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Dahab, Egypt

"Dahab is a small Bedouin village located at the East Coast of the Sinai desert. Since the 70's, it's full of hippie and vagabond types. The atmosphere of the place is really nice and laidback with great music like ambient techno, reggae, 60s rock playing every where. There are several campgrounds where you can stay at rates around 1$ per night. In most restaurants you lay or sit on the floor on carpets and pillows, outdoors or indoors just by the Red Sea. There are great coral reefs a couple of meters from the shore, so many people come here for the diving.

Other activities are desert excursions to oases or Mt. Sinai, wind surfing, cheap grass, desert parties, backgammon etc. Definitely a place to visit. Dahab is a very, very special place. Those who like Amsterdam should go to Dahab in winter (Christmas, New Year). Many Divers, Surfers, Trampers. Most of them smoke, even the policeman, Bedouin people and taxi drivers are stoned. The desert is great. Imagine riding on a camel and smoking good stuff. Then go in the water and enjoy the fish!"

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Posted by yos on 2005-01-18 04:49:58
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Dahab is the most developed town on the Red Sea coast between Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba/Eilat. After spending copius time in the Sinai, I would rank Dahab as a fairly easy place to score recreational drugs if one is careful and asks the right people. However there is a large police presence; a fellow traveller was arrested and incarcerated for having a joint in his possession. Egyptian police have no concept of "probable cause" and can/will search one's belongings at random. As for a "hippie haven" Dahab is rather mediocre. There are many tourists from Russia and Europe who come to Dahab to scuba and snorkel; the reef formations as well as the marine life are truly amazing. I recommend travelling north of Dahab either by camel or jeep if you are in search of a less populated vacation spot. The Bedouin are friendly and hospitable, but don't forget to bargain with them!! All in all Dahab is a fun place and the only town north of Sharm that offers alcohol for sale; but it really doesn't qualify as any type of haven, least of all a hippie haven.

Posted by amy on 2004-10-30 22:25:54
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I went to Dahab for a couple of weeks in january 2000 and i had no problem finding tons of weed. you just need to meet the locals and there is weed in abundance and theres nothing nicer than laying out on the beach smoking all day for weeks by the red sea. ganja grows wild in the mountains and theres plenty of other stuff too, you just have to be approachable to find it.

Posted by poisoned candy on 2004-07-08 16:08:08
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Maybe Dahab was like this 20 years ago, but having travelled there twice recently all I can say is alot has changed. Dahab nowdays is mostly populated by regular European tourists and divers. While there is a more of "backpacker" vibe than in other parts of Egypt, there are few hippies left. Weed is difficult to find and not particularly great. There is, however, great diving and snorkelling, the people are hospitable, and the desert scenery is amazing. Plus its cheap; you can easily get by on $10 a day if you don't do anything too special (ie diving or tours).

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