one

Posted by dominic on 2005-07-27 18:18:22
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only been to eugene twice, for two or three days both times. not a lot of hippies, i thought. seemed to be mostly college kids and yuppies with computer jobs. the hippies there were pretty lame, trying to force their chincy bags on us, being like "hey, fat sacks." the nature around it is nice.

Posted by Jay on 2005-07-14 20:27:07
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I went to Springfield Middle and High school with Jesse Compton. I remember that, he was a total loser back then. Yeah, they like burned that kid with electrical cords and stuff... horrible. just horrible. Dont worry, he'll get his in prison.

Posted by jennifer on 2005-07-14 03:36:58
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hi everyone. the only thing that i would like to add is that on june 1997 a 3 year old girl was tortured to death by her mother and mothers boyfriend in springfield oregon. there were numerous people who witnessed the horror of this child and did absolutely nothing. if you are one of those people who witnessed such horrors on a child. then i want you to know that you should feel guilty for the rest of you life for not doing anything. you should also rot in hell with jessee compton and stella kiser. good. now i feel better.

Posted by Gratefully Dead on 2005-07-14 02:12:16
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yeah, the country fair is pretty much a get together of people who are stuck in the 60's (or wish they were alive in the 60's). They dig out their dusty hippy clothes that probably lay in a box right below their Gap sweaters and Abercrombie And Fitch shirts hanging in their closet and pretend to be open minded and one with nature. Their idea of being open minded is accepting your point of view as long as they agree with it. The OCF has become such a joke beginning about 12 years ago. It actually used to be cool, but its just plain stupid now.

Posted by Gratefully Dead on 2005-07-13 22:12:33
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I've lived in Eugene for 25 years now. I am 26 years old. I am probably the only person in the world who has a legitimate reason for suicide. Im surrounded by liberal dirtbags who think they know everything and for god's sake, if I hear another Grateful Dead song, I'm going over to the "grassy knoll" downtown... JERRY IS DEAD, GET OVER IT. AND IT ISN'T 1969 NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU WANT IT TO BE. oh and one more thing... KERRY LOST, GET OVER THAT TOO

Posted by Sumyunguy on 2005-07-11 01:38:29
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Totally right, we didn't see any cops. Now I know why. I did see some guy in a black suite and a wire on his ear, a secret agent? Maybe just some guy pretending to be one. He really stood out.

Posted by M on 2005-06-19 06:16:48
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I moved to Eugene 9 mths ago to attend UO (NOT by choice!). Obviously I hated Eugene in the beginning. Now I am disliking it less. Good points: nice summer weather; fun to bike around in; good running trails; decent bus system. My advice: find the good in it and focus on it. You bet I will not be here the minute after I graduate, but I am trying to enjoy to casual, small-town lifestyle. Sort of like living in the suburbs, in the sense that you're basically safe (in the areas near the UO--anywhere else: 100% white trash!!! omg) and the streets are small, little traffic. The shopping here SUCKS! NO fashionable clothes and the mall is TINY. I have never seen so many people who do drugs--very little self respect. All those other comments referring to Eugene as being stuck in the 60s, a place for people who don't want to work hard, few jobs/sucky economy--they were 100% right. Avoid at all costs unless you need in-state tuition--then try to make the best of it. Or of course if you are white trash, a druggie, a bum, or some sort of other loser. You'll fit in. But only if you're white. The irony of such a "PC, diverse" town is that they are only "open" to particular views. It's a joke.

Posted by Rose on 2005-06-09 22:21:05
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I am not exactly sure about the town, but I am from a really painfully small town in Kansas (Eudora anyone?) and I am looking for a bit of relaxation for college. A friend recommended Oregon, but I am not having a good time searching for "hip colleges" does anybody know which colleges are relaxed, tolerant of different lifestyles, and have hippies in abundance? Thanks- SkipperMcJoJo@aol.com, i don''t check this much.

Posted by Jon Miler on 2005-05-24 12:43:18
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I used to live in Springfield better known as tweakerville. I made a lot of great friends in the Eugene area. But I do notice a lot of upity snotty people who think they are know it alls. The main reason I lived in tweakerville is because I could not afford the ungodly rent Eugene askes for! Geez get a clue and being stuck with a deadend job I could never afford living in Eugene. While living in tweakerville the people next door all where tweakers. tweakers suck. They steal all your crap and then think they are innocent and some other joker tweaker stole your stuff. They always lie to get their next damn fix. My boss was the nicest boss I ever had though and I did a real good job dispite the situation I was under. Unfortunatly I hade to relocate back to redneck jesusland Lakeview, Oregon because I could not afford even the rent in tweakerville. tweakers suck!

Posted by disgusted on 2005-05-18 22:28:51
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Ive been here for 9 months, and I can't wait to get back to portland. I haven't seen the diversity everyone is talking about. Eugene is very racist against blacks (espically the police). Someone wrote something to the extent of "no niggers allowed" on the driveway of a black family having recently moved to springfield. The woman elected to promote diversity in the city ended up quitting and moving away. The location is laughable. Eugene is one giant suburb. The down town area is a joke. There is hardly any culture left, due to the oppening of the valley river mall, causing a lot of focus to move from the streets of down town and closer to the mall. Ive never seen so many wal marts and targets so close to eachother. There are a few good stores left, including those located in the 5th street public market, but a lot of local places are closing because of the idiots who would rather shop at wall mart This is a hippie town? There are hardly any liberals left, mostly right winged, suv driving jesus freaks. And who said something about great concerts? Yeah, if you consider "bowling for soup" a great concert.

Posted by dude on 2005-05-18 12:07:03
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I've lived all over the US and in several college towns, from Honolulu to Gainesvile, FL, to Boulder, CO. 1. Eugene is not ethnically diverse. Period. Go to Honolulu, you'll finally understand the meaning of the words, plus no de facto segregation. Its a true melting pot. In Eugene its an abstract value, not a reality. Nothin you can do about that. 2. Weather is fine with me. Love changing seasons, cold weather, and rain. Summer becomes a release. Just don't let the winter's get you down. 3. Eugene has a serious sprawl problem. Growth should have been capped a long time ago and they should repeal the city building height cap. First rule to having a vibrant thriving downtown is population density. why do you think inner cities decline? Build up, not out, and the downtown economy will follow. Don't like chains/coporations, have the county/city deny their charter locally. Fill the down town with local business. The empty windows and streets can be filled. 4. As for the people, they seem nice, but I haven't meet many people. Definitely a hippie town, for the most part. New age and knee jerk liberals abound. Little critique and logic. The conservative christians surrounding Eugene are no better. Dogmatic, hypocritical, and self-righteous. No one thinks in terms of policy consequences or really makes an informed vote anymore. 5. As for the economy, the minimum wage is $7.25 and rent is some of the cheapest I have seen. If you want higher pay, get a degree in computer science or the medical profession. Liberal arts is fantastic, but very few technical skills are learned. Growth in the US and in Oregon will be high. 6. Overall, Eugene is a great town. I really enjoy the atmosphere, the food, bars, and there are plenty of activities to occupy your time if you have the desire. It is also a relatively safe town and a good place to raise children. It has a thriving music and art scene, and b/c of UO there are a lot of intellectual activies as well. Eugene has a lot to offer and I am glad I have ended up here. It has character, is unique, and has potential for getting better. My only pet peeve is the smoking ban. It sucks and unfortunately is based on second hand smoke data that is, "not satistically significant." Two inconclusive studies and a few well funded self righteous people and there you go, second hand smoke hysteria is sweeping the nation. It's happening everywhere I move. There are so many things in this world that we know kill, but are allowed to remain legal, so why second hand smoke? Know how many people die in car accidents? Another pet peeve: gambling. Allowing gambling, even small parlors in bars, is such a bad idea. Don't people realize that it only sucks more money out the community. It only works for Vegas and Atlantic city because they have millions of tourists who come there every year to spend money on gambling. Politicians have suckered voters in to giving up more money by extolling the virtues of gambling revenue. If you want more money for education then remind the State that they used to spend 20% of revenue on schools and now spend about 12%. Enough....Eugene is a great place, but full of political obfuscation and non-logical policies. But, what city isn't.

