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Portland, Oregon

Portland is a wonderful place that is very tolerant of hippie-types. Plenty of great people, and home to some great places, such as the nationally famous Saturday Market, a great place to meet people and just chill on the waterfront.

Ive been all around this country and Portland OR is the most beautiful city Ive ever seen....the people r welcoming know matter what u look like...and Hippies r more welcome than most...Saturday market draws some of the most unique people Ive ever met...but it is a great place for families as well...u can get almost any groovy hippy gear u want, as well as art from all over the world...waterfront is were most hippies hang out...ther r drum circles, smoking circles, its the best place to get rave flyers...and the vibe is very laid back. There is majik here...anyone whos been here will agree with me...it is so close to every part of nature here..the ocean, forests, mounts...Oregonians love & live with mother nature & not on her. so come one come all hippies to OR...its the most fullfilling place to end up!

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Posted by Sierra on 2007-03-12 01:43:34
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Hey, When on Hawthorne Blvd. Check out the Master Peace at 3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd. This shop specializes in HEMP, Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Soy clothing and goods for women, men, kids and the home.

Posted by Glen on 2007-02-25 10:15:16
My Score:
I was born in Portland and have lived most of my life here. 10 to 15 years ago I would agree that Portland was a nice place to live. No one was in a hurry, and one of the biggest complaints from visitors that the city was too laid back: "I can't believe people drive the &*()%$ speed limit here!!!" or some such as that. It's still an OK place to live, BUT There are a LOT of new people moving here every day. Many of those are big city types - particularly Californians - that are always in a huge rush to get anywhere. SE Hawthorne used to be a hippie dream land, and while it is still possible to buy bongs at the store called "Smoking Glass" (for tobacco use only of course), a LOT of the laid back hippie charm the street once had has been replaced by by yuppie stylishness. Because so many of these people who are moving here are coming from very expensive cities in California, the cost of housing has gone through the roof. For those from a big, expensive city (Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.) Portland will seem like it is very affordable. However, when comparing wages paid to cost of living, most of the indexes I have seen show only San Francisco as a more expensive city. Beauty? Sure, it's nice here. You could see Mt. Hood towering over the city from a number of places, but now they've built skyscrapers in the way of all execpt one or two places. Used to be you could see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, and even all the way north to Mt. Rainier, by Seattle. That only happens very occasionally - maybe several days a year - now because of the amount of air pollution from all the added cars on the road. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse. They expect the city to grow by another 1 million or so during the next 15 years. I'm glad there are still those who move here and like it, as seen on this thread, but I only wish that you could have seen the city like I knew it back when it still had a small town feel and before much of the beauty was obstructed by the new buildings downtown. - glen
My user name is glennl
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Posted by Virgil on 2006-12-29 08:58:03
My Score:
I grew up in Ptld. Good points are a great metro system, a (not great but ok) university that serves working individuals (PSU) and the nearby natural scenery. Why the low score? You'll find a lot of poseur, flakes and 'fake' types in Ptld, probably the influence of SoCal. It's nothing for someone to say they'll meet you on say Thursday night at such and such time, for that night to get here and they are nowhere to be found; lots of flakes. People aren't especially friendly either. Not until I moved to the South, North Carolina, did I really find people who I could call 'friendly'. It was quite an eye opener. Ptld is also a bit insular, it thinks the world is keenly aware of its existence rather than it being the isolated place it is. And the overcast weather. God help me, I'll never, ever forget my happiness living in the South when the Sun actually came out every day and the skies were blue 90% of the time. Ptld, nice place to visit or live for a year or two, it beats its chest about livability but a lot of it is hype. That's about it.

