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Hilton Head, South Carolina

Everybody on this li'l tourist island is flowing. There's a small, but vivid hippie population, who tend to gather at Looce Lucy's or Black Market Minerals in Coligny Plaza, and The Hemp Seed off Sea Pines Circle. Unless you're at the high school, nobody is a hassler. It's good as far as South Carolina goes, I'd say haul your asses down here for a little peace on the beach.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by on 2006-03-23 00:16:18
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was just up there a few days ago....one hippie chick workin in one of the shops. there might have been a few more i didnt meet but i felt sooooo out of place. its nothin but a rich yuppie community. wasnt feelin too much love there.

Posted by on 2005-09-25 05:17:39
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Nice place but I wouldn't say a hippie town at all. More like soccer mom's in Ralph Lauren driving their BMW's... the hippiest time I had down there was talking about Jefferson Airplane at a record store with the clerk... =

Posted by Mizergeezer on 2004-10-30 22:05:08
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the term northern retired elite....is a big lie, greedy people want to sell.

Posted by cam on 2004-10-30 22:03:17
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sounds like its going to take massive numbers of hippies to make this place livable. Read Steal this book, esp the section about trashing. Remember being a hippie is also about love, recycling earth day,community living, NOT BEING A PREPPIE/YUPPIE, ect ect....remember co-ops?

Posted by knoxy on 2004-09-29 01:51:54
My Score:
A hippie area? More like stuck up dollar bill in the ground. Everything is exspensive. All the local hangouts are fucked. Southern hospitality does not take well to our kind. I have had several instances with the locals. Tried to live there for six months, couldnt. If you have to, shave your dreads.

Posted by Jess on 2004-05-26 22:31:46
My Score:
Don't listen to this Dave character. Hilton Head definietly isn't a "hippy" joint at all...it's actually one of the most upper crust areas in South Carolina (only to be rivaled by Charleston). However, there definietly IS a scene here, you just have to be the right kind of person to get into it.

Posted by Dave on 2004-01-28 20:24:05
My Score:
My dad retired here from NY. This is NOT a hippie place! Albeit the south.... development firms built these condo villages for the northern retired elite and note how the gas prices rose to meet the new northern money coming into the area.You have to go 2 towns over for the real gas prices, although the fattie behind the counter may offer you some fried squirrel! Hmm... maybe TOO local for my taste! HH is FILLED with 3 Starbucks, 2 Walmarts, you get the picture! I was looking into opening my own coffee joint, but $1200 a month for a shack on the main drag? NAH!!!!!! If you want cheap and don't get bored too easily, North Dakota is cheaper than Vietnam. Although there isn't anyone there you'd wanna fuck with a stolen penis!

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