Parson’s Paris School of Design

Located at No. 14, Rue Letellier, Parsons Paris facilities include a gallery open to the public with student exhibitions, the Sussman Computer center, printmaking facilities, photo lab, sculpture and painting studios, as well as classrooms for Liberal Studies and Design Marketing courses.

The facilities include a fully equipped color and black and white darkroom, and generous studio space to accommodate courses in painting, drawing and printmaking. A recent investment in technology has resulted in fully outfitted computer lab, the site of classes at all levels in graphics, and multi-media arts.

Parts of the buildings are “ateliers,” or studios dating to the last century. The atmosphere of the old Parisian work spaces in the skylit studios is a unique place to study art.

14 Rue Letellier

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  1. hi! i`m a 19yr old girl and i studed the foundation in fashion design in my country (malta). and i really wish to continue in this feild. can you please send me more details about the school and for how many years a full course please? thank you.

    kind regards,

    Fransina Saliba.

  2. HI, i finished my foundation year in graphic design and worked for 3 years in a boats building industrie. i would like to know if u have boat designing program and how many years for a BA. thank you.

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