Posted by Penny on 2006-12-05 20:37:15
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Help! I am moving to Portland and dont have much money for rent. $400 or less a month. can anyone tell me any apartments or areas? peavanmeurs@yahoo.com

Posted by native floridian on 2005-11-30 06:30:22
My Score:
I wouldn't let the word out so much about how great portland is... im from s. fla. and it used to be laid back here until the last 10 yrs - all of a sudden it was like half of the world was moving here and building up- everywhere! the developers came in and now it's all concrete bldgs, tons of people and worst of all tons of cars. I hate it here but I must stay until my son finishes high school... I can't figure out why everyone wanted to move here... (I was born here). Growing up I used to hate it that no one stayed here- all transient visitors who'd always leave and go back up north. Now no one leaves- they stay & tell all of their friends how great it is. It's like they've ruined the place.

Posted by Butter on 2005-11-23 12:01:22
My Score:
So you think Portland would be cool to come to? well, just make sure you stay clear of WaterFront Park, Pioneer Square, and Park Blocks. The first and last are hot for cops the second is a place that nameless, jobless, stuck up, "I call myself a 'hippie' but only because I think you guys are cool" hang out at,and there mostly 13-14 year olds that ran away from home for being grounded. Cooller places are Larullherst park, hawthorne blvd, bellmont, most, Coffee shops in SE are chill too. really to get plugged in with cool people just find a place to kick it. a pub, chill bar, coffee shop, numeras parks(other than the ones listed above[matter of fact steer clear of parks in downtown in general) There's chill glass blowers around, and some good music too. find your fortae and hang.

Posted by Strider on 2005-11-20 05:07:06
My Score:
Hey, Y'all... Oregon is Awesome! The people, even the corporate types, are really laid back. Even nowadays. Yeah, there's a major influx from Cali and everywhere, but it's the cool people that are coming. They're tired of the establishment that's killing the rest of the country. Been to L.A. lately? Don't bother. It's worse than you remember. People are like trying to come 'home'. Remember, Cali was cool when Oregon was a conservative hinterland. So maybe we should try to welcome these brothers and sisters, and teach 'em how to be hippies again. Just like someone did for us, twenty years ago. By the way...don't feel alone. Colorado is having the exact same thing. Let's be cool. Let's keep on creating heaven!

Posted by april on 2005-11-20 01:04:39
My Score:
this town is a wonderful place if you can look past the corruption that the coorpations have caused-any hippy going downtown water front the hippies that you run into will welcome you and treat you right if you aren't buying pot alot of those bags are short. if you want good bags go to hawthorne that is where you get the real love. there is a couple good reggae nights in town one of them is 3100 ne sandy blvd. the other one is on ne killingsworth. though the coorperate coffee shops offer wi-fi so do some of the local shops, there's gladstone coffee on 39th and gladstone with free wi-fi, and so does coffee wire on 39th near hawthorne, so check out local shops and don't give into starbucks and coffee people...... DONT GIVE INTO COFFEE COORPERATIONS

Posted by tina on 2005-11-09 20:12:49
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Hey all. I'm moving to the west coast and would like to find a cool commune to just chill and grow herbs for awhile. Anyone know of any?

Posted by Sylvia Wildflower on 2005-11-05 23:20:08
My Score:
I am moving to Portland in February from the Northern California Coast. I was wondering what the good organic, conscience places and parks and areas are in Portland. Schools, galleries, resturants. Any advice? Love some heads up. I don't want to find a place online and find myself in George Bush land. Love to chat. wildflowerbelle@hotmail.com love and blessings, sylvia wildflower

Posted by Kate on 2005-10-24 06:34:23
My Score:
Oh, and I forgot to mention.........people here are not friendly anymore.

Posted by Kate on 2005-10-24 06:33:53
My Score:
Portland is losing its hippy charm. I've lived here for 23 years. Housing prices are up, there's tons of overeducated people applying for the same jobs (and even working minimum wage jobs at Starbucks.......which are on every corner)..... Some of the local hippy joints have been replaced with new, modern places........... Californians are coming here in droves............and not the 420 friendly type of Californians. Even Ashland (which is Hippy Central) is one of the new "hip spots" for Californians..........

