150 Millions Years Old Tropical Rainforest

Malaysia’s forest are indisputably the oldest in the world and its National Parks are treasure troves of its rich natural heritage. The various species of flora and fauna found within its realms can only be described in superlatives , the world largest flower (Rafflesia). The smallest squirrel (Pygmy squirrel) weighing a mere 20gm, gigantic flying squirrels and the tallest trees (Tualang or Koompassia excelsa) are all to be found here. The Belian (Borneo ironwood) is said to be thousands of years old. It is with a view to preserving this invaluable natural heritage for posterity that the National Parks were established, some as early as the first half of this century.

The seas surrounding some of our islands abound with a variety of fascinating marine treasures-rare, beautiful and extremely delicate. In order to prevent these extremely fragile marine ecosystem from destruction, areas supporting rich and exotic marine life have been gazetted as Marine Parks. Our delicate corals, colourful fishes and turtles in danger of extinction are thus assured of a safe haven within these parks.

Although we are fully commited towards maintaining the delicate ecological balance. We’d still like to share this precious gift of nature with you.

More info at https://www.asiavalley.com/NaturesTrail.htm

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