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This chain of enormous Internet cafes has drawn the lion's share of business since they opened. With hundreds of terminals on several floors, you won't usually have a problem getting on-line (although the last time I was there, their system was down and they had to close up!).

You must buy a ticket for at least &

Their slick computers with flat screens and webcams allow you to send images over the net. You can also burn a CD or make a phone call over the net. Of course they nickel and dime you for everything here. You can also buy snacks and drinks at the counter.

Gezellig this isn't but if you need to get online you won't have to wait (except in the line to buy a ticket!)

More Info: Hours: Open ALL THE TIME! (Except when they\'re down!). Two locations to serve you. One on the Damrak near Centraal Station and the other just off the Rembrandtplein.

Address: Damrak 33 Reguliersbreestraat 22
City: Amsterdam
Added: July 1st 2001
Reviewer: Skip
Related Link: easyEverything Website
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Posted by bijna_altijd on 2004-03-30 03:49:40
My Score:
Well, it ain't open 24/7 any longer. Check easyEverything's website for the latest opening times (at the time of writing, it opens in the morning, and closes at 10 pm). This is good and bad. Good, because the atmosphere in that place was positively hostile in the early hours of the morning (say after 1 am), when security would frog-march anyone who had fallen asleep at their computer (usually people without a bed for the night) straight out of the door. Dare to blink, and you'd be kicked out. Also, the last time I was there (Reguliersbreestraat), it was pretty dirty, with quite a lot of crashed or otherwise inoperable computers. Someone had taken a ginormous dump on the toilet floor (possibly in taking revenge against the rough security guys). On the bad side, it's a loss to budget travellers, because it at least used to be fairly cheap, you'd always get a computer, and of course, being open all the time, it was incredibly handy. Still, at least it means, hopefully, that the smaller, more cosy and benign internet cafes that sell better food and coffee can benefit from easyEverything's retreat.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-07 00:00:34
My Score:
Plenty of available terminals. Definitely the place to allow you keep in touch with friends and family back in "the real world" while in Amsterdam.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-12 02:01:41
My Score:
Hi, How come there's not a live Cam in one of the Cafe's or maybe on a street or something?My name is Reggie and ya may E-mail me at www.zooidial@aol.com Thanks

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-20 14:45:30
My Score:
A+++++++ If you need internet access this is the place to go and have some privacy in a city thats always on the go. When away from home, this is the place for all your internet needs.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-14 21:46:34
My Score:
well it ain't free (look around and you can find free web access in cafes/bars/coffeeshops) but it's cheap/reliable/convenient net access. I'll use it again.

Posted by breathctrl on 2001-12-20 17:13:33
My Score:
The best place in the city to access the Net. Can't be the price. All the equipment is new. Flat panel monitors. Very nice coffee bar, pastries and friendly help.

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