This is the HOT NEW HIPPIE DESTINATION!!! Unlike neighboring Laos & Vietnam, Cambodia has pretty easy to deal with visa formalities. It also seems to attract all sorts of interesting types, & seems to not attract the typical tourist types responsible for ruining Thailand for example. Its also a fairly relaxed place while being a bit crazy at times. They say its a lot like Thailand used to be. The ruins at Angor are incredible like nothing else I have ever seen. In addition, although international pressure is changing a few things, grass is all over the place. There was over a kilo in a cabinet in my guest house that was left by people leaving the country, & it is sometimes brought to your table free of charge in some travelers restaurants, so you will smoke it of course & buy more food! The civil war is over too now.

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Posted by Roberto on 2005-04-30 07:45:38
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I am on my way to Cambodia. Does anybody know some Hippie or Spiritual Communitys over there. Thanks Roberto

Posted by whatever on 2004-01-30 08:46:38
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Posted by HaschischFixer on 2003-07-01 10:04:11
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When I was 12 year old, we had a short bag-pack-trip to this wonderfull country. it was amazing and whne i finished school i'm going to a big trip. cambodia inclueded!

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