Gastronomy Andalucian Style

In the area around Malaga, birthplace of Picasso, are villages scattered amongst the inland mountains referred to as the Aljapuras region.

Other specialties of this region include the famous snow-cured hams and the Costa wines, which are quite fine.

In Spain the main meal is served during the midday break, and can be quite extensive with lots of wine and brandy to wash the meal down. This of course calls for a typical siesta of two to three hours for recovery, before returning to work for the afternoon.

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Gazpacho From Andalaucia

This is famous peasant fare, originating as a simple concoction made for the poor fieldworkers from local fresh ingredients. Gazpacho became a standard offering after the Spanish brought tomatoes back from the New World. Traditionally olive workers and farmers out in the fields all day would bring quite the spread of home made goodies along for lunch, and often the entire family was along during harvest season, so food was served al fresco, in the fields. Gazpacho is also quite easy to prepare, with everything mashed together in a mortar and pestle and left standing in a cool spot alongside the fields. Pour it into a bowl, smother it with garnish and munch your way through a refreshing lunch. Continue reading

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