Posted by bobb on 2005-04-07 00:48:18
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In defense of Eugene (sorta) Yes, it can be tough to get started here, but, you're here. Negative comments would be better directed to the one who put a gun to your head and forced you out of where you were happiest. There are temp and seasonal jobs, definitely not "living wage", but better than begging. Don't try the "will work for food" sign". we know that's a lie. I'm not fond of the "disabled vet" signs either. (ever here of the "fuck-you" lizard)? I've traveled Europe,Asia and the U.S. from east coast to west, from Quebec to Brownsville, and I've never been to broke to leave town. Try it, we,ll like you better.

Posted by Steve James on 2005-04-04 00:56:36
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I've lived in Eugene for 18 years, so let me set the record straight - Eugene is a quiet little backwater pretending to be a city and perfect for those people who don't have enough ambition to make it in a larger market. Eugene is where people come to try their hand at starting their own business - this leads to a lot of arts and crafters making stuff that is all going to be relegated to someone's attic in short order. It also leads to the most astounding array of crappy restaurants that has ever been assembled in one town. Eugene used to have the distinction of having more restaurants per capita than any town in America - maybe this is still the case - but this is nothing to be proud of considering what passes for food in most of these establishments. If you like huge burritos or greasy Thai food, you will love Eugene, but if you want to go out and have a meal that is better than you could whip up at home in 15 minutes, your choices are slim indeed. It never ceases to amaze me how little this town has changed in the 2 decades I have been here, yes there are some new buildings, but our streets are falling apart - it is an embarressment the poor condition our roads are in. This is because the city spends its limited funds on building a never-ending array of "traffic calming devices" to slow traffic down everywhere - speed bumps, center islands, round-abouts, choke points - you name it, the city has built them, to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. There was no need for all these obstructions, because the roads are now in such shitty condition that you can't drive fast anyway. Eugene is a great place to live if you want to coast along and not be challanged by a vibrant economy and ambitious people. Unfortunetly, living here does not prepare you to live anywhere else - I have seen many people move away to SF or LA, only to abandon their dreams and move back in a few years because they couldn't be successful in the competitive environment of a larger city. There are A LOT of people on government assisstance in this town, some deservedly so, but many just trying to scrape by while doing as little as possible - I know several people like this so I am not making unfounded generalizations. There are a lot of people leading very stagnant lives in this town, scratching out a threadbare existence and proud of it. I'm all for "living simply so others may live", but there are an awful lot of people living simple not by choice, but by default. Steve

Posted by Going Nuts in Eugene on 2005-03-25 10:10:14
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Damn freakin' hippies. I've got to get back to Seattle.

Posted by Grateful Ed on 2005-03-09 23:58:57
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Eugene Rocks! I grew up in SoCal, Los Angeles/OC...and am super stoked to be up here with people that actually care more about each other than each other's cars. So..on that note...if you dig a cool lifestyle and wouldn't mind tooling around town in VW than Eugene is your place. The weather can be tough, but the summer is worth 10 nasty winters. Cool bands come through town often and there is a high "deadhead" population. Being a deadhead - this totally rocks! Anyways...tweakers suck, but every town has its community methlab and I know for certain that I knew way more tweakers in the OC than in Eugene. Country Fair is a one-of-a-kind dealie-o and you gotta go if you've never been. Its kind of a PacNW tradition. Grateful to be here and not down there.

Posted by Dawn Dancing Feather on 2005-02-18 23:25:16
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Yo dude who wrote the top comment, youre tripping/factually wrong on the Country Fair there. There are no new owners or old owners. Eugene is the best alternative community in the world, and the Oregon Country Fair is magical! You have totally missed it. I am an owner, as are thousands of other participants be they volunteers, crafters, or entertainers. We are a nonprofit community organization with an elected board, 4 paid employees, and 3000 volunteers that put it on each year. Three thousand! The land was originally bought with the help of the Kesey family and the Grateful Dead playing a benefit out there in 72 and paid off by another Dead show benefit in 82 (I was a young 22 year old flowerchild, it was my second Dead show and so beautiful, and after they let in everyone with tickets they let the rest of the people in the parking lot in for free, ya dig? Thats the fair for you. You just have to be a giver, not a taker. Its all about making magic happen cooperatively.) If you really want to get involved, go to http://www.oregoncountryfair.org and find out when the Community Village meetings are starting up in winter and get involved! There are also ways to join crews like construction, deconstruction, recycling, traffic, security, vegemanics, each of which have 100's of members, but it takes a year round dedication to make this amazing magical thing happen. As Stephen Gaskin said recently upon coming for the first and not the last time, "I cant believe something this amazing and hip happens and I dont even have to do anything to make it happen!" So...show up some weekend in late spring and jump in on a work crew and you will make connections quick. Expect to work hard and have lots of fun! Peace! Oh, about the cops, as in any counterculture event of thousands they are there undercover to make sure no illegal activities are going on, and of course none are. We are very protective of the land, and have been threatened in the past with seizure and forfiture by the county sheriff if illegal activites are allowed. So we make sure such things dont. And you know? Its nice not to have scammy ripoffs and no drunks, too. As far as undercovers, no one is "allowing" them in, they of course are allowed by virtue of laws many of us disagree with. However, we do our own internal security and there is no presence and no need of presence of any uniformed law enforcement folks, which is pretty amazing considering for one weekend in July we are one of the larger cities in Oregon. Here in Eugene we have had 35 years of alternative culture developing alternative community institutions like the Country Fair, the WOW Hall, Saturday Market, coop businesses, etc, and we have developed ongoing and good relationships with all the different aspects of our city, the second largest metro area in Oregon, including the powers that be. We finally have elected a hip progressive mayor, woo hoo! This is an amazing town, and any flippant judgments reveal to me more a lack of understanding of what hipness really is. Sheesh....give me a break! Peace and love, everyone...

