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Floyd, Virginia

"Having grown up in the Blue Ridge, I am fortunate enough to have been thoroughly familiarized with the hippie pilgrimage that has taken place since the early 70's.....and they're all still heading to Floyd county. I believe there must be upwards of 10 intentional communities up on the beautiful plateau where Floyd County is situated and the numbers are ever growing. The nice thing, too, is that the population is fairly consistent, that is to say that it's not really too transient. People go there and they tend to stay. It's amazingly beautiful, and I'm so glad that it's just right outside my back door."

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Kelsie on 2007-01-28 19:36:39
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i live in va beach, and i know we have a few hippie stores down at the ocean front.. heritage and half moon, but i was wondering if there was any festivals close by...? or any other hippie stores around

Posted by bored renni on 2006-12-24 04:26:49
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just moved to vabeach bored!2006Dec

Posted by tiff on 2006-12-24 04:15:38
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Go to rennaisance festivals carolina and all up east coast I live in vabeach,nothing to do here festival wise like that

Posted by Tiff on 2006-12-24 04:03:22
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Right on

Posted by Lio on 2006-12-04 14:39:29
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i'm 18 years old and i was wondering are there any festivals around Virginia, you see I live in virginia but I live out in norfolk and its a real drag so I've been trying to find a cool place to move with a great country like state in virgina with old heads from the 60's time

Posted by still looking on 2006-04-07 17:36:21
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After spending much time staying w/friends in Floyd (late '80s).My husband,son and I moved there in '93 staying till '96. Beautiful place...people and land. Multi-generational "hippie" families make for a more well rounded enviro. But like anywhere there is still plenty of negatives...conflicts between locals and the more "out there" hippies, ever present gossiping and whining between super-sensitive types, not much work available. On the positive...great alternative school, very creative enviro., fabulous music and gathering scene, amazing hiking and exploring opps and the BEST water ever (springs everywhere and it originates in Floyd and flows down). Land prices are rising, don't go without a nest egg and a plan ... it wont work otherwise and Floyd doesn't need any more helpless/needy folks...those positions are filled. If visiting check out the Barter Fairs ,late spring and late summer.Great place to meet folk.By the way...the intentional comms. are pretty selective (have to be to make it work). PS- Try to make nice and be respectful of the true locals, they deserve it and are for the most part wonderful peoplejust a little guarded...can't really blame them.

Posted by micah on 2006-03-15 18:35:21
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im new to the roanoke/floyd area,id like to meet some chill hippie type people around to hang with and maybe go to some festivals or whatever. also would like some info on some communities that allow visitors.i heard their is a few in floyd.

Posted by sd<3 on 2006-02-06 03:20:30
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I live within 5 or 6 minutes of Floyd county, and my church is in Floyd county. True, Floyd its one of the most beautiful places in south-west Virginia. But what has made a greater impression on me is the number of truely caring, thoughtful people in the county. People who will go the extra mile to help someone. People who get involved with their community. People who care about the world around them, and arn't always looking for more...and people who are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Posted by Ragdoll on 2006-01-06 13:58:41
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Im 16 and l live in chesterfield VA , my aunt took me up to floyd with her one time, we only stayed for like, 2 days , but i love it there , floyds the greatest place in virginia cos everywhere else is either redneck or stuck ups , floyds the only place where peace really exist, you should totally check it out if youve never been

Posted by Virginian on 2005-09-25 05:13:06
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Floyd is definately one nice spot. I try to hit it up as often as I can, I only live about 45 mins. away and it's always a nice drive up - no matter which route you take. Very scenic & beautiful, good country drive. Cool places to go up there to shop and what not and who can forget FloydFest? One of the coolest places you'll find hidden in those blue hills..

Posted by confused on 2005-05-21 02:48:22
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I just wondered how you go about joining a commune. Floyd is probably the closest to where I call home. I was also wondering about the possibility of starting my own commune.

Posted by confused on 2005-05-21 02:48:19
My Score:
I just wondered how you go about joining a commune. Floyd is probably the closest to where I call home. I was also wondering about the possibility of starting my own commune.

Posted by Zibblu Hotels on 2005-05-04 08:06:22
My Score:
I grew up in Floyd Virginia... and now I live in New York City. But Floyd is a great place - check out www.floydfest.com ... also use www.zibblu.com for all of your hotel needs!

