Old Nickel Hotel Café and Restaurant

Perfect for the backpacking traveler who wants a little style and comfort while being right in the heart of all the fun in Amsterdam. The Old Nickel is just two minutes walk from Centraal Station, behind the imposing St. Nicklaas Cathedral, at

The style is unique, and the bar/lounge area is resplendent with ornate wood-carvings and paneling from the captain’s quarters of the 17th century sailing ship of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. It was here that we chose to have a quiet beer one evening, after hammering our eardrums with a Grateful Dead cover band down an alley nearby. The… Continue reading

d’Vijff Vlieghen

This famous Dutch restaurant on the Spui, certainly oozes Old World charm.

A note from their website says: “I am Nicolaas the Fifth, born in 1627 and forgot to die. I am the King of the Five Flies’ Empire in Amsterdam, Holland. If you come to my Kingdom I will give you an experience you will never forget.” Promoted as founder Nicholas Kroese late 40s his Amsterdam Restaurant Five Flies in the United States, as he walked with a brass cage with five bronze flying in his hand on the street and with his charisma and impressive prevent the Americans… Continue reading

New Season

The New Season Chinese Oriental Restaurant on the Warmoesstraat at #39 offers a good meal for a good price. Spicy food is the offering here, with many Malaysian meals that are quite spicy indeed. The functional and clean interior offers tables at the window with a great view of the busy passers-by out on the street.

For a starter I had a bowl of Tom Yam Kai soup, which had a rich dark broth (beef?) and the required few lumps of chicken, sliced fresh mushrooms and chopped fresh herbs making this a delightful treat for only 2.80 euros. My friend… Continue reading

Het Karbeel

Groovy fondue place in the redlight district has fine steaks, fish and roasted chicken as well.

Het Karbeel has become a favorite, because the portions are large, prices reasonable, and the service friendly.

Het Karbeel, we hear, is the name of the huge beams that support the many-storied building above the restaurant. This group of buildings is one of the oldest in Amsterdam, on the oldest street in the city.

Breakfast lunch and dinner served daily.

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