Posted by Dawn Dancing Feather on 2005-02-18 23:15:03
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Yo dude who wrote the top comment, youre tripping/factually wrong on the Country Fair there. Eugene is the best alternative community in the world, and the Oregon Country Fair is magical! You have totally missed it. I am an owner, as are thousands of other participants be they volunteers, crafters, or entertainers. We are a nonprofit community organization with an elected board, 4 paid employees, and 3000 volunteers that put it on each year. Three thousand! If you really want to get involved, go to http://www.oregoncountryfair.org and find out when the Community Village meetings are starting up in winter and get involved! There are ways to join crews like construction, deconstruction, recycling, traffic, security, vegemanics, each of which have 100's of members, but it takes a year round dedication to make this amazing magical thing happen. As Stephen Gaskin said recently upon coming for the first and not the last time, "I cant believe something this amazing and hip happens and I dont even have to do anything to make it happen!" So...show up some weekend in late spring and jump in on a work crew and you will make connections quick. Peace!

Posted by Eugene resident on 2005-02-18 01:06:47
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After reading the other posts I had to post my opinion about Eugene and the people here. I have lived here for 3 years. I do like Eugene, but I don't love it. GOOD: 1.location 2.weather,not to harsh winter or summer 3.alternative life style;not to bible belt 4.political awarness;except for the extremists on both sides 5.If you bi,gay or carpet muncher 6.bike paths or BIG SUVs,depends what side your on 7. Small resturants,bars with live music,if your a trust-a-farean/dreddie 8.We don't call it Ugreen for nothen 9. Once a year all the wanna be hippies leave Eugene for the COUNTRY FAIR BAD: 1.drivers;can't merge, "no after you, no after you" braking all of the basic driving laws trying to be nice 2.job market; not many good paying jobs. no matter what type of job they all seem to drug test(because there are so many crack junkies here) 3.People here say they are diverse but still VERY clickish 4.Bumper stickers; everyone wants to tell you how & what you need to believe in but ,yet they say they are open to everyone.ONLY if you believe what they believe 5.Poor overall state;schools closing, no sales tax, high state tax 6.TWEEKERS,TWEEKERS,TWEEKERS 7.Suger coating everything;never give a straight answser, always trying to be PC 8.Don't like GOV. but will stand in line to collect food stamps or other assistance. 9. Did I mention TWEEKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.Mountainbillies & wanna be 60's hippies trying to cohabit 11.Springfield or spunfield is close WE ARE ALL HERE BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!

Posted by realdeal on 2005-02-04 23:26:34
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yeah, eugene. there's no such thing a free lunch, and there's no such thing as utopia. but eugene is still an amazing and underrated place. it's not a place to get rich, or lead a glamorous lifestyle, but it's a place to be cool.

Diversity. what does that mean? I think it's just a polite euphemism for multi-racial, and if that's what you want, know this: there are two racial groups in Eugene, white and Latino (30,000 Latinos in Lane County, out of 250,000 overall, and 110,00 people in Eugene). That's not racial diversity, no. But in terms of acceptance of eccentricity and difference, Eugene has more diversity than Chicago, where I'm from originally, and LA, the only other large, multiracial city I've lived in. Jobs. Yeah, there aren't many. but you have to poke around and figure something out. You might have to work at a deli, or work on a construction crew, but so what? that's the trade-off. if you have gumption and captial, start your own business, but try to reach the market outside of eugene; there's only so much money going around in town. People. There are jerks, maybe just as many as else-where. But the non-jerks? Wow, what a bunch of open, friendly cool people. Post-ironic, post-cynical, post-jaded, ready to see the beauty of the simple things in other people and in their neighborhood. Food. Very good. Let's not get carried away -- large cities do have better food overall. But I defy anyone to name a college town with as good and well-rounded a selection as Eugene. And as for groceries? The best in the United States, period. The best, least expensive organic food available. Yoga. Eugene has real yoga teachers and a true Yoga community. If that's your thing, there is no better place.

Posted by Jessica on 2005-02-04 15:38:15
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Oh yes...if you have any comments ...my e-mail address is kgrlzrck@aol.com. I read my "nubain" brother's post...no I am not a fat dyke! Believe it are not I wear make up and was Homecoming Queen. (But, with out the Homecoming Queen attitude) I love people who can think for themselves...and not based on their religious up bringing...yes I am an atheist...NON-Judgemental... Thanks again... I you know the school system and the right area's to live in Eugene...please e-mail Peace Be With Us All...We need it...

Posted by Kin Lane on 2005-01-29 08:42:59
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You guys are too funny......great comments on Eugene. Well I will throw in my 3 cents.... Eugene ain't perfect. But it is very nice. Nice diversity..not as much as the city...but enough. Fun watching all the College Students. People are accepting enough of others.....yeah some uptight hippies....but lots of real down to earth people if you get to know people. I run a business building web sites for artists, crafts people, and micro businesses....ain't ever going to get rich...but I pay the bills. Job scene is hot and cold....depends on what time of the year.....college students take all the entry jobs. Sometimes we are poor as dirt...other times we do alright. Have 2 kids.....one goes to school....the school system is amazing compared to rural school....or in the big city. People are nice....their are bike paths....good food....live music. Good vibes overall. The standard of living isn't well off like elsewhere in the country....but you can eat good organic food and live well. Come to Eugene.. Kin Lane - Original Web Solutions - http://www.originalwebsolutions.com

Posted by patricimo on 2005-01-05 21:47:33
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gettin ready to hop a train to eugene from the florida panhandle. i am fortunate to have long time friends already living there. barely have any money, just enough for the train ticket. can't seem to find a dread friendly employer down here so i am seeking in eugene, maybe eureeka very soon. trouble with much of the south, save new orleans, is that if you dont have a shaved head and clean shaven face, no one wants to hire you, with the exception of a few rare birds. regardless of the range of knowledge and experience a person can possess, we are still judged by appearance and politics. i am hoping eugene is not like this, but i am moving with an open mind and am simply trying to change my scenery. have experience with organic gardening and a degree in environmental studies from west florida, is there room for me? a job? also am a dedicated boardrider and find great comfort in staring into space, contemplating the mysteries and blessings of life on this planet. unfortunately people in the south are trying to develop the last great open spaces for want of lots of money, suvs, and bush tax breaks. they love the fruit but hate the tree. does eugene love both? i am wondering? play hand percussion? i'll be looking for you! hahahahahaha!!!

Posted by Alaska Bob on 2004-12-15 07:37:40
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What's the pussy situation in Eugene?, I be looking for a little trim. Enough of those stripper skanks in Anchorage, damn whores.

Posted by Another Thing on 2004-12-14 05:07:35
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Don't tell me about Eugene and diversity. WHo are you kidding? This is the whitest fucking place i've ever seen. You get some brothers hitting up on your women and hanging and banging downtown, and then you can tell me about diversity. Hispanics are mostly relegated to field workers around here, Asians, not many. Okay there are a lot of big old Dykes here,who gives a shit.

