Angkor Wat Cambodia Tour

The trip we had booked to Angkor Wat Cambodia was very good, which made our 5-day Angkor biking tour a memorable experience. We stayed at the most comfortable hotel and had delicious breakfast. The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful. 

After that, we continued our Cambodia adventure tour and saw the scenic villages and the large metros of the countryside while reaching the Pre-Angkorian temples named Preah KO and Lo Lei temples which have some beautiful carvings and inscriptions on the walls.

After enjoying the beauty of temples, we had a boat trip in the Tonle Sap Lake and then explored Phnom Kulen – the great mountain ranges passing through the dense forests and local villages and enjoyed the beautiful view. Then we reached the top of Phnom Kulen and we enjoyed the beautiful view from there. There was a waterfall for swimming, a Pagoda and a river of a thousand Lingas. We continued the Angkor biking tour to the Angkor National Park to visit the beauty of South Gate of Angkor Thom, which is the most beautiful wall in the history of Cambodia.

Later, we planned a visit to the Bayon temple and the Ta Phrom temples, which were surrounded by giant trees and vines, which gave a delightful look to the temples. The beauty of Cambodia was delightful while we were lucky we found a really good guide and some really great people along. After that we went to visit Prah Khan, which had the ancient statues and sculptures. We then visited to see the greatest attraction of Angkor, the Neak Poan, which is a monument shaped in an artificial island which created a beautiful sense of aura around us.

After enjoying the beauty of Neak Poan, we visited the East Mebon and Pre Rup temples to explore these magnificent temple sites and on the last day of our Angkor Wat Cambodia tour we visited the Banteay Srei temple which was a beautiful ride through the flat countryside.

We landed back into the city at late afternoon feeling the most relaxed and beautiful but tired because of the journey but it was the most memorable trip that gave us an incredible experience on our Cambodia adventure tour. 

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