Posted by Love Lover on 2005-10-04 05:05:03
My Score:
Portland is a magical place where with much beauty where i finally got the spiritual part of my life in place,which really helped my mental growth' NO TIME TO HATE

Posted by waterbird on 2005-07-25 23:26:07
My Score:
Interesting thread. I've lived in P-town for seven years now. I agree with many of the positive and negative things that have been said, but like anything, I think its worth noting that its all relative to where and with whom you are spending your time here. The people: It is a liberal haven, of which the hippy haven is a part, but not the whole. People are very politically conscious and active. If you are interested in truly connecting to a circle of people looking to better their lives and the world around them, with peace and love in their hearts, you will find a plethora here. Funny enough, most of these people, that I know at least, are from other parts of the country and came here to create this. If this is your mindset too, you will find them. The SE neighborhoods are filled with kind and open people. Hippy hearts without the need to dress or act any particular way. You will also find your fair share of plastic types and suits in the uber-urban areas (Pearl District) and outlying suburbs to the west, as well as conservatives, racists and hicks, which seem to make up a fair share of the population once outside of the city. It is hard to get to know some types of people, but that is the only way they will get to know us and our viewpoints. If we truly act with love, then we do so towards all people. The fact that I've used the term "hick" demonstrates I'm still working on this part myself. The only racial diversity is in N/NE Portland, which is quickly becoming gentrified but still has a vibrant Black community. Other areas have high Asian and Latino (primarily Mexican) populations, but there is the ever-present class barrier which forces them to live in the same areas as the racist hicks. The "hippy" scene is, as it has nearly always been, primarily White. There is a lot of diversity in gender/sexual preferance. It is a lesbian and gay haven, where you will find general acceptance but still run into the occasional jerk who is acting from fear and ignorance. The economy: No question, its bad, very bad. Since the dot-com crash, it has been very shaky. Local governments are broke, there are very few social welfare programs, and jobs are very hard to come by unless you've been around for a while and have intigrated with generous people. The environment: Breathtakingly beautiful! Old growth forest, waterfalls, snowy peaks, the Pacific ocean, all within an hour and half drive. But the winter, oh god the winter. Expect eight months of rain and gray skies. My theory is, however, this is what makes the people so nice and conscientious. This city and area resonates with love, magic, and community. But it may well require some sacrifices. To me, its worth it.

Posted by Callforpeace on 2005-07-21 10:55:38
My Score:
I love Portland. I wish I could connect with more people that are like-minded in the area, though.

Posted by lala on 2005-06-15 12:14:34
My Score:
um, how do you guys know that this website isnt actually run by the government in an attempt to monitor drug activity and potential "terrorism"?

Posted by josh weird beard on 2005-06-15 11:59:39
My Score:
meow, you are very cute and naive. portland is an okay place cause its easy to get out of and there arent too many really cold days but a lot of people here dont understand reality, their reality is reality tv which makes it hard to find intersting people. as far as bohemian i dont really know but a lot of people are good at playing dress up. fuck

Posted by -^_^- Meow on 2005-05-30 06:00:34
My Score:
How can somebody say the bad things about Portland that they did? I've lived in Portland for my whole life, which hasn't been very long Im just a kid, but oh well, I think its great. I've been to Florida, Cali, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and I think that I couldn't stand to live anywhere else besides here in Portland. There is so many small hip buisnesses, and people are so welcoming, and kind. Hawthrorn is great, its full of local theaters, which play fabulous movies and I totally adore, there is coffee shops and cafes everywhere, and some nice used clothing stores, though some things can be costly. Other people have posted that it is a racist state, that isn't true, not if you hang around nice people, the people affect the environment, if you're hanging out in Portland somewhere you feel comfortable, they will fill confortable about you being there, dont think that everyone is out to get you. Someone also said it was full of yuppies, I will admit, if you are hanging out aroudn the Pearl District, going to art openings, then people are a bit more yuppieish, but simply don't go there if you don't want to be around them, Portland has many crowds, hang out in the one you are most comfortable in. But downtown is just fabulous! Its crowded if you drive everywhere, but if you bike or walk, its amazing, so many different unique types of people, hippies, rebels, yuppies, skaters, prudes, beat niks, they are all there, its great. Yes, I will admit, there is a hella lot of Starbucks shops, but, no place is perfect, and Portland is a hippie hang out. The people are laid back, hardly ever in a hurry, and accepting towards different people. I remember when my friends first started dragging me to all the small busness areas (Hawthorn) it was great, everyone is so unique, playing instruments, and everyone has such a strong opinion. PORTLAND IS SO FLIPPIN' SNAZZY! -Meow -^_^-