Posted by More from Wade on 2004-12-14 05:02:47
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There are actually two types of people in Eugene. The hippies-usually have roots in Northern California. The earmark of the older, upper middle class hippie types is on guys some lame pony tail, (along with their balding dome) and no clue on how to dress-a white shirt and tie and blue jeans-gee how fucking 1978. The women still think they are hot, way past their prime, (hey babe we're looking at your daughter not you), and dress like old whores at the fair. The other type is the hick Oregonian, who has noi clue about anything outside of the North West, hates anyone from another state, is fat, dumb, and lazy.

Posted by Wade Collins on 2004-12-14 04:55:02
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Eugene sucks. I've lived all over the country and this is by far the most limp wristed, lethargic bunch of assholes I've ever met in their life. Do you Oregonians realize what an unfriendly and dull bunch you are. I know how exciting your life and pace is, you don't even know how to merge on a freeway. The rain fogs your brains obviously. As far as the fair, its nothing especially in comparison to the shit that goes on every weekend at Venice Beach. Better pussy, food, items for sale, music, and more interesting people. All you fucks do is smoke dope or drink coffee or piss beer brewed by some turd at home. Your food is garbage, especially any of that vegan shit.

Posted by yellow-winged fairy girl on 2004-11-30 04:50:16
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My boyfriend and I have just moved to Oregon from BC. Any advice on a fun town with jobs for dreadies would be helpful. We're almost broke and aren't having any luck in job search so far. We've been trying ski realted towns but are up for anything. Does anyone think we'll have luck in Eugene? A job is crucial and cheap rent for us and a dog is essential. Tahnx to all

Posted by mojeecat on 2004-11-18 19:41:41
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there can't be too many gwb supporters tere. kerry took oregon. remember?

Posted by Annie on 2004-11-17 21:15:20
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By the way does anyone know of any sort of summer job i could get in oregon? i want to visit there, but since my mom is paying for my school right now she won't let me go anywhere unless i'm making money.

Posted by missing eugene on 2004-11-02 07:53:00
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eugene, words sometimes escape me when i remember my life in eugene.it was wet and sometimes cold ,my dinner plate was often empty,but my bowl was always full! had two dogs great pals they were. some sad times there were, i watched the towers fall while living in a yuppie hole, i chopped off all my hair ,beautiful dreads they were,but , least of all i lost my car . i just left it there. but the good times were also there!!!!!! beautiful sights to see, mountains to climb, ocean air to breathe,and the rock slides , man i really miss those.!!! evening bus rides on the 40 to sneak into the macdonald, or my most favorite of all ......seeing the moody blues for free while chillin under a tree in alton baker park. dont get me wrong , i love to love but i have so much hate . you may think iam a hippie , gypsy , or waste but time has shown that isnt the case. all iam is me and wherever iam thats all i shall be...... but while i was in eugene it usually felt good to be me. still trying to get home and that eugene you see. to my daughter this place is where she was concevied and where i carried her to so much more than just a seed and as she knows that me as her my loves her so, iwant her to know the love that is eugene also.

Posted by chris on 2004-10-11 18:36:37
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i'm moving to eugene, i visited it for a week and i thought it was the best place i've ever been, i currently live in arkansas and i can tell you it hardcore blows, everyones a redneck except about 20 out of 500 and in eugene everyones awesome, cant wait to sell our house and move

Posted by Maura on 2004-10-06 19:06:35
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As someone who has worked at the OCF for 20 years I can assure everyone who is curious that it is run in the same way that it has been run for its entire lifetime... that is, by an elected board. And I can also assure you, due to the scrutiny of drug use by the Reagan administration and since, there have been undercover officers there every year for as long as I have been there. To think that there have not been police coming into an open event that is known for drug use would be naive. Discretion when breaking the law is always advised no matter where you are, whether one agrees with the law or not. I work with the Vaudeville crew and keep coming back because some of the highest and most innovative work shows up there annually.

Posted by jimmyinspace on 2004-09-29 16:45:05
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hee-hee. skippy , dippy.. did I mention that alot of good looking people live here and you have access to anything you want, even the rainforest, mountians, ocean, organic food, topless women, and best of all just about everything grows here. If you cannot find a job then go to Venture Data.. Duh, every hipster knows that...did I mention good beer, everyone is friendly, lesbians, a river, topless women, and the freedom of medical mary and the right to die as needed..did I say topless women and rain, skippy dippy.. hee-hee

Posted by jimmyinspace on 2004-09-28 01:05:12
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Eugenes slogan::::We all ended up here, because we were not all there

Posted by jimmyinspace on 2004-09-28 01:03:23
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Posted by jimmyinspace on 2004-09-28 01:02:01
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Eugene is the best town in America to raise children. I traveled with The Phaded PHish and Phil and all his Phriends for about six years emersed in your most hardcore of hippiness. Then I ended up in Eugene with my 8 month pregs girlfriend. After every town up and down the east and west. Eugene got me on my feet and has allowed me the space I needed to grow up but still be a kid.

Posted by Sarah Mattocks on 2004-09-23 07:45:47
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While Eugene is what, I suppose, you could call, the heart of "hippie-dom" in most likely the U.S., the state of mind is most certainly not restricted to Eugene. Infact, I would say that within the last few years, Eugene has taken itself in the complete and opposite direction, which I feel is sad because that earthy, home-grown feel is what gives the mid-valley it's flavor. However, several locations surrounding Eugene (i.e. Veneta, Goshen, and Prineville which is in central Oregon) are just as related to this culture and way of life as Eugene. Infact, I have never been to one city in Oregon, save for Springfield because that has been officially re-named Springtucky and there is a HUGE difference between hippie and redneck, that is not just as laid back and casual as our topic city of choice. Anywhere you could possibly visit in Oregon has, in some respect or another, gleaned some of it's tradition and culture from the greatness that is hippie and as it's centerfold:Eugene.

Posted by Nancy Fierra on 2004-09-13 12:53:06
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Eugene is a wonderful town for the environmentally conscious and people needing to live in a tolerant community. It is very friendly to off beat folks and is a lesvbian haven. Chris Williamson lives outside of town on the wonderful Mackenzie River It is very busy with traffic, which is a bummer, but there are many wonderful activities including a parade each year that parodies the Rose Parade and is a complete hoot. They also have the Eugene Celebration each year and the activites for this have appeal to mostly everyone. However, your list missed a very big, friendly and diverse city, which is Portland, Oregon. It is simply a wonderful place to live if you like big city life. Many wonderful little districts that are friendly and many excellent brewries and coffee shops. Don't miss the Bagdad Cafe in the Hawthorne district!

Posted by emily on 2004-09-05 08:05:18
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Just wanted to comment on what Todd wrote, Right on !! I don't know what you do for a living, but if your not a writer you should be. What you wrote was wonderful, your comments about "the east" couldn't be more correct (easterner too) can't wait to visit Eugene, its sounds like the type of community my hubby and I can breathe in! Thanks for your posting. Peace to ya!

