Municipal House Prague (Obecní Dům)

Municipal House (Obecní Dům) – Náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1, Staré Město, Tel: +420 222 002 101, Fax: +420 222 002 100.

Considered by many to be the finest example of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague, the Obecní Dům is a first-rate concert venue.

Home to the Prague Symphony Orchestra and offers lots of Strauss, Mozart and Brahms, as well as works by Mendelssohn, Wagner and Dvořák.

Prague, Czech Republic

"The capital of Czech republic is also a capital of hippie life-forms here in Czech and also for a quite a lot of them from other countries. Mary Jane is not legal, but there are a lot of small clubs, organizing the festivals, concerts, theatre and a lot of other actions, where the MJ smoke is tolerated. It has a kind of legality as by our law you can smoke it, but can not grow it, trade it etc."

Classical Music in Prague

The city of Prague is blessed with classical music, at every corner and turn there is a poster announcing this or that concert. Usually with the likes of Mozart, Dvořák or Smetana on the bill, a concert is a great thing to experience in this lovely city.

In terms of venues, besides the impromptu concerts organized in every church, cathedral, concert hall and open square, the city of Prague offers two large established opera houses, with four major orchestras.

During Prague’s annual Spring Festival there is even more to offer than at other times of the year. The Prague Spring International Music Festival is a permanent showcase for outstanding performing artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles of the world. Since 1952 the festival has opened with Bedřich Smetana´s cycle of symphonic poems Má vlast (My Country), and it closes with the ninth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven.

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