Posted by Nimue on 2005-05-22 08:17:32
My Score:
I lived in Portland about 3 years ago, and was raised in the S.F. Bayarea during the 60's & 70's. I found Portland to be the closest to what S.F. was like then. It's a great city and I miss it alot.

Posted by Bazturd on 2005-04-24 10:21:57
My Score:
Very white, bland, and lifeless. No jobs, no good food, no entertainment, an definetly no diversity The hippie vibe is not here, it is the yuppie scene definitely, amd everybody here is wrapped up in themselves. Lots of strip bars and meth, and a severe lack of freedom. Saturday market is alright, but quickly becoming a shell of what it was. This is no utopia, and as hard as it is to beleive even Cali is better.

Posted by Gumbostasher on 2005-04-20 05:55:44
My Score:
I lived of Portland for a couple of years when I was real young, and from what I remember it was a bad ass little city. I also remember Oregon as a whole, cool ass state, very greeeen. How is Portland now? Do the richest people in the city still dress in jeans and tee shirts? I live in Miami, and it seems like people wont give you the time of day unless you dress nice, and drive some overprices peice of sh#t. Give me the scoop all you Portlanders.

Posted by cundalini on 2005-03-29 07:27:49
My Score:
I've visited portland a few times and love the city. I was most impressed by the people but the city in general seems to be moving at a different beat than any place I've been.People are there because they want to be and seem to be very happy. To start an interesting exchange try saying " hello". Works for me! I'm planning a move there this summer so I'd thought I'd ask here if they're like everywhere else and have to pee to get a job. Actually I'm casual so peeing isn't an issue but the hair thing is a grave inconvenance. I'm a tradesman who works manufacturing. Namaste'

Posted by mauricio on 2005-03-22 01:45:35
My Score:
alguin habla español

Posted by mauricio on 2005-03-22 01:44:16
My Score:

Posted by hater on 2005-03-12 22:01:05
My Score:
portland hates you!

Posted by Puter on 2005-03-05 22:51:14
My Score:
Hey, I'm in Portland right now. The good things you have heard about it tend to be true, but make sure you have a job lined up before you come here. The job market is really tight and if you wait to come up here to secure a job you might get screwed. Nug life? I don't smoke but it's good quality here and cheap.

Posted by Gonzo on 2005-03-05 21:23:24
My Score:
Whats up there. I was thinking about moving to Portland in about a year. I currently live in Las Vegas, and it is one of the shittiest places I've ever lived. I'm out here working as a intern for a appraisal company, and I have about 10 months left, and then I'm fuc#ing gone. I consider myself to be open hearted, very gererous (spelling?), honest, you know, all of the hippy characteristics. How are the women out there, are there a lot, because I love the ladies, they're not all fake bitches like here in Vegas are they? Is it easy to meet people in bars? Just tell me more about how bad ass Portland is, and I'll start packing right now, I'm sure you can use another loving, accepting person in your town, even though I heard it is getting pretty crowded. I heard the rain situation is kind of a myth, whats up with that? How is the nug life? Where is the best local bars to catch some good Jammin?

Posted by Brendan on 2005-02-26 03:59:58
My Score:
Portland is possibly the coolest town in the US. The Saturday Market is a groovy place to pick up hippy art and crafts, and theres lots of parks for laughing and lazing. The Third Eye store is also a big hippy magnet. And best of all, Portland is close to almost any geographical feature you can think of: rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, and more.