Posted by emily on 2004-09-05 07:33:26
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I am writing in response to noah. What was written was a very good observation about the races. I am a predominately black american women who has a lot of culture in my family and married out of my so called race. Over the years I have become rather obsessed with demographics and race simply because usually an area that is well represented culturally is acceptant of inter-racial relationships. I have found that white folks seem more threatend about the loss of their "race" and this causes them to act real ignorant. My husband experienced first hand the looks I received by folks as we drove cross country. People looked at me as if i were alien! Its a trip. Unfortunately, the places I want to live are too expensive even for wealthy people (California bay area) this area seems to have gotten the diversity thing. Its seems to be a live and let live thing here and because realstate is so high people have a sense of having a piece of the pie. It seems a lot of folks out here bought homes several years ago and now they are worth 4X what they paid. Any way if this makes sense its just another perspective is all. I grew up in an ivory tower community in CT, and though things have change a little its just nice to live or be in a place where, if people aren't culturally diverse, I will settle for educated or at least tolerant. Its a terrible feeling having to be stared at or called so bull**** racial slur that puts you back to 1950's United States. Peace to you.

Posted by John on 2004-09-01 18:59:12
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Hello, is anyone in the Eugene area looking for a cheap, classic, old 1964 Hippie Van? if so, please send e-mail for full details to: Custom541@aol.com ,thank you.

Posted by noah on 2004-07-25 00:07:09
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This is about DIVERSITY and RACE in general. I have lived for about 20 years in Atlanta Georgia. This city is about 60% BLACK. My schools were generally about 50% black students. DIVERISTY IS OVERATED!!!! Why is it so important to have "Diversity"??? Blacks and whites got along a lot of the time in my schools and in the city. But they often also had cultural conflicts. My experience is that because blacks have been so enslaved for centuries they are so poor that they are infatuated to some degree with the joys of new wealth. To many of them a nice car and an education are the topic of the day. In effect, many of them are living as though in the 50's (when america became more aflluent after a period of poverty). That is not to say that black folks are backwards. Actually I think they are noble for what they have been through. White southerners can be extremely ignorant, evil, and generally retarded about their relationship and abuse of african americans. But why is it neccessary to have blacks or other minorities living with whites? In my experience white people often have a different outlook and focus in their life that other races. Especially hippy, new age, or alternative minded people. So of course don't exclude minorities. And also I love all the races. But this idea that minorities should be shipped from somewhere else is ridiculous. Why is it such a problem if a place is all white? White folks dominate in the northwest because only white folks had the money and social acceptance to make the move. Blacks simply stayed where was home to them: the east. Also, in my experience other minorities (asians, latinos) CAN be stuck in the past too to some degree. A lot of them are even more patriarchal and male dominated than white rednecks. Its just more subtle. Honestly, it seems like no big deal that its mostly white folks up there in the NW. And if there are lots of white hippies thats really great because there aren't many places in the US like that. Honestly, I would love to leave Atlanta for a place that isn't just white redneck rebels and black gangsta wannabees. If all that nonsense isn't a part of where you live then count your blessings.

Posted by Todd Edman on 2004-07-19 22:21:31
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Ahh Eugene. *smiles*. If you've read the reviews and information on these pages yet, you might be starting to get the idea..... People hate it people love it. Its covered in Hippies, and W'04 bumper stickers. The Country Fair is great fun and supports a counter culture, and a total sell out. Its got a tons of homless, alot of social services, and is home to some of the wealthist people in the world. Its a city of deviersity with few minorities. Everyone has an opnion, in a city ridden with apathy. The only people who live here are Retirees and College students. It has a public library that is amazing, only becasue the old one was so bad. And people still think it was a waste of money. There is desert an hour away. And Rainforest. As well as the beach and some of the most beautiful mountian ranges you'll see anywhere. In the winter you think it will never stop raining. And in the summer you get 4 of the most beuatiful months of weather that you can possiably imagine. I've lived in New Jersy, I've lived in a van. I backpacked, and written computer software that allows one of the biggest coperations in America to send more junk mail to the box infront of my house. I found Jesus and now I simply sit quitely on my floor with my eyes closed worshiping no god. I'm a cocky jerk, and one of the most compassionate people you'll meet. What do I say? I love this town and all its contrasts. I try to make it a better place if I can, and strangly enough, that seems to be what most of the people who live here are trying to do. Some of them so passionatly so they believe they know how you should do it to. Are there better places to live? Its possiable. Though for me I can't think of any. Are there more interesting places to live? Possiably, though I haven't seen them. The only think I can say for certian, is you might like it here, and you might not, but I seriously doubt you'll think the experience a forgetable one.

Posted by Dylan on 2004-07-09 10:38:49
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I've been to the Oregon Country Fair three times now. It's been progressing towards bad, which is not how I expected the fair to be, but something just isnt right anymore. Here's my own story: 2002: "Whoah, cool!" First time was really neat, since i'd never been exposed to so much hippy crap all at once. I took lots of pictures, and met a few freaky people. I was working with one of the entertainment crews before, during, and after the fair. This particular group had been there for a long time (almost as old as the fair I think) so they had an established presence and many rights to various free passes for the staff on the crew. I myself just had daytime passes, but being how cool I thought the fair was I wished I could have gotten a camping pass too. "maybe next time" I thought. 2003: "Yep, cool." Second time was more of the same, but I started to become a little unsettled by the freakish quantity of people that filtered through the place during the day. It's startling to learn just how many people go through each day, and how many more people are on the staff. This time through the expirience was less enjoyable (not to say it still wasnt pleasant); I was seeing the same things and hearing the same sounds, but something seemed so thin about it. Like as if everybody was trying to be different or unique, but all ending up the same. Kinda like how dumping lots of different colored paints together turns gray. As for my daytime duties on the forementioned entertainment crew, i'd discovered just how irritating it is not to get the right kinds of passes for the right days, or even the right sections on the fair. For I got stopped and grilled by the security crew a few times that weekend because my pass wasnt "right", although I still got through eventually after insisting I knew who I was with and where I was going. I'm rambling a bit, but basically what I started to see was a complicated, intricate system which the entire fair ran on that hindered the feeling of a open, free-love kind of event which it so desperately tried to emulate. That year was still cool, but it didn't seem right. 2004: "Hmm, this is getting annoying" I have yet to actually attend the public-version of the fair this year, since it doesn't start but in 10 hours. (midnight now) But even so, the whole mess is getting in the way when I just want to do my job. If only I hadn't been working behind the scenes. I probably would have just attended the fair like a good little paying member of the public and always wondered why the event looked so happy and free, but seemed somehow fake and ironic. However, I suppose if i ever manage to make friends with a person on the fair staff who was high up enough, I could just obtain all the passes I need, be one with the elite VIPs, and party all night after the annoying, stinky, excessively wealthy and evil conserative S.U.V. driving public are kicked out.

