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Spain is one of the most fun and exciting countries in the world to visit. From snowcapped peaks and ski resorts down to the palm treed semi-tropical shores of the blue Med, Spain will delight your senses and keep you coming back.

Cosmopolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona are rich with art and culture. The extraordinary coastline along the Mediterranean hosts dozens of resort towns where guests from all over Europe stay for weeks on end in high rise hotels, condos and villas. It’s not hard to find the sun, sand and surf in Spain. Yet hundreds of quaint villages in the interior wait to be explored far from the hustle of cities and tourist destinations.

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Seville, the administrative capital of Andalucia, surrounds the banks of the picturesque Guadalquivir river.

The Seville Cathedral is a mish-mash of styles, starting with the moorish Almohade Minaret, known as the Giralda, flying buttresses, and discongruent add-ons. It’s the second largest cathedral in the world besides the Vatican.

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Cadiz lies at the end of a peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean. It’s a friendly town, with a lot of moorish influence. Cadiz was founded by the Phoencians, as a trading post around 1100 BC, and its strategic location led to many battles to control the town.

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There are many interesting towns and villages throughout the Andalucian countryside. Ronda is a picturesque day trip (68K) from Marbella, and well worth a visit.

The road up into the mountains that surround Marbella is winding with breathtaking views. Take advantage of the turnouts to take a break, checkout the vistas and even take a walk into the woods.

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Driving over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain

Driving over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain by Chris Stewart Chris Stewart was once the drummer for Genesis, and this is the story of how he purchased a farm house in Andalucia, without electricity, running water, or even a road. It’s a very well-written, funny tale of expat life, filled with all sorts of cultural problems, and interesting people. This book is a top ten hit in the UK, as I’m sure many there can relate to trying to relocate in Spain. Great holiday reading!

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