Posted by Captain Trips on 2005-03-31 03:39:24
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Yey now! I live in remote southwest Virginia and Im an old deadhead from better years gone by. Like I said, im older and maybe just a little bit wizer than I used to be. Well I just heard that there is going to be a gathering near Floyd and my interest is peeked. I may drive over there tomarrow to get some kind of feel for the vibe and see if I should load my prankster hind end on the bus and spend the weekend. I am an old prankster and yes I drive a very tripped out bus. I would love to just come and hang out, tell stories and maybe dust of some rusty strings on the guitar. Somebody call me tonight and tell me about what's going down... 276 762 0058 Cheers, the "Captain"

Posted by Robyn Roberts on 2005-03-28 19:39:38
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American Lighthouse Club Reunion http:www.pikefish.com/tidewaterhippies Looking for people who ived in Hampton Roads in the 60s and 70s and went to the Lighthouse, Hullabaloo, Side Two Coffeehouse, The PC Club. Check out this site - your name may be on it there's an email link on the site Robyn - Suffolk VA

Posted by mike on 2004-10-20 22:16:01
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I live in floyd county. There are at least six "intentional commnities" here that I know of. Quite a few people are "himesteaders" living off the land. I love it here.

Posted by The Bar Stool Prophet on 2004-09-05 11:43:06
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I am originally from Winchester Virginia, but have spent many years in great places such as Boulder Colorado, Eugene Oregon, Couer D’Alane Idaho, Moscow Idaho, and several other places that are truly “Hippy” type areas. I am back in Winchester now, and have been in search of a cool area of Virginia to live. Winchester is not. In fact, most of Virginia is not my kind of place. It is very conservative. Don’t be fooled by pot heads that have long hair. These are not hippies. These are mostly “trailer park republicans”. The only true hippie places I have found in the mid Atlantic (so far) are Boone NC, and parts of Morgantown W.V. These places still have true “Tofu farting earth pigs” that are free thinkers, love nature, and still have the “Mother earth News” subscriptions. Though I have not seen any cool painted school busses parked in the woods with beads and incense all around the windows, they are still true hippies there. Virginia has so few hippies, that, any other hippie moving here, would be very depressed.

Posted by 60's hippie on 2004-08-29 04:54:59
My Score:
I live in Floyd County Virginia and there are only four intentional communities that I know of. I've been here since the mid-seventies and many of the earlier groups have dispersed. No one's a hippie anymore, especially not the new folks moving in. When the first wave of "back to the land" hippies came here in the 70's, we worked together with the locals and leanred from them and we all worked together helping one another out. Now the "long-hairs" and tie-dyed ones coming in are only moving in clique-ish groups and focusimg on making money. A really super website for the Floyd community is http://floydcountyinview.com It is the closest thing representing the true hippie sensibilities around here.

Posted by Jay on 2004-06-03 02:39:15
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Does anyone know where this happenin commune in Floyd is? I live nearby and I'd love to experience such a groovy place sometime. If you know, reply to this and I'll hit you up with email.

Posted by Little Hippy on 2003-12-26 00:27:08
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i lived in chesterfield, virginia up till about 3 weeks ago and all i can say is there is nothing like home. i went to clover hill high school also known as stoner hill with all the most groovey people you can image...its a wonderful place and im planing on moving back because being home sick is way too painful

Posted by Dancing Cloud Moon Feathe on 2003-05-05 19:58:43
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I live in Herndon Va, and am 18. I start college in October and would like to live on a commune for awhile just for the experience and because I admire the system. I'm hoping someone will know of any communes in VA/MD/WV/NY. It would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at *gloomgeisha@ yahoo.com * Luvvins and Kisses DCMF

Posted by Rod Koozmin on 2003-02-25 21:14:35
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I live in Reston Virginia , which can be a dull place at times and in need of hippies. People tend to be very comformist here. I VAVE TRAVELED THROUGHOUT vIRGINIS AND SPENT TIME IN CENTRAL vIRGINIA.

Posted by on 2002-11-07 17:36:57
My Score:
Virginia has always been such a beautiful place. Having grown up there I know how fantastic these people are. "Virginia is for lovers" and man...that's the truth. I really dig that place and trust me you will find some pretty happenin people there. The place is completely natural...down south is probably my favorite part....you should check it out!

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