Paris Metro

The first Paris Metro ran on July 19, 1900. Since then the system has expanded to 380 stations on 16 different lines, servicing the entire city. You’ll find a Metro station within 500 meters, no matter where you are in the city.

The famous Paris Metro is a very convenient, cheap and efficient way to get around. There are frequent trains during the day, and the last metros leave around 12:30am. A one-way fare is €1.30 Euros. You can also buy a book of ten tickets for 9.30 or a Paris Visite 1,2,3 or 5 day pass which is also valid on city buses, and gets you into first class on the SNCF trains which serve the suburbs. Price for the Paris Visite varies according to the number of zones and days.

Many of the Metro stations and entrances are themselves century old works of art. There are many musicians and artists who ply their trade in the passageways and on the trains, often making a short trip a pleasant experience.

Drawbacks: The metro can be packed especially during rush hour which is a good time to avoid most forms of travel around the city. The trains can be very hot, especially in summer and most cars are not air-conditioned. The metro is also the primary domain of pickpocketsso be very careful with your valuables. Keep them well out of reach, inside a money belt or an inner jacket pocket. Better still, don’t bring any valuables with you…

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