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An Alternative Guide to New York City

An Alternative Guide to New York City

As the premier world metropolis, New York City’s allure is impossible to sum up with novel hyperbole. Countless films and songs make the effort but alas, only a personal visit to this oh so cosmopolitan capital will do.

While neophytes swoon under the glow of Times Square and loom of landmark skyscrapers from Empire State to Chrysler, New York, above all else, is a city of neighbourhoods. Manhattan enclaves like Harlem, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, TriBeCa, SoHo and the Lower East Side embody the Big Apple’s burly heart and provide the proverbial marrow for tourists to feast on.

With that sentiment firmly in mind, here are five New York City alternatives to consider.

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Charleston, South Carolina, Where America’s Civil War Began

By John D. Thompson

Throughout the early 1800s the American states had been riven by the issue of slavery, with Northerners opposed and Southerners defending the right to hold slaves. In 1860, opinion among Charleston’s residents was divided on the issue, but that December South Carolina’s legislature voted The Ordinance of Secession and seceded from the United States. The North was quick to react, and shortly after President Lincoln’s inauguration the Fort Sumter garrison was ordered to defend, and not evacuate, the fort which commanded the entrance to Charleston Harbor.

However, on April 12, 1861, Confederate troops issued the first shots of the Civil War when they fired upon Fort Sumter, whose heavily outnumbered and outgunned garrison was forced to surrender.

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Castro District, San Francisco

Castro Street Fair

If you’re gay, you probably already know about San Francisco’s Castro District, the center of the city’s gay community.  Castro Street runs right thru the district, lined with interesting shops, restaurants and bars, and lots of rainbow flags.

Even if you’re not gay, you’ll be welcomed and treated well here.  You can enjoy the beautiful Victorian architecture in this historic district.  Don’t miss the ornate facade of the Castro theater, where you can watch classic art films.

You’ll find gay bookstores, fetish shops, coffee shops, and much more here. 

During Gay Pride week, thousands turn out in the Castro for… Continue reading

San Francisco Cable Cars

San Francisco’s Famous Cable Cars

San Francisco’s famous cable car lines still run up and down those steep hills.  There are three lines, two of them go to Fisherman’s Wharf, the third runs up Nob Hill to Van Ness, so they are very convenient for tourists.

A good trip would be from Fisherman’s Wharf to Chinatown via the Powell-Hyde or Powell-Mason lines.

They are now charging $5 for a one-way ride, which is substantially more than the bus fare which is $1.50, so it’s not an economical way to get around the city, but certainly worth a ride or two!… Continue reading

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