The Rough Guide to Spain

The Rough Guide to Spain by Mark Ellingham, John Fisher

The Rough Guides combine in depth research about each destination, excellent recommendations for lodging and eating for budget travelers, alternative attractions and information, and much more.

These guides are updated regularly, and this is the 2004 edition, so it’s going to have the latest info for your trip!

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain by Deni Bown

This wonderful guide book series is famous for the beautiful illustrations of buildings, especially the cutaway interiors, floorplans, and also for the walking tours of various cities. Nice maps, photos, restaurant and hotel listings, useful info and much more make this guide one of the most popular.

The Spain Guide includes special sections on Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Andalucia, the Basque country, even the Canary Islands!

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