Posted by Moved away on 2004-07-07 23:38:01
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I lived in Eugene and left, b/c there were so few jobs. While Eugene does have many wonderful qualities; hiking, biking, and so forth, it definitely has its negatives. It is very pretentious-many of its inhabitants do prance around thinking they are morally righteous. I once was driving around in my friends car w/Illinois plates, and I slowed down at an intersection with a "yield" sign and some guy literally follows me for 3 blocks honking his horn yelling out his window, "We Oregonians STOP at yield signs". Then, on another occasion, I once asked this 20 something woman who was working in a bookstore if Safeway was open (it was 11 pm at the time), and she put her nose in the air and stated, "I wouldn't know, because I don't shop at Safeway". Obviously she is too good to shop there, and snubs those who do. Personally, my experience living there was both good and bad. I did meet some cool people, those who shared similar interests. However, the job market is pretty non-existent, as one person commented on. I think that if you get lucky and find a good job then living in Eugene would be alright. But, often you find typical college mentality;very politically correct, preaching diversity when there are about 4 black people on the whole campus, and acting as if they know everything when they isolate themselves from the rest of society and refuse to watch TV or read newspapers. I find the general attitude complacent and apathetic. The worst kinds of people to run into there are the onoes who only wear organic cotton and only buy organic. There are so many spoiled rich people out there-I mean, who else could afford to live in a place like Eugene and work at a health food store and drive around in an SUV?

Posted by Brokentarot on 2004-06-30 19:47:09
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My comment is in response to Todd's comment. Thank you Todd, your entry was the most informative I've read on the comment boards for the places I am planning to visit. If you have any good tips that people may not want posted on the website (such as places to pitch my tent or get good cheap food, im from Maine and now have less than $200 in my pocket and i just reached Utah.) I would greatly appreciate getting an Email from you, brokentarot@netscape.net And if I dont hear from you, thanks for posting your message.

- Joe Grey
"Reverse the first four letters and EVOLVE"

Posted by Mr. Enthusiasm on 2004-06-30 09:34:12
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I'm writing this from Eugene, which I think is the one place in the US empire where almost everyone you meet (except people from the suburbs) are questioning, searching and seeking meaning in life. From the countless incredible festivals and markets to the bicycle-friendly infrastructure, to the thousands of non-profits trying to make a difference here and everywhere, Eugene is only boring if you haven't an idealistic bone in your body. In which case, you're probably not a hippy.

Posted by Todd on 2004-06-17 01:55:13
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I'm in my early 30's and have lived in Eugene for about 5 years. After reading the other comments posted I felt compelled to add my own 2 cents worth. I grew up on the east coast in PA.. When I turned 25, I grew tired of the 'rat-race' that chews on the fabric of human moral, understanding & compassion etc. (better known as "the east") I packed my shit and hit the Appalachian trail for a bit and then bused my way to Charlotte, N.C. and then Asheville. Asheville, N.C. is considered by some to be the 'Eugene, Oregon" of the east...or south or...well you decide. I call it the south. I actually met a few people from Eugene while I was in Asheville. They all praised Eugene over Asheville. Through what I consider to be a twist of fate, I ended up moving to Eugene, Oregon in 1999. Most other people (in their review on this page) focus on every negative aspect of Eugene. In my opinion, this 'type' of person is the exact reason for the downfall of many small cities/large towns, which is what Eugene is. Although the traffic is bad like most places in this country, Eugene is not what I would call a big bustling metropolis like Chicago, Philadelphia or New York which, in my experience, tend to be composed mostly of judgemental, self-righteous, self-involved, GREEDY individuals that never have enough for themselves. So what do these people do? I think they move to towns like Eugene. Once there, they somehow (slowly but surely) infect the town like a disease, attracting others like themselves to impose (perhaps unknowingly) their ingrained "city-life" on the town. If you notice people like this are very pre-occupied with themselves and what THEY want (like a job). How many people in how many states in this country need a job?...Raise your hand? In a town like Eugene one tends to appreciate the roof over their head a little more because of the seemingly large number of transients seen on this and that corner around town. Now how many people move to a town without researching the job situation? Many people get the job before they move, right?....'cause it's the smart thing to do I suppose, right? Anyway, I DID research before I moved here and with the exception that Mt. Hood has not erupted on schedule, I have to say my expectations have been fullfilled. The location can't be beat. 1hr. from pristine coastline, 1hr. from mountains and beautiful wilderness, 1hr. from the desert, (this state is LOADED with natural wonders) approx. 2 hrs. from Portland (a fantastic city full of cool places, cool times and cool people, Eugene itself is well developed, offering all the modern conveniences of any other city. It's not too spread out so you can get anywhere in 15 minutes or less EVEN ON A BIKE, which brings me to the main attraction of this town.....parks, parks and more parks. This town without a doubt, is geared toward the outdoor loving, health-concious individual. There are miles upon miles of bike paths. On this impressive, well-kept network of asphault and cement you can easily travel to any location in and around town. Want to ride to work in the morning?...You will probably get to work faster on your bike! Want to spend your days off cruising along the river bank through beautiful parks....NO PROBLEM! You can literally ride from one city limit to the other without putting one ..uh...tire in the street. I have not been to a place that even comes close to what Eugene can offer for health, excercise, and good old outdoors R&R! The weekend market is perhaps the oldest in the nation and despite the fact you can't just walk around smoking pot everywhere(where can you do that anyway?), you CAN check out all the cool local artist's stands which are fantastic and the fresh produce are always a good thing and you can lounge around listening to live musicians or maybe just bring a drum or guitar and jam with some others hanging out around the market. Cops?...who cares man....puff or drink before you come...trust me....there's no need to be paranoid if you keep it discreet. After all, one man's poison is another mans medicine... you know? That goes for others...not just YOU. Another cool thing about Eugene is the fact that despite the inevitable invasion of Wal-Mart, there are more small, cool, privately owned business here than many places. Eugene and Porland excel in this category, compared to the rest of corporate run America. The people here ARE generally more friendly, helpful and kind than many places I've been. The Country Fair....well it's just one of many festivals and events in this area like the "Bach Festival" and "Eugene Celebration".....I personally think the Country Fair is good for the entertainment and change of environment but the real fun is hanging out with your friends and camping out overnight on one of the many surrounding properties (I prefer to do that in one of the many 100's of other great campsites and parks in the state) ...that is unless you can manage to stay inside the festival overnight. Apparently that is when the real freaks come out and all the fun happens! By the way.... when I say "freaks" I mean it most affectionately. Freaks, Hippies and people who don't fit the typical cookie cutter "greedy, fat, glutonous American" mold would be most happy here in Eugene....more happy than they would be in most cities and towns I've seen. Let's not forget that the word "Hippy" meant and still means just that..."being or doing what is hip" which is, as far as I can see, simply being yourself, trying not to judge others for their differences (like others posted here do) maybe being good to the planet in big or small ways and the rest is pretty wide open. I don't recall any guidelines ever being set by the...ummm....."original" hippys..? The bottome line is ...over-all Eugene is a great little town with one big problem....people that move here that don't respect THE TOWNS personality. It's a melting pot of white and blue collars, jocks and hippies, gays, transients and transvestites, anarchists, and conservatives, loud and soft-spoken mouths and apparently a handful of dipshits that moved here from just plain crappy towns and cities who don't know a good thing when it's served on a silver platter! We all get along and respect each others differences more than is so in your average American town. However Eugene is fragile like most places it's size (or smaller). I hope that as more people move here, these newcombers RESPECT Eugene as I do, for what it is (one of the few remaining places in this country that still has a personality of it's own) and NOT EXPECT Eugene to become what THEY wish it to be. I love Eugene, I'm happy to call it my "home". Peace, T.

