The largest collection of Dutch art through history is found here on the Museumplein. Opened in 1885, it is Neo-Gothic in style and filled with riches. Nowhere else can you find such a display of the Dutch masters including Rembrandt’s most famous work, Night Watch. Such a vast collection of art takes more than a day to explore. MAP

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  • I loved the Rijksmuseum easily as much as Orsay-Paris, Louvre, Guggenheim-Venice, or any other museum in Europe. The things the Dutch Master artists (Rembrandt, Vermeer, et all) did with “light” and the amazing still lifes (HEDA, Willem Claesz etc. ) are beyond amazing and inspiring. Rijks is conveniently close to the Van Gogh museum and the beautiful Vondelpark, making it a wonderful 1, 2, or even 3-day excursion. Rijksmuseum has a wonderful web site in many languages at http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/ Enjoy, and be inspired.

  • Ik kan me niet meer zo goed verplaatsen.
    Ergens las ik dat u over een schilderij beschikt van J.B. De Jonghe ” Marktdag in Kortrijk” 1928.
    Kan ik er een kopij van ontvangen per mail uiteraard indien nodig tegen betaling.
    Of moest het schilderij ooit te koop aangeboden
    ben ik eventueel amateur/koper.
    Luc André Vandenbogaerde Kortrijk

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