“After spending the past few summers in the wonderful state of Alaska, I must let you know that the entire state is a great place to be. All summer long there are bluegrass shows, festivals and trips to be taken. Whether you are into the Matanuska thunderfuck, fruity pebbles, or any of the other delectables of the state, or just hitching around to see the land, you surely are welcome no matter what you are. I’ve had more amazing experiences in Alaska than I could ever imagine. My boyfriend and I hitched over a thousand miles to Homer. We had no problems getting a ride. Jerry’s twin (right down to the nubby fingers) picked us up and let us camp in his front yard, fed us strawberry daiquiris and smoked all night. Let everyone know that Alaska is only part of the US because of it’s government and monetary units. Go and visit, you may never come back :)”

I just wanted to emphasize how cool Alaska is. I have lived here my entire life, all 19 years of it. I have visited many other places but there is no place, no where like home, because home is where the weed is and we’ve got the best! Lookin’ for the ultimate festival ? We’ve got the Talkeetna blue grass festival every year in the begining of AUG. its four days of camping in the woods and trippin’ to the sounds of blue grass. a must for anyone who wants to meet thousands of other people lookin’ for a happy, fun time. keep on tokin’

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  • Hell yeah. I visited Alaska once when I was 11 — I still keep my Alaska poster above my bed no matter where I move, I still have a picture of Alaska on my nightstand, and I still carry around my Alaska keychain. That state has to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, or even the world. I was going to go to college there too but my dad said he wouldn’t pay for any of my tuition then… So I guess I have to wait another two years until I graduate, then see about moving up there. Go Alaska, go.

  • I,ve lived in Alaska for 6 years. Been all over the state from Barrow to Metlakatla, and I must say that this is a great place to live. If you love getting into the wilderness, it’s great. As far as a hippy refuge? To many uptight assholes from elsewhere trying to make it like the place they left.

  • Been here since 84, State and local govt dominated by right wingnuts, but many excellent local growers; keep a low profile and it’s cool.

  • I’m a christian hippy and I’ve lived here a long time. Beautiful state. Hope you other people visit. You will enjoy it.

  • shamen hit it on the head…….
    and i noticed hisher review is still up, negative vibes and all.
    wow. must be in the hippy loop. i guess i’m not.
    alaska is a state in the fascist controlled U S of A.
    need i say more?

    ok i will…. the pot aint that great up here.
    im movin’ to holland.

  • if you are a devout christian you will love alaska. if you want a bong dont move to anchorage.
    the cops are comin down on the head shops. alaska is the usa. dont forget it.

  • I was wondering about what a hippies chance of moving to alaska to find a new life would be? I like to know what how easy it would be to get work and cheap housing? LA just cant allow a hippie much of a chance to live their life without a huge bankroll….Hell we have over 12.000+ homeless

  • look folks, there is no hippy heaven, i have traveled around the world and Alaska is a great home. I lived here for 12 years then left for 6 now i’m back and loving it again. if you are in the game the smoke here is every bit as good as ADam, its true, been there 6times now and would live there if i could get a job that paid…very hard for non-Dutch.

    plus Alaska has WAY less people, which for me is a big plus.

    Oh Yeah, the reason i saw this thread, TBGF is a kick ass party, great national and local band jamin their hearts out. Jerry is there everyyear.

  • The Head shop in Wasilla is called 2k1 Neat Things and it is on Herning Ave behind the Nobodys Inn . It is a good place to stop. They must have 30 different kinds of papers, a pipe room , an adult room and tons of stuff to look at. Worth taking a look.

  • I have saved my pennies for the last 3 years to travel anywhere in Alaska. When I am not there, I am either going through my photos, looking at my video footage or surfing anything “Alaska” on the internet. The people here are the best I have found. I live in Minnesota and they say people here are nice….compared to Alaska, they are mean! Needless to say, I am saving my pennies to spend the next summer there and family and friends here are the only reasons I’m staying home in Minnesota. See you hippies in Alaska next summer! Much Love!


    FF JULY4 10 STAR


  • Could anyone please tell me why the hell alaskans hate that dude chris mccandless, alexander supertramp who died in the schoolbus?? It seems to me like he was a brave adventurer and he would have fit right in with the Eskimos and that guy who discovered the north pole, Peary. Maybe yall commercial fishimons are jest jelous cause your wives would have boned him while you was out at sea, if he wouldnt have died in that schoolbus. As a matter of fact, how do you know that your wives and daughters werent up there with him, makin the old bus shake while you thought they were out gathering firewood???

  • chris mccandeless or whatever supertramp (more like super dumbass)
    is dead. sure going down the colorado river to the gulf of MEXICO
    was cool, but walking off into the alaskan bush with a 22 and some rice?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    if you applaud this man posthumously for this act of asinine insanity, you really shoudnt come here. if you think for one second that you would have survived in his situation, you are DEAD wrong.

  • Dear AK rallier,

    The human body and mind are capable of a lot more than you might think. Its funny to me that so many people who live in a place like Alaska have such little amounts of faith in sheer willpower and human ingenuity. Sometime in the 1800’s, a ship crashed off the coast of Antarctica and a few of the men who were on board survived Antarctica with no supplies or hunting weapons for SIX YEARS!! Living off the land is possible anywhere, including Alaska. IF you think Chris McCandless was an idiot, its because you have no faith in yourself and your own abilities to survive in a place where there are no grocery stores and public utilities, not because living off the land is impossible. Although he failed, McCandless should be heralded for his attempts to unplug himself from “the matrix” of the American machine.

  • Alaska makes me feel important
    ’cause you get to use so much more of resources just to survive
    You can feel like your life is really truly making an impact
    –on the delicate boreal tundra with your own home-made outhouse chutney-slurry
    Carve a slice of your very own heaven from the face of paradise
    Embrace rugged individualism
    explore the stagant eddy of social isolation
    whilst exploring the vast realms of career-alcoholic dystopia
    It builds character!! or is it pathology….I get the two confused

    oh yeah, you can grow pot, too
    you’ll need it

  • I lived near Fairbanks for about 20 years. I have experience much of what Ak has to offer and now that I have a family of my own. I look forward to the day I can move back to Ak. Ak offers some of the best smoke I have had the pleasure of tokin on. the outdoor life is great summer and winter, if you cant enjoy and Alaskan winter you just don’t belong. I miss the Last Frontier……pw

  • Yeah Ive lived in Fairbanks for the past year and Ive got to say I dont really care for it. I want to wander down to these places you speak of.

  • Alaska is great.
    Come to the Folk Festival in Juneau, early April.
    The weed is the best and you won’t regret it.

  • Stoner central
    Weed is as socially acceptable as alcohol
    -1 Cold

  • all of these statements are true. good grass, yes good grass. winters are harsh and i try to have a vacation somewhere warm every year. but they are appreciated. i grew up in homer and it kicks ass, well kind of. all of the old hippies that made it what it was sadly are all turning into yuppies of the absolute worst kind. to many stupid people form the states are moving up there and building mansions driving the land threw the roof so that good young people cant afford it anymore. in my early days thats all alaska was people young and built out of wood. capable of taming the wild. well they did it and now people come and come bringing america with them. assholes is what my grandfather would call them. So IF YOU COME LEAVE THAT AMERICA CRAP OUTSIDE THE DOOR. and all ways take off you shoes when you enter someones home. peace and welcome ~e~

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