PK’s Jungle Village

PK’s Jungle Village

Cape Tribulation has been a popular backpacker destination for decades. During this time PK’s Jungle Village has serviced their needs in this remote outpost where the rainforest meets the beach. With a superb location right on Myall Beach, PK’s is a choice spot for your stay in Cape Tribulation.

Young international travelers still flock to PKs, enjoying the youth hostel feel of the place. But now older travelers, like myself, who spent a few nights here in the early 1980s, find the same youthful feeling returning again. Fortunately, we can now stay in PK’s new ensuite airconditioned cabins, rather than roughing it with the kids in dorms with bunk beds or staying in PK’s campground.

PK’s is a world unto itself, with a popular restaurant (buffet), it’s famous Jungle Bar, IGA supermarket, ATM, communal kitchen, pool, Internet access, even a pharmacy. The expanded range of accomodation now suits all budgets and requirements. The new ac cabins are located closest to the beach and are about as good as can be found at the Cape, yet not expensive.

New AC Cabins at PK’s

The resort’s jungle setting provides an appropriate ambiance for the area. Tropical plants like ginger, banana, palms and colorful flowers surround you with lush vegetation. A interesting boardwalk takes you to the beach through a mangrove forest.

The young, friendly staff at Pk’s are very helpful and can arrange bookings for activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, rainforest walks or four-wheel drive adventures.

So if you’re looking to make some new friends and stay in one of the coolest places along Queensland’s coast, PK’s is just the ticket.

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Hobart, Australia

Hobart, Tasmania has to be the most hippiest haven in Australia. LOADS of counterculture activity. Organic food markets are everywhere in the weekly Salamanca market. Lots of wild, beautiful, free-loving, organic environmentalists.

Hobart is the home of the world’s first left-leaning Green Party. Lots of old, character homes in Hobart. And, Tassie (as the locals affectionately call it) is such a dreamy place with turquoise waters, and eucalypt forests. It’s a utopia or the closest to one in the world. And, I’ve travelled to almost every corner of the globe seeking out hippie havens and like-minded eco-subcultural back-to-the-landers. Dudes, bring your berks, dreds, and peaceful thoughts to this totally chilled place downunder.

An Alternative Guide to Sydney

The state capital of New South Wales is one of the premier travel destinations in the world. Modern and cosmopolitan Sydney is a vital global hub and the veritable nerve centre of Australia.

With close to 4.5 million people, Down Under’s foremost metropolis has a dynamic and diverse civic vibe, with myriad neighbourhoods and districts to explore. By day, the New South Wales capital offers spectacular and popular attractions like UNESCO World Heritage Site Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. By night, the city comes alive and offers a rich tapestry of superb restaurants, nightlife and live entertainment.

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History of Australia

The Police State of Australian History

At the dawn of time Australia was part of one massive continent that covered the earth. This eventually broke up as the oceans formed, and this land was called Gwandanaland. Australia is ancient, flat and remote; and also one of nature’s cruelest places in terms of natural selection, and the history of its inhabitants.

The first people started to appear some 60,000 years BC. The next creature to arrive on the scene of significant impact was the Dingo, which arrived some 3,500 years ago and decimated of most of the original slow-moving marsupials.

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Mission Beach

View over Mission Beach, Dunk & Family Islands from Bicton Hill

Mission Beach is a very laid back community in Far North Queensland. Off the main highway, it has avoided the over development that has infected so many beach towns in Australia. Surrounded by lush rainforest, the town is home to 4000 humans and 40 wild cassowaries. You can’t miss all the signs reminding you to slow down for them. They are an endangered species, and with planned further development they will probably soon disappear from Mission Beach and their other remaining habitats in Australia.

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Kuranda’s Main Street

 Kuranda is a little town perched on the edge of the Atherton tablelands, about 40 minutes from Cairns. It lies amidst ancient rainforest alongside the Barron River and attracts tourists who arrive via the Kuranda Steam train up the Barron Gorge or over the hills and river by Skyrail (cable car), or by bus or car.

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Australian Slang – How to Get By Down Under

In America we all know an ankle-biter is an obnoxious child, and avos are avocados. These are just a couple of Aussie slang words we have picked up and use daily. Aussie being a prime example of Australian Slang, we also know that “down under” is either Australia or New Zealand.

Mozzies are definitely the disease-carrying mosquitoes, but a billy is something you boil water in. A wombat is someone who eats shoots and leaves, and is probably just a vejjo (vegetarian).

Whatever you do in Australia, please don’t whinge (whine), as it is unsightly. You’d be better off getting a wobbly boot on (get drunk) than getting all wobbly (excited). Someone may be accused of having kangaroos loose in their top paddock if they appear a bit deranged.

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