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The Greek Islands

European hippies flock to dozens of islands in the summer. Hot spots are Ios, Santorini, and Crete. "Other really hot places in the Greek Islands are Paros and AntiParos. The two islands are half an hour from one another. I live in Greece so I know the really cool places. There you can find a lot of Hippies, ( French, English and Greek usually...)."

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Posted by Casey Jones on 2005-05-15 16:54:17
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I live in Greece and a place that hasn't been mentioned which is still very hippy is koufonissi. Quiet with camps and chillin' cafeterias. It's a small island in the east cyclades

Posted by Cozmica on 2004-10-07 17:26:37
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Hey greek living hippie :) I'd like to know more about the cool hangouts in greece, communities and community living... wanna drop me a not? mars04@tele2.se

Posted by Timetraveler on 2003-05-24 13:00:28
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I lived in Athens for a couple of years (69-71), went to ACS there. The Greek Islands have got to be my most favorite memories. However, in Athens there were also some cool spots. In Plaka there was Johns, a 50 cents a night flop house with communal bedding and an eatery across the alley where you could get the best spaghetti with meat sauce also for 50 cents. Souvlaki Pitas were very cheap (33 cents at the little Tabernas) and the local wines (Domestica, Retsina) cost like 7 cents a glass, although Retsina tastes like crap (resin). There were lots of flop houses like Johns all around Plaka where most of the Hippies stayed. The American Express office at Syntagma Square was always crowded with Hippies passing through who used AE as a mail drop box. Hashish was always in abundance. Athens and the Greek Islands were a crossroads at the time for most Hippies traveling to the middle east, India and Nepal as well as the north African countries, so the stories told and heard in the Hippie meeting places were enchanting and alluring. Some of peoples most fascinating adventures were recounted to groups of strangers in crowded Pensions and Tabernas. Some travelers even changed their itineraries after hearing a story from someone who had just come from a particular country or place. Many of the Hippies on the worlds roads back then didn't have a particular destination other than the next point on a map. After that...we'll see. And the clothes..., many Hippies adopted the local dress styles, or at least a variation of it from the countries they've visited so that at a Hippie meeting place it wasn't unusual to see people wearing clothes from all over. The Islands are still beautiful (took my family there in '92) with Hydra, Mykonos and Rodos being my favorites. You could always find a cheap bed and great Greek food on any island for just a few cents. The town of Khania on Crete is postcard beautiful with live Greek dancing in many little Tabernas. But it's the beaches and the ultra clear water that make you never to want to leave. And some didn't.

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