Posted by IBD on 2005-02-11 21:08:14
My Score:
Portland is a very welcoming place, as long as you are not a different color. I lived there for a year, and it's where all the old south dixie people went after the civil war. They think it's their promised land. I saw some crazy stuff: people on the bus whistling old insulting mammy type songs, to some guy in a suit trying to get home. This also happened to me more times than I can count. Being mocked in the supermarket, by some rich girl who saw that I was buying sour cream and said something about Mexicans to her mother. I mean, real egregious bulls--t up in Portland. Beware, kids.

Posted by sdelic on 2005-02-08 06:06:58
My Score:
I've been living in Portland for the last 8 months and there's more hippies and freaks and bohemian types in this city than you know what to do with. It's not as dense as the bay area so everything is a bit more spread out but whatever your trip is you can find it here. If your wanting to live in the 'hip' area stay in the SE north of Powell and west of '82nd between powell and burnside. If you live a bohemian lifestyle of any kind you'll find portland to be a city that's very easy to get used to.

Posted by ME on 2005-02-05 18:18:35
My Score:
I just went to Portland to check it out and found that the people were very nice but it is surely not a hippie area. Mostly alternative kids and skateboarders, who were also very nice. I was hoping for a bit more of a laid back, hippie loving vibe. All around though, a gorgeous place (mountains, trees)

Posted by Leticia Barbados on 2004-12-08 05:43:16
My Score:
many people dont know this, even the portland locals, but there is actually a clothing - optional bar in the Downtown party district of Portland. Its called Berbati's Pan, and its located right next door to the Shanghai Tunnel on S.W. 2nd and Ankeny. The bar is Greek owned they have set up a deal with the other bars and police in the downtown area to give the bar that "nude beach" appeal. So if you go there and you start to feel a little too warm, dont worry, they love naked hippies!!!

Posted by joshhannum@hotmail.com on 2004-12-04 11:00:15
My Score:
I grew up in Portland. Portland used to be hippy-friendly. Now its a weird place to be where you really dont feel welcome at all unless you got an s.u.v. Yall must be from Kansas or Miami or some shit if you think Portland is a cool spot for hippies. My plan is to get as many savages as I possibly can and pull Portland back out of the jaws of the rich before they swallow the motherfucker whole. The natives called the willamette valley the "valley of the sickness" because they would go there to find healing herbs. Now the valley of the sickness is just sick.

Posted by yellow wings on 2004-11-30 04:39:56
My Score:
Hello people of Portland! Could anyone tell me if dread locked folks can find jobs around or near town? About how much would one expect to pay for rent? What's your overall opinion of the town? Thanx and Much Love!!!

Posted by Mistletoe Angel on 2004-11-10 23:18:29
My Score:
Portland is absolutely one of the best American cities for hippies. I absolutely agree with the Portland Saturday Market comments. It is an excellent place for hippies to hang out. They've got this head shop called Artopia, where they have a lot of great vintage posters, Fillmore ads, bead curtains, window stickers, etc. And they have multiple booths filled with everything from hemp necklaces to tie-dye to sarongs to incense to fine abstract art! :) Besides the market on Saturday and Sunday, there are many other hippy-friendly areas in Portland west of 82nd Avenue, where east of there begins to get more downscale and filled with auto shops and mobile homes. Hawthorne Avenue is my absolute favorite part of Portland. There, it is very neo-hippy with many great cafes, head shops like Jambo World Crafts and the Third Eye Shoppe, and many great lounges and theaters where you can catch an act or read local poetry, etc. Everything between Belmont and Division is gorgeous. 23rd Avenue east of the Willamette is also a pretty area, Pioneer Courthouse Square is a great hang-out area, Laurelhurst Park, heck, Portland is THE tie-dye town, with the Pearl District being the only real exception with its upscale plastic atmosphere. It is true it rains most of the year here, but all the same the water enrichs the Earth and the flowers and trees are breathtaking here. A few words of advice to those who are interested to move here. The water here does contain some mercury pollution, but don't fear drinking the water. Just don't swim in the Willamette is all! ;) You'll love it here! I'm lovin' it each day! (does happy dance)

Posted by Greenwolf on 2004-09-30 22:46:38
My Score:
Thank you for your post. I have already recosidered and will not be moving to Portland at this time. However, I would love to visit and will be doing so before the end of the year.

