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"There is a large hippie community in Northeast Washington especially around the small town of Republic and Northern Stevens county."

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Mama Moonshone on 2006-06-26 11:33:20
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Hey my brothers and sisters! Yes, it is a beautiful place to know. Truly! I lived there for 7 years and left to see the western hippi place- Bellingham, and now I will return after 3 years. N.E.Washington is Home! You know it when you see the rivers, rolling hills, awesome views, wildlife, abundant wild foods and medicine, orchards, farms, and festivals. Summertime you see great folks, and they come from far and wide to smile together, dance, sing, trade stories, share ideas, sell and buy crafts and goods. You want to get back to nature? You want to live off the land? You need the skills, and there are many seasoned hippi folk there to give you a chance, but you have to give it a try, give it four seasons, survive the winter, long for the spring, and you will be rewarded. Summer is inticing, and Fall is bountiful!! Can't wait to embrace you hippsters again! Were coming home! LuvIN U! GO see this diamond in the rough! Community is growing here!

Posted by herbal eyes on 2005-12-06 07:27:13
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I live in Northeastern Washington, and couldn't agree more with budman about how beautiful this region is. I too have experienced barter fair, hemp fest, and a few other events in the region. And I would have to say, barter fair was one of the most amazing events I've ever been to. I can honestly say it changed many things about me and how I view the world. Escaping the city into a totally natural environment filled with some of happiest, friendliest people I've ever met mixed with the fine variety of ways to let your mind escape... It was one of the best times of my life.

Posted by rainbow kid on 2005-09-04 21:20:50
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Being from Northern Stevens County, I just thought there were a lot of hippies in the world. I read it on the internet so it has to be true; there are more hippies here. It's a great area, especially for hippies because there's no work anyways so you have to be self-sufficient and do your own thing. ...There's less hippies with dreadlocks in Northeastern Washington. Maybe dreadlocks are more useful on the wet side?...

Posted by Penny on 2004-10-29 17:55:17
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I'm looking for a community of people who want to live softly on the land to buy land near Republic, Washington with like minded people. Any ideas? penny@letterboxes.org

Posted by budman on 2002-12-16 04:40:03
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Unless you've experienced the friendly atmosphere on Northeastern Washington...experienced the barter faires, hemp festivals, the Chitaqua's, Rendevous, Cider Fest, just to mention a few organized events, you have yet to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth. Far removed from the hussle of the city you can blend into the herb friendly population and live happy and healthy. For information and to meet one of the coolest hippies left call Richard and Cafe Al Mundo in Colville,WA.

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