Centraal Station

This is Central Station, where you can get the metro, a bus or tram around town or even a train to Paris or Berlin. The NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) counters sell tickets to anywhere in Holland (as do the machines in the lobby) and other International destinations in Europe. In addition you’ll find such convenient services as travel agencies, newstands, bicycle rental, cafes, an Etos (drug store), a Ben and Jerry’s, and many other shops right in the station. In fact Centraal Station is now a decent shopping mall, and worth checking out if you have time.

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Nederlands Scheepvaart Museum

If you like ships and boats this museum is a must. So much of Holland’s history and glory happened thanks to overseas commerce. See the ships that carried the spices and riches of the orient to Europe for five hundred years. This museum contains the largest collection of boats in the world! The musuem’s layout is arragned chronologically and the boats, models, ancient maps and navagational aids are wonderful.

Kattenburgerplein 1
1018 KK Amsterdam
Phone: 020 523-2222
Fax: 020 523-2213

Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday and Holidays 12 am – 5 pm
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The Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is a very popular place on warm, sunny days with the Dutch and tourists alike. The park extends over several hundred acres with bike paths, walking paths, an open-air concert venue, three large outdoor cafes and the Film Museum. Scattered through the park are ponds with swans and ducks, flower gardens, a children’s park, a display of farm animals for the kids and acres and acres of fields to play soccer or frisbee. During the 60’s and 70’s the park became famous as a hippie hangout. Nowadays you’ll still see lots of hippies around and the occasional “camper” on warm nights.


Believe it or not Holland is one of the cheapest places to buy a car. Of course you’d want to buy a European model, like a Mercedes to get a good deal. The population density of Holland and the lack of parking spaces in cities like Amsterdam have forced the Dutch to favor small cars. You’ll see some of the smallest vehicles ever made on the streets of Amsterdam. So if you’re looking for something unusual you might find it here. If you’re planning a long drive through Europe you can buy a car in Holland and either sell it… Continue reading

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Scene

See Our Coffeeshop Guide for reviews & ratings.

The Dutch have an attitude of tolerance dating back to the 16th century when they forced out the Spanish and their inquisition. Since then, the Dutch make a point of not criminalizing or feigning moral outrage at victimless “crimes”. Prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, euthanasia, and soft drug use are all tolerated and integrated into Dutch society. This permissiveness has resulted in Holland becoming a mecca for those who wish to experience the freedom of cannabis culture, and the flowering of a highly successful coffeeshop scene where marijuana and hashish are legally available for purchase by the public.

The “coffeeshop” is a unique Dutch institution. For over 20 years, coffeeshops have operated with quasi-legal status in the Netherlands. Although there is no law that allows for the production and distribution of large quantities of marijuana and hashish, the Dutch tolerate the presence of coffeeshops because they separate the soft drug users from the hard drug dealers. This makes it less likely that someone desiring cannabis would end up purchasing a more dangerous drug, and keeps a whole market away from the illegal drug trade. The Dutch attitude towards drugs is very straight forward. If you have a drug problem they want to help you, not persecute you! Recreational use of soft drugs is seen as being less harmful to society than persecution and incarceration.

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