Avebury Stone Circle Panoramic Tour

Avebury Stone Circle
Panoramic Tour.

Aveburywas built during the Neolithic period and is the largest complex of Stone Circles & Avenues on earth.

Avebury was ‘Rediscovered’ by John Aubrey in 1648. He published an account of his frequent visits in his book ‘Monumenta Britannica- Templa Druidum.’

In the 1720’s the antiquarian William Stukeley mapped all the surviving Avebury stones and left a huge record of his visits in words and drawings. He published his findings in his book ‘Abury, A Temple of the British Druids‘.

The site was restored in the 1920’s & 30’s by Alexander Keiller who’s posthumously published book ‘Windmill Hill & Avebury Excavations 1925 – 1939‘ is considered the most complete account of the complex..

Avebury is now a World Heritage Site. It is currently badly managed by the National Trust…

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Avebury.

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