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Seville, the administrative capital of Andalucia, surrounds the banks of the picturesque Guadalquivir river.

The Seville Cathedral is a mish-mash of styles, starting with the moorish Almohade Minaret, known as the Giralda, flying buttresses, and discongruent add-ons. It’s the second largest cathedral in the world besides the Vatican.

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Cadiz lies at the end of a peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean. It’s a friendly town, with a lot of moorish influence. Cadiz was founded by the Phoencians, as a trading post around 1100 BC, and its strategic location led to many battles to control the town.

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There are many interesting towns and villages throughout the Andalucian countryside. Ronda is a picturesque day trip (68K) from Marbella, and well worth a visit.

The road up into the mountains that surround Marbella is winding with breathtaking views. Take advantage of the turnouts to take a break, checkout the vistas and even take a walk into the woods.

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