Historical Museum of Warsaw

Located in the Old Town Square in a row of completely resorted old houses, you should visit the Historical Museum in Warsaw. Visiting here is key to understanding why there are so many ghosts wandering around this city.

According to the museum’s website, the traditions of the Historical Museum of Warsaw go back to the period between War World I and War World II. The Old Warsaw Museum came to existence in 1936 and was situated in the Old Town Market Square in the tenement – houses once belonging to the Barycz-ka and Szlichting families. During the World War II the Museum shared the fate of its city and was completely destroyed during insurrection fighting in Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

After Poland’s liberation the Museum of Warsaw was created and estabilished in eleven tenement – houses in the Old Town Market Square and Nowomiejska Street reconstructed according to old plans and drawings. It has preserved the beauty of the Renaissance facades, vaults, staircases and interiors.

In 1946 the Museum didn’t have any collections yet. Because most of “varsavianas” (the items and exhibits concerning Warsaw’s history) have been destroyed during the war – efforts were made to gather and collect any relics which have been saved and could be found in Poland. Furtheremore items were acquired as deposits from other museums, especially from the National Museum in Warsaw, also many donations were made by private persons.

Opening hours:
monday : –
tuesday: 11.00-18.00
wednesday: 10.00-15.30
thursday: 11.00-18.00
friday: 10.00-15.30
saturday: 10.30-16.30
sunday: 10.30-16.30

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