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During the summer this place is the bomb, you have music festivals all over the place from july to september or you can go down to the south part of the country, algarve, where you can find beautiful beachs, mountains and a lot of really cool people from all over europe especially in lagos or in the little island of tafira. Anyway it´s a dam good place to any hippie to came and visit were you can drink a beer for $1 or $2, and you can roll a nice joint without no one saying anything, just don´t do it in front of the cops.

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Posted by gapeach30214 on 2005-06-08 11:42:26
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Hey! We are traveling to Portugal this July to finally find a piece of land and settle there. We are going to be setting up our home and land as an eco village that is interested in living as naturally as possible in a communal type atmosphere. If anyone is interested, please visit our website at: http://www.geocities.com/gapeach30214/ We would be happy to hear from anyone that is interested or has tips to help us along the way. Thanks!

Posted by paul on 2004-11-19 00:03:32
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hey there. am planning to camp in the algarve from mid dec 04 till mid jan 05. any suggestions of where to go to meet cool people, do a bit of drumming, smoke a bit of grass & generally chill out in a friendly place. all suggestions gratefully recieved. cheers. peace & love. paul

Posted by on 2004-11-14 22:03:55
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Nice :) By the way, it's Tavira, not Tafira!

Posted by joao on 2003-07-23 10:29:19
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i am a Portuguese living in Amsterdam. I can agree with some of your post. Portugal is indeed a very hippy place. There are quite a few communities spread throughout the country and the festivals are all over. However about the smoking everywhere, it is not that easy. Remenber Portugal is still very conservative and there are lot's of tabus. Still the ash is better then in Amsterdam and very easy to get. Portuguese are very much into the 60s culture. I am always very proud of that... they do not 'go' with the fashion, like in other European capitals, but they remain true to what they believe, and that is very special those days. By the way, my husband and i are moving to Portugal for good in September. Here's what we are gonna do there www.aventurastejo.com See you there

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