Posted by on 2004-09-16 01:54:50
My Score:
Dear Greenwolf, With regards to your question about the Portland job market, I highly recommend that you reconsider your decision to move here. I came to Portland three years ago (just before the nightmare of 9/11) and these three years have been the worst three years of my career. Jobs are indeed VERY scarce, and more importantly, there's a lot of well-educated people here competing for the few jobs that are available. This is not one of those cities where you can come in with a chip on your shoulder and expect doors to open up because you have a bachelor's degree or even an MBA or Ph.D. On top of that, the city had some major budget cutbacks that have really made things difficult for low-income folks and anyone who needs to be on unemployment. Yes, it's a beautiful city with friendly, open-minded people and cheap rental apartments, but until the economy gets better, this is not where you want to live unless you have a huge nest egg to live on while you look for a job. I am thinking of leaving, and many of my friends have already gone. By all means visit Portland, but don't plan to stay for the long haul until things turn around.

Posted by Greenwolf on 2004-06-10 21:38:14
My Score:
I have been thinking about moving to Portland. From what I am told Portland is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. However, I have also been informed that the job market is really bad right now so finding a job is very difficult. I have friends up there and they are thinking of leaving because they can't find work! According to national statistics unemployment in Portland is the highest in the nation! (national average being 4.6, Portland is at 9.5 with 10 being the highest...that's bad). What a shame, because I would really like to move there. If anyone knows any different please post and let me know. Peace to all.

Posted by rob g on 2004-01-08 08:21:34
My Score:
im wondering if there are any "hippy towns" to the west or southwest of Portland? Im moving to McMinnville area in the summer- starting a new job. Im moving from a really amazing set of communities in the foothills outside of Boulder, Colorado (nederland, sugarloaf, gold hill, ward, etc) and am wondering if anythng similar exists between portland and the coast? please respond via e-mail... thanks, rob g robert.gardner @ colorado.edu

Posted by Link Hoggthrob on 2003-08-12 14:53:24
My Score:
Dude, Portland rocks! Bud is plentiful and it never snows. The most hippie-centric culture I've found. Check it out though bruh, I found this great resource on Portland happenings: http://www.moynihaninstitute.org

Posted by i love portland on 2003-07-23 13:17:39
My Score:
Portland is the most beautiful city anywhere. The rent is cheap, jobs are easy to come by, and this city has a community. Its active and vibrant and alive. People here havn't forgotten whats important in life, and most the people I meet are in love with the city. Hippies aren't just welcome in Portland, they are Portland. Even people that don't look like hippies are hippies. They think and act like hippies. U don't have to smell like a hippie to be one in Portland. Come to Portland, take a bath, and be a part of the best place in the US (way the hell away from those capitalist pigs in Washington). BTW, most businesses are small businesses here... which means the city gov't isn't in the pocket of some corporation. They actually CARE about their city. If you move here, you can join your neighborhood association, and have a voice again. Democracy that works. There's nothing like it.

Posted by Dharmah on 2003-03-03 04:29:20
My Score:
I live here in the Portland area and everthing you said about the Saturday Market is true. It's a wonderous place to be and you can't help but want to stay forever. I appreciate the honest review about Portlands Waterfront and hope I never have to leave this area ever.

Posted by chuckjere@hotmail.com on 2002-09-05 22:42:53
My Score:
We just moved here and we go to the Saturday market quite a bit. The review on the market place is very accurate and is as it says a wonderful place for one and all. The waterfront is true also, there are all types that go and is a high tolerance for a types of peoples. I thank you again for the review and appreciate the truthfulness of your words, especially since I have made this place my home. Yours truly, chuckjere

Posted by Jolene on 2002-07-02 07:14:27
My Score:
I love Portand. I've lived here most of my life, and the six years that i didn't i lived in Vancouver WA so i was still came here often. I love the Saturday Market and the Waterfront, i wish i could get down there more. So I recomend Portland to all Hippies. It's the greatest place that I know.

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