Holidays in Poland for 2005-2006

Holidays in Poland 2005:
January-1 New Year’s Day
March-8 International Women’s Day
March-27 Easter
March-28 Easter Monday
May-1 Labor Day of May Day
May-2 Our Lady of Czestochowa
May-3 Constitution Day
May-3 National Day
May-26 Corpus Christi
August-15 Assumption Day
November-1 All Saint’s Day
November-11 Independence Day
December-25 Christmas Day
December-26 2nd day of Christmas

January 1 New Year’s Day
March 8 International Women’s Day
April 1 April Fool’s Day
May 1 Labor Day of May Day
May 2 Our Lady of Czestochowa
May 3 Constitution Day
May 3 National Day
August 15 Assumption Day
November 1 All Saint’s Day
November 11 Independence Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 2nd day of Christmas

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