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Morgantown, West Virginia

"Downtown on High Street and surrounding areas are two REALLY good head shops...The Den and Cool Ridge, several coffee shops, including The Blue Moose (the best bohemian coffee shop}. There's also a really good bead shop, comic shops, bike shops, and bunches of restaurants. In West Va. anywhere long hair is the norm, (I even worked at Monkey Wards w/shoulder-length hair) and there are lots of long-haired self-sufficient types living in the woods with sweat lodges, drumming parties, outhouses, log homes, herb gardens, and co-ops."

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by on 2006-11-13 23:27:05
My Score:
Hey, you totally forgot the hooka bar. I live in Morgantown and I'd say that it is totally a hippy haven, especailly in the outskirts of town.

Posted by Suncatcher on 2006-05-07 02:17:57
My Score:
Let's not forget New Vrindaban in Moundsville ... mostly Hare Krishnas live there, but there are a few Rainbows that come and go too. If you visit, DO NOT go as a tourist -- f they think you are just another pseudo-hip yuppie, you won't get the chance to meet some of the most incredible people EVER ... and plus you might miss out on prasadam! Oh, and please refrain from smoking in front of the Krishnas ... it goes against their code. But make sure to ask for Tommy, especially if you are into jam music and great conversation.

Posted by Twiggysue on 2005-12-10 05:31:12
My Score:
I'm north of pittsburgh and we travel to morgantown regularly to visit cool ridge. their prices are starting to climb, but always a good selection. as for the den, i love it. it's the coolest convenience store i've ever seen. the have a little bit of everything, music, food, and yes, even some smoking utencils, but i wouldn't consider it a head shop. oh yeah and they are open like 24hrs!

Posted by American_Hippie on 2005-11-05 07:55:24
My Score:
I have been to morgantown more then a few times and i must say that cool ridge and the den is 2 of the best shops i have ever been in.My favorite spot in West Virginia would have to be the home of the famous music festival "Jerry's birthday bash."I have been goin to the farm for the past 3 years and i plan to keep goin.I'm always lookin for new people to go with so look up my profile and let me know what you think. If you see me at a festival come over and say hey. ~Peace~

Posted by Krista on 2005-10-02 19:43:58
My Score:
well i live in w.v. and its funny how so may judge us sayin tht we're hillbillies lol uhh i kno no1 around even like that theres plenty of metal heads thats it tho.

Posted by MoUnTaInGiRL on 2005-07-14 05:48:52
My Score:
i wouldn't really say that morgantown would be much of a hippie haven...even though yea 123 pleasant street is cool..saw ekoostik hookah there once...and cool ridge is awesome yet small. the great times in west virginia would be in Terra Alta and Sunshine Daydreams Campgrounds...they have jerry garcia's birthday bash and festivals all through the summer.. that's where it's all happenin..Peace~

Posted by screamer32791 on 2005-06-26 21:24:16
My Score:
i dont get to go to morgantown too often. but ive been to both the den and cool ridge. i thought cool ridge was awesum .id luv to go again. the den i didnt think of much as a good shop though. its been a while though.

Posted by PeaceinUSA on 2005-01-24 04:53:34
My Score:
I go to WVU live in the Sunnyside area...Yeah agree the Den isn't a headshop at all just sell glass, Blue Moose is good, so is CoolRidge and Black Bear (Sell food, lots of burritos) new place to see music call Rosewood which is owned by the dude that owns the Blue Moose. BIG drinking town though...lots of clubs or whatever...One could definatly find some cool places to hang out in the woods, or to eat....yins should all check it out sometime.... PEACE PS FREE TIBET!

Posted by paulab on 2004-09-12 03:07:14
My Score:
New to WEST Virginia, about 2 hrs south of Morgantown! Help!!!!!!! Is there intelligent life out here?

Posted by Jon Rogers on 2003-09-03 13:42:20
My Score:
123 pleasant street is a great place to see live music in Morgantown! 123pleasantstreet.com

Posted by on 2003-07-28 22:59:44
My Score:
i wish all the hippies in morgantown would get run over by their own SUVs fucking pieces of shit.

Posted by Chris Drollinger on 2003-06-26 16:40:59
My Score:
I was really impressed by morgantown my heart just really liked it. I wouldn't consider the den a headshop. But I do like this place better than L5P in Atlanta and I like little 5 quite a bit.

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