Dutch Fashions

Dutch fashions are pretty wild. These mannekins give you some sort of idea. The one on the right’s dress says the word “fuck” over and over and over. Dutch fashions run the gamut from 50s style plaid sport jackets to gothic black to punk to hip hop to orange everything! And of course, the Dutch are fond of American clothes, but a wave of young, talented designers is creating a new fashion scene in Amsterdam.

Parking in Amsterdam

Since the Dutch have the highest population density in the world, they also have the smallest cars in the world. These cars are so small and slow they are often seen in the bike lanes. Any vehicle under 55 hp is exempt from vehicle regulations and taxes.

Parking is a big problem in Amsterdam, and the government does what it can to discourage people from bringing cars into the city. Parking rates are sky high if you can find a spot. In Amsterdam you must find the ticket machine nearest your car (look for signs pointing towards the machine) and… Continue reading

Amsterdam, Feng Shui Capital of Europe

Amsterdam is easily one of the most people friendly cities in the world. You can walk just about everywhere, and most people do. The Feng Shui (Wind/Water – art of geomancy) of this city is perfect. Canals are everywhere, and the breezes through the town are almost constant. This creates a vibrancy as energy is constantly flowing through Amsterdam. The millions of tourists who visit notice this and return again and again. You too will be energized, enchanted and entranced by this magical place.


Holland has the most successful flower industry in the world. They ship daily by jet to everywhere. In the spring you can tour the bulbfields south of Haarlem, or visit the beautiful gardens of Keukenhof park, or see the world’s biggest flower auction in Aalsmeer, or just stroll through the Bloemenmarkt of Amsterdam. Whether or not you decide to bring back or ship home tulip bulbs, the displays of flowers in any of these places is beautiful to behold.

The Club Scene

Amsterdam’s club scene is unequalled anywhere. There are lots and lots of venues for the young, and young at heart here in Amsterdam. Ads like these are everywhere, attracting a young, hip crowd to events that don’t even start until 11pm and sometimes go to noon the next day. Dj’s spin the latest house music including Acid Jazz, Trance, Techno, Hardcore, etc. while the dancers rave on a variety of mind bending drugs including Ecstacy, mushrooms, LSD or some new designer drug.

The biggest rave of the year is Dance Valley, held in the countryside in mid summer. Almost a… Continue reading

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