Alma Colorado

Basically one blink and you have passed it. It is a great little hippie town, basically the last town in Park County just before you get to Breckinridge. The town consists of numerous Volkswagon vans, a coffee/bookstore, some used clothing stores and oh yeah – the famous South Park Saloon. Any doubts – go when they have their annual Festival in the Clouds!

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Bisbee, Arizona

This small community really flourished when the mining-company which owned the town bailed out in the mid-seventies and hippies from all over moved in. There is a great community here, with a co-op and lots of hippy artists living out in the desert. Check it out for yourself! Have a brew and a few games of nine ball at the Bisbee Grand, or play hacky sack in the grassy park in front of the mining museum right in downtown.

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