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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a very hippie friendly communnity with a couple small communes in james island and king street downtown offers the kindest of nugs and greatest of brothas and sistahs. It is the coolest, most layed back town, with the nicest people. Downtown Charleston has stores such as Loose Lucy's, Exchange Factor Five, Black Mineral Market and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Within the college, College Lodge (dorm) was featured in "High Times Magazine" as one of the most drug affiliated dorms in the U.S.

The Market in downtown Charleston, S.C. is an absolutely groovy place to be when it comes to hippies. Downtown Charleston also includes other great stores such as Granny's Goodies and the Exchange Factor. there are lots of good music stores in the area such as Manifest Disks and Tapes and for used Cd's the Exchange Factor is the place to be. the best restraunts in the area are Papillion (kinda expensive and upscale italian, but the best pizza buffet for lunch - whole wheat pizza cooked in a stone oven), Andoleni's Pizza (cheap good thin crust pizza), Moose Mountain (my favorite coffee shop), and my mom's cooking (will fatten any skinny hippie up). there is lots of live music at night until two, when all the bars close down. grab a free times from the Exchange Factor or anywhere Downtown, they usually have all the listings. also, just walking around downtown is great itself. there are lots of great art galleries to stick your head into.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Grocker on 2005-12-02 19:31:00
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Hey now - I am currently living in Maine and I am strongly considering a move to Charleston. A friend of mine has been living there for about 6 years and loves it - I went down once to check the place out and it seems like a pretty cool place - plus Maine winters are for the birds (actually all the birds leave). How's the 420 scene down there? easy 2 find?

Posted by ~belle~ on 2005-09-29 23:19:57
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I'm a charleston girl and for anybody who wants to know, charleston is perfect for anyone who ADORES life. Charles Town is full of romancing charm and captivating history, which will pull you in like the she-crabs caught in its bays. This city is the heart of south carolina's heritage. Just the strolls by the harbour are picturesque. It's everyone's home...... even for hippies. just some southern belle

Posted by terrapinstationed on 2005-06-24 00:38:05
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Hello and Sweet Serene Vibez out to you brothas and sistaz! I am moving to the Charleston area to finish up school and dig into some beautiful scenery and sunshine. What beach area is the most convenient and affordable or is it better to plant roots in the downtown? I would appreciate any kind info you good people can give. May your paths be blessed, terrapinstationed@msn.com

Posted by Sapphire on 2005-04-11 06:31:14
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I came by this review while looking to see if the Exchange Factor had it's own website so that I could cite it in my latest blog entry on the piercing I got at Factor Five. I'm a native and although most of your information seems good, you're confused about the Exchange Factor, leading the person who said he was not impressed to have different expectations than what he sould have had. People who read about a place (shop, restaurant) in a tourist guide and expect it to be one thing and then visit it and find it to be any less, even if it' still good, usually have an overall negative experience because of the general sense of disappointment. Here's the skinny: Factor Five is located downtown on Meeting St. It is a smaller branch of the Exchange Factor which is located in North Charleston. Factor Five was opened as a place for Exhange Factor to do their piercings. They also have some clothing and music and such but if you want the full Factor Experience you need to go to North Charleston. I love Factor Five, I just got pierced there myself, I just think that people should get what they expect. Hope I cleared up some confusion.

Posted by jack on 2005-04-01 05:40:11
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Hi I just got back from a trip to Charleston, and I must say I had a blast. I was going to eat at Hyman's seafood and there was an hour wait so we hit a lot of the shops. Loose Lucy's was awesome. And the girl at the register was yummy... I decided to check out Exchange Factor, since you hailed it in your review, but I was utterly dissappointed. I found about 5 artists I knew, and the one's I didn't know looked like crappy metal, and I, having a very diverse taste in music, know that there is good metal out there. Millennium Music in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, on the other hand was awesome. They have an enormous library of music, although some may be slightly overpriced. They had a small shelf of used CDs. But actually in that small shelf I found the two CDs I was looking for (The Cure's 'Galore' and Blind Melon's self-titled album.) and then some (John Legend's 'Get Lifted' and Kings Of Leon's 'Aha Shake Heartbreak'. Like I said, I have a diverse taste in music.) So if you're looking for a great music store then head over the Cooper River Bridge (Yes, it is safe. Trust me.) to Mount Pleasant Towne Centre where you can also find tons of other shops. Peace. Love. Goodtimes. jack

Posted by cam on 2004-10-30 21:55:36
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Yuppie cookie shacks are not of great interest to most hippies, unless im hungry and walking by one. Read steal this book and open a co-op, grow your own food, move to a smaller house, recycle, get rid of the suv and buy a small used car........give up the credit card (remember big banks are the man) being a hippie wasnt all about sex music and drugs.

Posted by ncolby on 2004-08-16 15:37:08
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i am a native of here and i would not describe charleston as a "hippie haven"!! there are over 127 uniformed officers who do not play, patrolling the area. This is the bible belt! very conserv. Don't get me wrong, charleston is beautiful but Folly Beach is much safer, hipped out area.

Posted by i dont know on 2004-07-16 00:30:55
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eat shit it is actually pretty tasty. notatruesmoker@hotmail.com

Posted by Ringo on 2004-05-16 00:01:05
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THE NOTSO HOSTEL is the only place to stay in Charleston!!! If you want a great place to stay for a great price, drop on in. . . you'll be glad you did. A search for peace-lovin' Charleston would not be complete without at least a few nights at the NotSo Hostel. Employees are fun and personable. . . and will give you the low down on the best happenings in town. Go to the website www dot notsohostel dot com. Tell em Ringo sent ya!

Posted by Chris Derome on 2003-09-07 07:32:25
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Good morning, sunday morning. if your awake between 10 am and 12 am there a sweet new program on the radio called Toast and Jam. Its on 98 rock, yes and its all live jam music, like alman bros, widespread panic, gratefull dead, Galatic, Zappa and so on. Fire up with Djs, Im one of them Ray Lewis, and bootleg Jonnie (The boy born at woodstock) its just a great way to open your sunday. Tune in and enjoy every Sunday. 98 rock and roll up your sock.

Posted by Rusty on 2003-08-11 12:26:29
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I am a Charleston Native. It is a wonderful, beautiful city. Lots of cool stuff to do. But, the locals tend to be horrible biggots and extremely conservative. C'mon this is where The Citadel is. I'd like to know about the commune on James Island. I grew up there, but never heard of it. We're actually thinking of moving to the NC mountains.

Posted by southernhip78 on 2003-01-04 02:09:16
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Charleston is wonderful!! Trust me, if you love southern beaches and a really great atmosphere, go to Charleston!! My boyfriend is a musician there, and I'll be moving there soon. . .the first time I ever went, I fell in love with the eclectic atmosphere and cool people that hang out on King St. Plus, the architecture is beautiful. . . .bt if you plan on moving, take some friends with you to share expenses. . .the cost of rent is outrageous-

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