Piccolo Teatro

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Piccolo Teatro is one of Paris' nice little secrets, a vegetarian restaurant that can't be beat...

Located in the fashionably gay Marais district, and next door to hot bar Les Scandaleuses, this place is all the rage with the younger, hip crowd.

Delightfully casual interior, resaonable prices and good food are quite welcome to this vegetarian reviewer.

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Metro: St. Paul - Closed Mondays.

Address: 6 rue des Ecouffes
City: Paris
Phone: 01 42 72 17 79
Added: October 20th 2002

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Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Anonymous On: June 2nd 2007
My Score:
Visited in May 2007.  Used to be a great, romantic restaurant with great vegetarian food but experiences included:

1. Loud commercial radio with a song played now and then with the balance being loud commercials.   Lights turned on bright, no candle light.

2. Server was more concerned with her private cell phone calls than anything else.

3. Food was awful:  bland, just warmed up leftoevers from days past we think.

4. Non-bio wine that was poor quality and way overpriced.

After this experience we asked our server if there had been an ownership change.   She stated about a year ago it changed ownership and asked "....was it good?.....".    We simply paid the bill and left, getting dinner elsewhere.   When in this area of Paris I highly recommend Le Potager du Marais or Le Grenier de Notre Dame, both simply awesome.     A sad day to see Piccolo Teatro go downhill totally, sorry to say.
Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Anonymous On: September 21st 2004
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I live in London - this is my second favourite restaurant in the world. You may have to share a table but all the clientele are fun and we've met interesting people that way. You need to get there within half an hour of opening for dinner as there won't be a seat after that.
Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Anonymous On: July 11th 2004
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Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Anonymous On: April 30th 2004
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We loved Piccolo Teatro and considered it a highlight of our trip. Would love to have their recipe for Charlotte framboise!
Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Anonymous On: March 15th 2004
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I would love to have some of the recipes: They serve the most wonderful, simple dessert. It is fresh, white cheese and cinnamon with a bit of sugar I suppose. I can't seem to find any cheese that can replicate it here in the states. How about some hints? Beth Forrester
Piccolo Teatro
Posted By: Kate On: August 26th 2003
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Lovely space, charming staff, the food was good but not superb. Much better than some of the other places we tried though, and it has a lovely atmosphere.