Kasbah Omar

"For the adventurous spirit who loves pampering, Kasbah Omar is the place!"

From the breathaking views of the snow-capped High Atlas mountains that graced my morning coffee-nook on the top floor terrace, to the Arabian Nights ambiance of the silk-clad lounge, Kasbah Omar provided an entirely magical stay.

The staff were gracious, friendly and competent, the food was superb, the rooms were comfortable and beautifully appointed, and the surroundings are entirely authentic.

I felt that by staying at the Riad I had truly immersed myself in the best of Moroccan culture: It was a far richer experience than that found in my hotel stays on this visit, where I was isolated from the local people and flavor. Kasbah Omar is situated in the heart of a Berber village: To step out of the ornate front door was to find myself immediately surrounded by the vitality of Moroccan life.

In fact, I was always eager to return to Kasbah Omar at the end of the day: It felt like coming home (if I lived somewhere with really fabulous silk curtains). It’s probably not for people who want to eat McDonald’s in foreign countries, but I found it to be entirely enchanting.

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