Posted by Tamara on 2004-05-19 21:04:14
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I noticed that my comment I had entered her about 6 months ago had bben removed from the website!! Nice sensorship!

Posted by Stoner_Boy420 on 2004-05-15 01:32:02
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Eugene has some of the best places to go toke. Spencers Butte, Skinners Butte, and a whole lot of forrest and places to go and just chill. Usually people don't even care if they see you smoking weed, but there are some assholes that will call the cops. I like Eugene because most of the people are really nice. I've lived here for 5 years and I only plan to leave because I'm joining the Air Force.

Posted by disappointed in Eugene on 2004-01-30 07:39:52
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My girlfriend and I just moved to Eugene a few months ago. Based on what I had been told about the place by a few of my friends who had lived here years ago I was expecting to find a community full of open minded, caring people. What I found instead was a town full of people who are pissed off that I would assume they would be open minded and caring and lots off, Bush Inc. supporting, 4x4 driving, flag waving close minded assholes. The rest were either new age latte sipping wanna be's or ultra radical, army boot wearing, I'll kick your ass if you disagree with me feminist, environmentalist etc.etc. Being a carpenter by trade I didn't think that I would have any problem finding a job once I got here. Wrong again. Apparently unless you have 35 years of experience, can singlehandedly build a house by yourself and are willing to work for free you can't get a job as a carpenter. Hell I can't even get anyone to return my phone call in response to the ad THEY PUT IN THE PAPER. Everyone bitching about the economy and throwing more bumper stickers on their import. Maybe my opinion will change once spring arrives and I've found a job. I realize that not everyone here is as I've just described but if you are looking for a Mecca for free spirits and open mindedness Eugene IS NOT IT.

Posted by Rock the Casbah on 2003-11-13 16:20:17
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Eugene is just a town like any other, filled with people, buildings and cars. Many of the people are more open-minded than in other parts of the country, and some are not. Many of the buildings are more interesting than in other parts of the country, and many are not. Some of the cars are more interesting than in other parts of the country, and most are not. It's also an hour away from the coast, an hour from dense temperate rainforest, a couple of hours away from big mountains, and several hours away from the desert. Within all of these areas are many beautiful rivers, lakes, and other wonderful features. Along with some of the people and buildings, these are the things that make Eugene a really special place. Anyone who spends their time bitching about what a town was, is, or could have been is in need of a new fucking life.

Posted by eugenius on 2003-11-11 15:41:44
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Every town has all types of people. The country fair is an open event, meaning it gets all types too. But it is the product of many dedicated volunteers that have put lots of work into it for years. People are a little more closed than they used to me. It is prudent when you are running an event that most of the straight world would like to shut down. But after reading the negative reviews posted here, it seems no wonder that there is a bad vibe going around. Just remember you reap what you sow. Throwing out negative vibes in response to other bad vibes, just continues the cycle. Self-fulfilling prophesies are everywhere and each of us is responsible for our own experience. Eugene is no different than anywhere else, a few enlightened citizens try to hold back the Wal-mart tide.

Posted by Eugene is for jerks on 2003-09-03 19:18:23
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I lived in Eugene for 3 years just to get away from Chicago and to attend the University-which is about the only thing Eugene has going for it, along w/the farmers market. Finding a job there was extremely discouraging, people got hired and fired for no reason, employers took advantage of you, and overall the job market sucked. I got sick and tired of the phony new age losers who thought they they only people on the planet. And people around there tend to be unsure about their political beliefs-and their values.They were extremely judgemental-despite its hippie facade. It is a stuck place-the majority of the people there hate change and cant deal that it isnt 1967 anymore-They prefer a sedentary lifestyle of smoking pot and eating raw vegetables and putting other people down who dont buy organic produce. The oregon Country Fair is just a bunch of these people concentrated in a smaller area-mostly these are White people who feel disenfranchised from the larger society.

Posted by crazyquilt on 2003-02-20 17:18:20
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I have to agree with that last review. Eugene has a lot of great things going for it but the whole area has been spoiled to a certain extent by events that have led to police walking around harrasing people in riot gear.... city officials spending money on fencing in tree sitters when they can barely keep their schools open...and undercover cops at the fair.

Posted by Oops on 2002-12-16 14:26:17
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I only meant to make the entry once, but the website was having one of its periodic technical problems (I don't know if this occurs on PCs, I own a WebTV).

Posted by Ben on 2002-12-16 14:22:28
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I went to the Oregon Country Fair once, back in 1995, and I thought the event was a big load of shit. And I was really disappointed in that, because I was expecting a whole lot more because it was a major hippie/countercultural fair and I was expecting wonderful people, great vibes, and possibly someone offering me a hit off their bong. But that's not what I got. I found the event overcrowded, and there were just way too many bad vibes and too many fakes and wannabe hippies. I did met a couple of nice people, but they seemed few and far between. Many people operating the booths were total assholes (one of them was selling flutes, and he was being an asshole because I was playing the flutes, and I've been to other events where the vendors had no problem with you trying out the flutes before you buy it). That's too bad, because I could tell the Oregon Country Fair was probably a way cool event years ago that I would very highly recommend. If it was bad in 1995, I hate to know what it's like now. As for the person below who said Eugene was full of fakes, well, I can't disagree with that. Too many times I met people wearing tie-dyes and they don't seem to act very hippie (it's almost like it's now a fashion statement). I think Eugene has the curse of the "trust-fund" types these days (Ashland has them too, which I found way irritating). As for the town being snobby, that I can't disagree with either. Many of them, as well, pretending to be hippie/counterculture. I was buying some records at Record Garden, there was this girl, likely college age, when I wanted to talk to her, she acted as she was wondering why I was talking to her, giving me that condescending silent treatment (no wonder Record Garden's reputation has gone down the shitter). This town has become one of those "Hey, look at my nose ring" type of towns. Eugene was paradise, if you were living there ten years ago or more. If there are towns I recommend these days, I need to do a little more exploring to find out (unfortunately I like in a conservative shithole in Eastern Oregon known as Lakeview).

Posted by Ben on 2002-12-16 14:20:49
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I went to the Oregon Country Fair once, back in 1995, and I thought the event was a big load of shit. And I was really disappointed in that, because I was expecting a whole lot more because it was a major hippie/countercultural fair and I was expecting wonderful people, great vibes, and possibly someone offering me a hit off their bong. But that's not what I got. I found the event overcrowded, and there were just way too many bad vibes and too many fakes and wannabe hippies. Many people operating the booths were total assholes (one of them was selling flutes, and he was being an asshole because I was playing the flutes, and I've been to other events where the vendors had no problem with you trying out the flutes before you buy it). That's too bad, because I could tell the Oregon Country Fair was probably a way cool event years ago that I would very highly recommend. If it was bad in 1995, I hate to know what it's like now. As for the person below who said Eugene was full of fakes, well, I can't disagree with that. Too many times I met people wearing tie-dyes and they don't seem to act very hippie (it's almost like it's now a fashion statement). I think Eugene has the curse of the "trust-fund" types these days (Ashland has them too, which I found way irritating). As for the town being snobby, that I can't disagree with either. Many of them, as well, pretending to be hippie/counterculture. I was buying some records at Record Garden, there was this girl, likely college age, when I wanted to talk to her, she acted as she was wondering why I was talking to her, giving me that condescending silent treatment (no wonder Record Garden's reputation has gone down the shitter). This town has become one of those "Hey, look at my nose ring" type of towns. Eugene was paradise, if you were living there ten years ago or more. If there are towns I recommend these days, I need to do a little more exploring to find out (unfortunately I like in a conservative shithole in Eastern Oregon known as Lakeview).

