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  1. This place employs a psychotic crazed bouncer, who threw me and my friends out (literally, by the scruff of the neck) because we dared to ask to go to the toilet. We are two slight females, by the way, and he was a Mike Tysonesque monster. We called the police but they told us to bog off.

    I hope it burns down….

  2. I live in Amsterdam and I’d have said Seymour Likely’s(also known as ‘It’s a bar’) was convenient if you wanted a late night drink. I’d have to warn people away from it now though.

    I think the place is potentially dangerous. The staff there seem to take the view that, if you’re a tourist, they can get away with treating you very badly since you’re unlikely to come back.

    There have been several occasions where people, particularly tourists, have had trouble they didn’t ask for.

    I only became aware of this when I found myself in a similar situation and then later discussed it with people I know in Amsterdam. On the occasion I experienced, friends of mine were threatened physically. They included women who were shoved around by the bouncer while the bar staff looked on. When one of them shouted back in, the bouncer came out on to the street to continue threatening her.

    I’d suggest you keep away from here. There are alot of other late bars near there and I’d recommend any of them over Seymour Likely’s.

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