Posted by Ben on 2002-12-16 14:20:42
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I went to the Oregon Country Fair once, back in 1995, and I thought the event was a big load of shit. And I was really disappointed in that, because I was expecting a whole lot more because it was a major hippie/countercultural fair and I was expecting wonderful people, great vibes, and possibly someone offering me a hit off their bong. But that's not what I got. I found the event overcrowded, and there were just way too many bad vibes and too many fakes and wannabe hippies. Many people operating the booths were total assholes (one of them was selling flutes, and he was being an asshole because I was playing the flutes, and I've been to other events where the vendors had no problem with you trying out the flutes before you buy it). That's too bad, because I could tell the Oregon Country Fair was probably a way cool event years ago that I would very highly recommend. If it was bad in 1995, I hate to know what it's like now. As for the person below who said Eugene was full of fakes, well, I can't disagree with that. Too many times I met people wearing tie-dyes and they don't seem to act very hippie (it's almost like it's now a fashion statement). I think Eugene has the curse of the "trust-fund" types these days (Ashland has them too, which I found way irritating). As for the town being snobby, that I can't disagree with either. Many of them, as well, pretending to be hippie/counterculture. I was buying some records at Record Garden, there was this girl, likely college age, when I wanted to talk to her, she acted as she was wondering why I was talking to her, giving me that condescending silent treatment (no wonder Record Garden's reputation has gone down the shitter). This town has become one of those "Hey, look at my nose ring" type of towns. Eugene was paradise, if you were living there ten years ago or more. If there are towns I recommend these days, I need to do a little more exploring to find out (unfortunately I like in a conservative shithole in Eastern Oregon known as Lakeview).

Posted by fragles on 2002-10-14 21:45:53
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yep its now beat here just snobs tweek and schwill bums. A lot of fake people and kesey is dead. Lets not even get started on the state of the fair. Saturday market is still cool but probly not for long. Downtown is filled with sketch balls and drain bows.

Posted by Ben on 2002-07-22 12:31:28
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Me again, I finally got to go back to Eugene, but unfortunately it was because my grandfather just died, so I had to bring my mother over to Eugene to watch over my grandmother as things get sorted out. Anyway, my visit there has been rather disappointing, compared to earlier visits (and during the time I used to live there from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s). Looks like Corporate America is taking over. Ugly strip malls on W. 11th going out of town what used to be nice green fields (and a drive-in theatre, which is long history). City limits are now stretched westward to Green Hill Rd., which used to be a road of farms, is now a road with ugly new housing developments. Two Wal-Marts have came to town, as well as a Target. Luckily the strip malls aren't as big and unsightly as those found in Medford some 150 miles south on I-5... so far. Many new apartments and condos springing up, but not too many new shops to cater to hippies. Record stores have been really became lame (Record Garden changed from imports to used CDs, LPs and cassettes). Eugene's much more conservative neighbor, Springfield, known for redneck bars and auto repair shops is getting to look a lot more like how Eugene used to look, minus the countercultural vibe. On the plus side, I was rather amazed at all the environmental, leftist, and feminist bumperstickers I seen on the backs of cars in Eugene. Not to mention the Darwin and Pagan Fish is a normal sight there too. In my town (conservative Lakeview, Oregon), you'll only find a Jesus Fish, a "Jesus Saves" or a "Save a logger, eat an owl" bumperstickers on the back of cars. The VW Microbus, even the pre-1967 split-window variety is still a common sight in Eugene. Plus there's still the 5th Street Public Market where you can shop for exotic and unusual goods (even if a Nike Store moved in), sit down at a table by a fountain and talk to a friend or look at the shops. Hendricks Park is the most amazing city park I've ever been too! You'll forget you're in the city, unless you happened to be paying attention to the traffic of Franklin Blvd. which is a few blocks away. I don't recall Seattle having a park like Hendricks. And if you really want the ultimate wilderness experience but not go far, try Spencer Butte, just on the edge of town south on Willamette St. Although the good is still there, I'm afraid the countercultural scene in Eugene is going the way of the Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey.

Posted by Wandering Bear on 2002-06-25 15:24:41
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Ah yes. The long time battle between the Hippies and the Corperate Conservitive has been going on for a long time in Eugene.Thats nothing new. Despite that Eugene Still remains the Hippie Mecca of the U.S. downtown has been over run by the corperates lately. So the Hippies have taken to the outskirts and small towns surrounding Eugene.But their still there.

Posted by Ben on 2002-03-08 10:48:48
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I lived in Eugene for eight years as a kid, and I frequented Eugene many years later when I had the misfortune of living in that redneck dump 60 miles to the west on the coast, Florence (since the lack of diversity and limited and narrow views of its locals was getting me depressed). The difference between Florence and Eugene was staggering, I couldn't believe it. When I started visiting Eugene again to revisit my childhood, I was put in a culture shock. I seen lots of hippies, different kinds of craft stores, people who have more broad views on life than the limited, often bigoted and xenophobic views Florence had. The Grateful Dead frequented Eugene, until Garcia's death, that is, and Ken Kesey lived in neigboring Pleasant Hill (unfortunately Kesey is no longer with us, he passed away a few months ago). You got to remember this was a while ago when I was last in Eugene, I hear that the Eugene police are rather intrusive, they seem hellbent on getting rid of "undesirables" (you know, hippies and anarchists) which often lead to riots, but I had been left alone by the police, believe it or not. I have no idea how Eugene is like now, but hopefully I will return back to check it out. Several things I loved of Eugene is no urban sprawl (they did a good job keeping most of the population within the city limits) and no ugly, ultra-modern strip malls (something you can't say of Tacoma, try driving down on I-5 through that town, and you'll get depressed real fast), you get lots of great wilderness, particularly to the east, west, and south (the north is mostly flat). The biggest drawback of Eugene, besides their police, was the last time I was there, their downtown was dying, many businesses had went out of business and there were a disproportionate amount of vacant buildings.

Posted by Ted the Karate Man on 2002-03-07 12:28:07
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HMMM , I grew up in Eugene and gotta say -Beware. Ya the old owner is dead no -Sorry MR.K I am sure it was a fun trip for ya. Ya the town has gone back toward it's old small town ways but, is not being a hippy just so close to being a real red neck any how. Hey they poth grow pot and want the G -Man off thier land. Just that the red neck may own the land not just the tent.??????

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